The Mountbatten School from #frog12


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The Mountbatten School from #frog12

  1. 1. The Mountbatten School: Stakeholder Surveys Chris Goodrich – Network Manager
  2. 2. Stakeholder Surveys - The Problem • How to effectively get feedback from stakeholders – e.g. staff, students and parents • Traditional method – Design – Print and distribute survey to relevant stakeholders – Collect completed surveys – Input survey results – Analyse survey results • Very time consuming process • Few surveys produced
  3. 3. Stakeholder Surveys - The Solution• Use Frog!• Create the survey in Frog• Put the survey on required Portal• Use noticeboard to inform stakeholders to complete survey• Press ONE button to get survey results into Excel for data analysis
  4. 4. Stakeholder Surveys - The Benefits• Saves money! – Less paper printed• Saves resources! – Staff time inputting data• Quality of data – Use of dropdown menus, radio buttons and check boxes• Surveys are more regular and focused• No need to engage external companies
  5. 5. • Create new Frog page• Give the page a title• Click OK
  6. 6. • Drop in Title brick and configure• Drop in Form Brick and enter form name• Drop in the relevant brick depending on question type• Enter the question into the label field
  7. 7. • Drop in as many question bricks as required• Drop in a submit button• Save and publish the page
  8. 8. • Create another new Frog page for the ‘Document on Submit’ page• Give the page a title but with the word ‘Submit’ on the end• Click OK
  9. 9. • Drop in Title brick and configure• Drop in a text and Pictures brick• Save and Publish
  10. 10. • Go back into the first page created• Double click over the word ‘Form’ to enter into the Form properties• Set the ‘Document on Submit’ field to the page just created.• The survey is now complete. Place a link so stakeholders can access it from the relevant portal.
  11. 11. • To access the results • Login to the Toolkit • Select ‘Reports’ in the side menu • Select ‘Form Database’ • Select the form name • Click ‘Export Database’ • Click ‘Open’ or ‘Save’ to open or save the CSV file
  12. 12. Other Money Savers• Key Stage 4 Option Choices via Frog – Future development – Workshop 3, Save Time• Noticeboards – Consolidate all notices into a central place – The weekly circular has been replaced by combination of noticeboards and calendar• Microsoft Office 365 Integration – Investigating migrating from our internal Exchange Server – Investigating whether we could migrate home drives as well.