Teach Talk: Engaging your school with awesome technology


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With everbuilding pressure on teachers in the classroom, implementing change is never easy - especially where new technology is concerned. Find out the exciting measures that three schools have taken to increase the use of technology within the classroom to engage the entire school community.

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  • Who are we?Kingsbridge – rural Devon1350 studentsHistorically low access. 5 google earth machines entire bandwidthNetwork:Massive infrastructure improvements over the last 5 years.Whole site was re-cabled with 10GB fibreVirtualised servers all internal split between 2 sites1 wireless access point per classroomMobile Devices:Laptop trolleys then move to netbooksiPad trial 30 ipads – not for usWeren’t able to have a one size fits all solutionBUT – firm belief in the power of ICT to enhance T&L so went for a custom approach
  • Each department bid for these. In addition have 4 x33 PC desktops in suitesNo desktops in classrooms, 1 laptop per teacherCustom approach takes account of willingness of staff, skill and ability. Not going down the 1-2-1 approach
  • Teach Talk: Engaging your school with awesome technology

    1. 1. Engaging your school with awesome technologyJohn Taylor High SchoolSharon Chandler and Graham HowellKingsbridge Community CollegeTom Graham and Matt JamesThe Streetly AcademyBilly DownieTeach Talks
    2. 2. Frog@JTHS
    3. 3. issuesfacedPrevious failed VLEsOld school staffInfrastructureAccess
    4. 4. keyfeaturestherolloutResearch and PlanningTrainingSoft LaunchSingle sign on
    5. 5. bestpracticeDesignCentralisationA reason to access ‘mild force!Time saving techniquesGet everyone involved
    6. 6. engagementVideo by students
    7. 7. Kingsbridge Community CollegeTom GrahamGeography TeacherMatt JamesVLE CoordinatorMaths TeacherVLE Coordinator@mattjamestwit@tgrahamgeo
    8. 8. ContextWhere are we now?• Network• Mobile devices• Departmental choices
    9. 9. Mobile devices from SeptemberDepartment Device QuantityLibrary Netbooks 20English Netbooks 30Maths Tablet 30Science iPads 30RE/History Tablet 30Geography Tablet 30MFL Netbooks 30Drama/Music iPads 15PE Tablets 15Philsophy iPads 15Technology Laptops 156th Form Laptops 30TOTAL 290
    10. 10. IT & eLearning Hub5 Whole college Hubse.g. AfL, Literacy,...Staff given choice of HubAll meet ½termly TriadsPromote action which feeds into departmental practiceBuild alliances across the collegeHelp staff meet targets set out in TIPs and CPDLearning PortalGuided by HoDCross curricularMeet informallyReviewLearnSharecentral libraryFrogcollaborationMatched to CPDE-users groupEmbed into SoWs + T&LVariety of training opportunitiesCoaching
    11. 11. Helen - History
    12. 12. Helen - History
    13. 13. Angela - Science
    14. 14. Angela - Science
    15. 15. Pete - Art
    16. 16. Pete - Art
    17. 17. Pete - Art
    18. 18. Jon - English
    19. 19. Science
    20. 20. Science
    21. 21. Science
    22. 22. Science
    23. 23. Science
    24. 24. tinyurl.com/kccfrog@mattjamestwit@tgrahamgeo
    25. 25. Engaging your school withawesome technology10 ideas to start on tomorrowBilly Downie @billydownieHeadteacher – The Streetly Academy
    26. 26. Aggregation of Marginal GainsHomeworksLog-inBespokeDesignsLaunch daysOne StopShopProgress DataYear 9 OptionsRAISE PagesCover Work/FrogRoomTutor Reviews
    27. 27. Engaging your school withawesome technology10 ideas to start on tomorrowBilly Downie @billydownieHeadteacher – The Streetly Academy
    28. 28. Any Questions?Teach Talks