Teach Talk: Working with parents to raise attainment


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Parental engagement is a great way to raise attainment in schools. Technological advances can help facilitate this relationship. Hear how primary and secondary schools effectively communicate with parents, and how they help parents in supporting their children at home.

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Teach Talk: Working with parents to raise attainment

  1. 1. Working with parents to raise attainmentPaget HighRichard Blaize, Head of ICTPortway Infant SchoolKaty Lynas, TeacherRosemary Harper, TeacherSt Clement Danes SchoolTom Phillips, Network ManagerTeach Talks
  2. 2. Richard Blaize@richardblaize
  3. 3. School Background• Approx. 1000 pupils and 60 staff• Average Daily Unique Log Ons 1300• Christmas Day 2012 over 200 log onsRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  4. 4. • Revision website accessible to pupils, staff andparents• The website has its own URL allowing foraccess without going through FrogRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  5. 5. • Examination Timetable• Start times, Examination title, Exam board,Duration and RoomRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  6. 6. • All subjects have their own page• Each page is built to allow departments toadd/remove content as and when• Overall design and navigation remains intactRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  7. 7. Richard Blaize @richardblaize
  8. 8. Richard Blaize @richardblaizeTwitterRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  9. 9. • Using Twitter topublicise the revisionwebsite and eachindividualexamination• Tweets give theexaminationinformation the daybefore the exam andthe day of the examRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  10. 10. • Parents and pupilsuse Twitter to askmessages aboutexaminations andrequest material toappear on therevision websiteRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  11. 11. Richard Blaize @richardblaizeI Am LearningRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  12. 12. • ‘I Am Learning’ hasbeen added to therevision websiteduring the year• Using ‘I Am Learning’Year 11 have revisedfor almost 700 hoursRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  13. 13. Richard Blaize @richardblaizeHints, Tips and AdviceRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  14. 14. • Advertise, advertise, advertise – letters, parentsevenings, newsletter, school WWW• Give the website its own URL• Allow staff to manage content and advise on use• Recommend the use of PDF documents• When tweeting avoid using terms like ‘today’ or‘tomorrow’ be specific with the tweets• If you receive a tweet reply to it ASAP• Retweet examinations from other accountsRichard Blaize @richardblaize
  15. 15. Working with parents to raiseattainment• Portway Infant School, Derby.
  16. 16. Background info• Portway Infant School, Derby• 235 children on roll• _ without internet access / computer at home.
  17. 17. Engaging parents – non technologicaltechniques• Infant school relies on the engagement ofparents• Take home Tuesday• Coffee mornings• Information and curriculum meetings• Parents evenings and reports• Ten minute ‘welcome’ time in the classroomeach morning.
  18. 18. Engaging parents – technologicaltechniques• Website, more for prospective parents• Text messaging service• Learning platform – main platform forcommunication with parents, relevantinformation for parents within class sitesamongst the main school information forum.• Message to teacher, emails.
  19. 19. Learning from the past; SharepointParents StaffChildren can’t be independent UnreliableToo much time Too much timeI am going to miss important information Not easy to upload - multiple docsToo many clicks An extra job, parents still need paperUnreliable – down at weekend Corporate siteNot like sites children want to use Not infant friendly – not how we teachWhere can I get help? Used folder structure beyond belief!
  20. 20. What we were looking for;FROGEssential DesirableInfant friendly – pictures, videos andmore pictures. WOW factorReduce page clicksPotential for independence Easy access to passwordsEasy to get around – parents and children Alternative to foldersReliable
  21. 21. Key advice – what the staff think• (Hopefully little video clips to go here!)
  22. 22. Implementation – how it works for us• Staff confidence first!• Staff meetings andtraining• Team work• Support• Amend policy• Chocolate bribes!• Children and parentsuse same username• Raise enthusiasm withinclassroom• Incite curiosity – andintroduce bribes (teddy)• Sustain interest (schooland home)• Offer support
  23. 23. Raising attainment – continuinglearning at home• (Screen shots to be moved into a few slides toshow activities to continue learning at homeand for parents support – ensuring we allsupport children in the same way with lit andmaths for example.)• 4 screen shots
  24. 24. Frog Conference 2013St Clement Danes SchoolWorking with parents to raiseattainment
  25. 25. Frog at St Clement Danes• Frog installed 2009• Used well throughout the school• Developing Parental Portal• Looking to move towards Frog OS
  26. 26. Parental Portal – Benefits andDrawbacks• Benefits– Parents feel more included– Information is readily available to parents– Cut down on admin work– Staff encourage to promote good behaviour/achievements• Drawbacks– Data needs to be correct, up to date and stay up to date– Additional work load?
  27. 27. Parental Portal – Engaging parents• What would parents want to see?– Childs information:• Assessment – Achievements• Timetable• Attendance• Reports• Frog Activity– School information:• What’s happening/events• Ways to contact the school – careful!
  28. 28. Parental portal – Focus• Assessment / Attendance– MIS database – Sims.net– Aspects– Subjects– Information to display – Graphs, Tables, IFstatements for key stages
  29. 29. Parental portal - Journey• Portal template supplied by Frog.• Bulk of time was spent on this. Check MISAspects and tidy MIS system.• Frog Extractor setup but no data pulled over yet.• Data pulled across, we checked how it wasdisplayed and configured our Frog template.• Displayed data that was confusing was removed.• IF statements setup to segment Key stage data.• Staff parents were given logon details.• Bugs and Feedback was received andadjustments made.Parental portaltemplateCheck andUpdate MISExtract andInterpret DataConfigure andSimplify DataTest with Staffparents
  30. 30. Parental portal – Next steps• We plan to release the portal to a single year groupfor a full academic year to test how well it is received.• Feedback from this will determine the next step.• Our overall aim is to give all students parents theability to use the parental portal over the next fewacademic years.Release toSingle YeargroupStagger fullrelease
  31. 31. Parental Portal – RaisingAttainment• Parents can see information about their child quicker and in more detail.Information is not lost in transit or mislaid.• Parents can then address issues and identify areas where their pupils at the schoolcan improve.• Parents can track progress over previous months or years quickly and spot trendsthat might otherwise not be apparent.• A lot of the work a parent would have to do in order to get a clear overview of howa student is doing is done within the parental portal.
  32. 32. Any questions?Teach Talks