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Technical Workshop: Devices in the classroom - how to make technology work for you


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Technical Workshop: Devices in the classroom - how to make technology work for you

Published in: Education, Technology
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Technical Workshop: Devices in the classroom - how to make technology work for you

  1. 1. Devices are in the classroom- how to make thetechnology work for youCramlington Learning VillagePhil Spoors, Assistant Head TeacherGraham Quince, VLE Co-ordinatorThe Mountbatten SchoolChris GoodrichDirector of IT ServicesFrogChris Pates, Head of SolutionsTechnical Talk
  2. 2. Phil Spoors, Assistant HeadteacherGraham Quince, VLE CoordinatorCrazytalk Frog to reminisceabout his old pencil case inschool. In doing so he alsomakes fun of the audienceand upsets thepresentation. Have onewhich can be amended.
  3. 3. Poll everywhere to go in here.
  4. 4. Why go mobile?
  5. 5. Why go mobile?
  6. 6. How does our scheme work?
  7. 7. Why Android?BECAUSEWE HATEAPPLE!!
  8. 8. Why Android?
  9. 9. What impact do we hope thetablets will have?
  10. 10. Just four of many examples –how are students using thetablets?FeedbackVirtual expertsCapturing learningFieldwork
  11. 11. An outstanding lesson withthe tablets
  12. 12. Thank you!Twitter @philspoorsTwitter @???Cramlington Learning VillageNorthumberland
  13. 13. Devices in the Classroom• Chris Goodrich – Director of IT Services• The Mountbatten School• Twitter - @cgood77
  14. 14. Infrastructure• Massively important!• Needs to be reliable• If you have problems with devices on yourwired network fix them first!• Get the basics right first!
  15. 15. Wireless• Enterprise wireless solution– Meru, Meraki, Ruckus, and more• Does your wireless cover the whole site?• Is it easy to make changes to?• Needs to support a high density of devices
  16. 16. The Mountbatten School• Romsey, Hampshire• Converter Academy (April 2011)• 1420 students• 800 computers and laptops• 150 iPads
  17. 17. iPad Management• Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)• Apple Configurator• Meraki –– Free Mobile Device Management (MDM)system– Can be used to manage iPads, Andriod devices,Windows and Macs
  18. 18. Apple Volume Purchase Program• Buy multiple copies of apps• When purchasing more than 20 copiesusually receive 50% discount• Receive redemption codes to distribute
  19. 19. Apple Configurator• Use to bulk configure iPads to enrol themto Meraki.• To retain VPP redemption codes Apps needto be removed using Apple Configurator
  20. 20. Meraki• Security profiles sent to iOS devices• Install and manage Apps remotely• Manage VPP apps purchased (along withApple Configurator to retain codes)• Full inventory of all iOS devices• Remote lock and wiping• Change passcode
  21. 21. Now and Future• All teaching staff have an iPad• Classroom based support staff to get iPads• 1:1 rollout to a year group at a time• Hopefully FrogOS will play an integral partin there use in the classroom and at home!
  22. 22. Any Questions?Technical Talk