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Esperanza Rising Photo Project

  1. 1. Character Comparison Photo Book By: Angela Marocco Inspired by the novel Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
  2. 2. This is a character comparison photography book for the novel Esperanza Rising . Each page contains images of people in my life, including myself. Each photo scene is shot to depict similarities between the individual and a character from the novel Esperanza Rising . The bottom caption explains how the individual compares to a specific character from the novel. This photo book is for a multi-genre project, therefore there is a use of a repetend, which is a repeated theme. Look closely at each photo to find a rose in each frame. Roses are a repeated theme in Esperanza Rising . Esperanza grew up on a ranch named El Rancho de las Rosas (The Ranch of the Roses). Roses were a symbol of family and strength in the novel. This photo book is based heavily of family, therefore a rose is fitting to include in each photo and to help connect the photo book together.
  3. 3. Novel Summary Below is a summary of Esperanza Rising . Reading this summary will allow for a better understanding of the character comparisons made in this photo book. A young, privileged girl named Esperanza, grows up living a wealthy lifestyle on her family's ranch in Mexico. She lives a life of comfort until her father suddenly passes and Esperanza's life is changed forever. Esperanza and her mother are forced to flee to California to avoid Esperanza's greedy and controlling uncle. In California, Esperanza slowly adapts to physical labor and the lower class society she unwillingly becomes a part of. She struggles with her new lifestyle and doesn't want to let go of her previous, glorified life in Mexico. Everything seems to be a challenge for Esperanza, especially when her beloved mother becomes seriously ill. This motivates Esperanza to rise above her challenges, and she eventually learns to value life and family in a new light.
  4. 4. Isabel: Mentor & Child Farm Worker Isabel is Esperanza’s mentor, teaching her how to adjust to life on the farm. Isabel and Esperanza learn to work as a team, as they face many responsibilities on the farm. Katherine Lewitzke: Mentor & Psychology Masters Student Katherine enrolled in graduate school before me, and has been my mentor as I transition into graduate school. Katherine has teamed with me academically and personally. Katherine is a mentor, like Isabel.
  5. 5. Hortensia: Caretaker & Farm Worker Hortensia was a nurturing caretaker of Esperanza from birth. When Esperanza moves to California she loses many privileges, including the care taking services of Hortensia. Jarin Marocco: Husband & Registered Nurse Jarin is a nurturing individual who recently became a registered nurse. He continues to study nursing and has a passion for taking care of others. Jarin is a caring individual, like Hortensia.
  6. 6. Josefina: Mother & Farm Worker Josefina is a farm worker that works long, hard hours. She is also a mother of three children (Isabel and twins Pepe and Lupe). Esperanza and Isabel take care of the twins during the day while Josefina works. Michelle Spencer: Mother & College Student My sister in law Michelle is a nurturing mother of two daughters. She is also a dedicated student that aspires to be admitted into a dental assistant program. Michelle is a working mother, like Josefina.
  7. 7. Ramona Ortega: Mother & Survivor Ramona is Esperanza’s mother. She is forced to move to California when she loses her husband. She is determined to adjust to the working class. She falls severely ill in California, but survives and recovers. Michael Marocco: Father & Survivor Michael is my father and is a stroke survivor. Everyday he overcomes the challenges of being disabled. He recently was forced to move as a result of his disability. My father is a survivor in life, like Ramona.
  8. 8. Abuelita: Grandmother & Traditionalist Abuelita is Esperanza’s grandmother. She passes on family traditions, such as stitching, and is inspiration of strength to Esperanza’s family. Due to an injury, Abuelita has to stay in Mexico when the family first moves. Ann Marocco: Grandmother & Traditionalist Ann is my grandmother. She migrated to America and had to leave her family behind in Italy. She passes on Italian traditions to family members, such as recipes. She is a inspiration to everyone, like Abuelita.
  9. 9. Miguel: Worker & Supporter Miguel was a worker on Esperanza’s family ranch before the family moved to California. In California, he works on the farm and as a train worker. He values family and helps to reunite Abuelita with her family. Alex Chouinard: Student & Supporter Alex is my brother. He is very generous and willing to help others. He works many jobs and attends college. He is always willing to lend a hand, such as helping family members move. He supports others, like Miguel.
  10. 10. Esperanza Ortega: Daughter & Learner Esperanza is a dedicated daughter and learner. When she moves to California, she struggles to learn how to be a part of the working class. But, she adjusts and learns to support her family when her mother is sick. Angela Marocco: Daughter & Learner I am also a dedicated daughter and learner. I value my family and have helped to support them since my dad became disabled. I am also a learner of teaching, that struggles and prospers, like Esperanza.
  11. 11. The End