Bradley Stoke School Presentation from #frog12


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Bradley Stoke School Presentation from #frog12

  1. 1. Engaging ParentsFrom the WordGo Iain Williams David Hillyard Bradley Stoke Bournside Community School School
  2. 2. BSCS - Our FROG Vision• First things first – find a way in E.G. Reporting, behaviour, communication, homework• Quick wins are no shallow victory• Have a strategy – buy in and scale• What’s your hook?
  3. 3. The Research/Evidence 1. US & Canada 4.PEQS Evidence 2.EPRA 3.UK 2009
  4. 4. The Research/Evidence• 80% of the factors affecting children happen outside school, only 20% in school…• Why do schools focus on issues that only address 20% of the problem?
  5. 5. The research tells us… Relentless focus on the learning agenda
  6. 6. Dashboard Overview• BSCS Parent Dashboard• Communication form – what are your big issues?• Behaviour: think about the detail!• Attendance: what do you really want to show?• Assessment: who is reporting for? Not you!
  7. 7. Focus on Learning• Our latest hook – pulling parents in• The idea: Y3 homework, shared learning, parents as co-learners• The trial: Y7 first, then Y8 as well, FROG folder for basic materials• The development: FROG pages for each assignment – all resources are there – no excuses.
  8. 8. Ensuring Parent Buy-In? • 12-15 parents Target • Willing to talk • Recent issues? Go for hard cases!! • ONE focus: school improvement Focus • Avoid superficial issues e.g. reporting • 1st meeting is crucial to set protocols • 3 meetings, 2 month time span, 2/3 commitment Meeting • 90 mins long, food, 8pm finish, crèche? • Next meeting = 50% retained, 50% new Structure • Share what you have done – “You said, we did” FOCUS GROUPS
  9. 9. Dashboard Overview• Bournside Parent Dashboard – Windows 8 Metro UI?!• What parents want to know• Making it a worthwhile visit• A reason to be online with you• Pilot group
  10. 10. My Child• What data do you want to share?• Assessment widgets: are they for you?• Using the SIMS document extractor instead
  11. 11. One way stream to atwo way dialogue• Our consultation: – International Baccalaureate – Homework – Anti-bullying policy• Idea Pads, threads, forums and forms are your friend!
  12. 12. Social Networking• Interconnect the technology and think about the media – Facebook – Twitter – School Website – Frog
  13. 13. Issues• Parent passwords• Getting everyone to update• Consistency in design• Document formats• Sharing content with multiple audiences• Manage parent expectations