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Cardinal Newham School Presentation from #frog12


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Cardinal Newham School Presentation from #frog12

  1. 1. Cardinal Newman Catholic School ‘A Specialist Arts and Community College’ Our
  2. 2. Our• Arts Specialist Technology CollegeSchool• 1258 students (217 post 16) 134 staff (86 teaching staff)• ‘A GOOD school with many OUTSTANDING features’ (OfSTED2011)• Strong vision and leadership• Hardworking and committed staff & students• Culture of Innovation (moved to 3 Period Day & Vertical Tutoring)• Improving Results ‘A’ LEVEL: Pass Rate 97% GCSE: Students gaining 5 A* to C grades - 84%
  3. 3. Why aVLE? 2010 Integrated Learning Systems and access to apersonalised online learning space (DCSF Targets) 2010 all secondary schools are expected to makeinformation available to parents via secure onlineaccess (DCSF Targets) • Society trends/shifts • Anytime / Anywhere Learning Agenda • Enhanced student engagement • Whole school improvement • Innovation - more than just a learning platform
  4. 4. 2007 Research September June 2008 Phase Line Governor & Staff 2009 Consultation February Staff & Student May 2009 Our Time DesignLaunch to Parents Sept 2011 Development Design & Build System Live for 2009 Testing Training FROG 2009 Champions Launch to Staff & 2010 August September January Governors Launch to all April 2010 Students
  5. 5. Why did we decide onFROG?• Lots of choices out there• Needed to take advice on best products (visited trade shows and other schools)• Link governor for ICT worked closely with us to look at different possibilities• FROG offered a bespoke design for our school that supported school vision & ethos• Dedicated designers to put our ideas into reality• Easy to use for staff of all levels• Training and support help desk
  6. 6. How did we design our StafVLE? f • Ease of use • Easy access from school or home • More engagement in independent learning • Streamline many admin tasks • Help with setting of work & sharing resources • Support staff in collaborative work/planning • Departmental Areas to access work • Improved links with parents Each department trained up a FROG champion to lead on the VLE within curriculum areas
  7. 7. How did we design our StudentVLE? • Access timetable/diary/calendar • Access work, resources and home learning tasks • Develop greater Independent Learning skills • Remote access to specialist software • Students engaged (improved Student Voice) Working with the student council to design layouts and features
  8. 8. How did we design our Update Details VLE? Parental Voice Behaviour Parenta lGallery/Showcase Messaging Parental Trial Group Home Learning Set Letters/Contacts School Calendar Assessment Subjects Track Progress Online Reporting
  9. 9. The problem with achieving results in the classroom Update Details • Students were disengaged as no new technologies and they wanted whizzy things Parental Voice to help them with their learning especially revision Behaviour • Teaching and learning was judged to be good with satisfactory elements by Ofsted and LA reviews • Lack of completion of home learning across the entire school so needed a new way of engaging students at home • No real central area for resources and lessons to be stored for students and staffGallery/Showcase Messaging to access, also parental access was not viable • Problems in students accessing cover work if out of lesson and therefore falling behind therefore in the long term they were not achieving their target grades Letters/Contacts
  10. 10. Our Fix • As previously stated we had a look at lots of options to get the VLE that was right Update Details for our school ~ we had lots of support in this from our link Governor who is an ICT specialist • When we started with Frog we involved all different stakeholders on the look and Parental Voice feel for the pages Behaviour • We then ensured every Faculty had a Frog champion who was the lead person to set up Frog • Staff had a term to input work and home learning onto Frog before it went live to students ~ if staff felt they were ready earlier they started to introduce it intoGallery/Showcase time was really important as it allowed for all staff to be involved as lessons. This Messaging well as ensuring staff had the time to populate subject areas • Once it was officially launched students logged on to see about home learning or to see what was happening in different subject areas Letters/Contacts • Students became so used to lessons appearing on there that they often questioned why a lesson hadn’t been put on before their actual lesson to help them further their learning
  11. 11. Our Fix • By no means a complete solution as needed to get all staff on board especially Update Details those who were technophobes. We did this through drop in opportunities and for there to be only 2 people who they could go too for help who were both non technical Parental Voice • Students log on every day even on Christmas Day! This has helped to change the Behaviour culture of the school • For home learning even though it was recommended to set home learning through Frog, some staff didn’t so we were still battling against this as they felt it was 1 more job for them to doGallery/Showcase • From September 2011 all parents have access to Frog to check home learning, Messaging behaviour points for positive and negative behaviour, all departmental areas and attendance • By engaging parents we are hoping to provide a cohesive community for learning Letters/Contacts which helps for it to be transparent
  12. 12. The benefits to the school • Helped to engage students especially regular non attenders as it helped themDetails Update to catch up on missing work without staff having to make additional time • Helped raise achievements having 24 hour access as grades rose to 80% A* - C at GCSE and 100% A level Parental Voice • Students logging on late at night when they feel it is beneficial for them as no time Behaviour constraints • Parental access has led to parents wanting to know more information and expect information and data at a click of the mouse. More cohesive learning community now.Gallery/Showcase were worried about using ICT to access information so have run • Some parents Messaging classes each half term for parents to access and learn how to use Frog and answer queries Letters/Contacts
  13. 13. The benefits to the school • For some parents they had never accessed the internet so more classes wereDetails Update developed for them to help them in every day lives also such as setting up online bank accounts • Also staff enjoy using Frog and how it helps their lessons and allows for Parental Voice differentiation Behaviour • Lowers the costs of photocopying as students have online access to resources • As a school we have created curriculum oversights and home learning oversights for the whole school, which are accessible through Frog for parents, students and cover teachers to access so can see where students should be and the areas thatGallery/Showcase next for focus are coming up Messaging • Teaching and Learning now judged good with outstanding features by Ofsted in October 2011 Letters/Contacts
  14. 14. Contacts? Cardinal Newman Catholic School ‘A Specialist Arts and Community College’ Sandpits Lane Keresley Coventry CV62FR Telephone: 024 76332382 Fax: 024 76335626 E-mail: Website: