Technical Workshop: FrogOS advanced


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What was this all about?

For those technically minded staff that can't wait to get under the skin of FrogOS. Led by our Head of Development, Adam Hepton, the workshop will give information on the future of the FrogOS Development Platform.

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Technical Workshop: FrogOS advanced

  1. 1. FrogOS AdvancedHayesfield Girls’ SchoolGareth Harris, Frog Teaching Lead/ Head of Preforming ArtsRachel Canham, Frog Technical Co-ordinatorFrogAdam Hepton, Head of DevelopmentVictoria Baron, User Interface DeveloperTechnical Workshop
  2. 2. Hayesfield – Frog School since 2010Successes• Remote access to learningresources• Quick set homework• Initially, high usage by staff,students and parentsAreas for development• Department areas becamefile depositories• Page creation too complexfor most• Not enough flexibility fortechnical end users
  3. 3. Now a FrogOS Champion SchoolCurrently still in testing, roll out September 2013Likes• Ease of use• Simple layouts• Drag & dropWants• Dashboard to becomeinternal hub of HGS• Customised themesand layouts withsimple coding for all
  4. 4. Creating Themes(aka how to make things look pretty)
  5. 5. You will need…..Anyone can create a themeKnowledge of HTML/CSS (or access to guides on Google)Web Editing Software (or Notepad)Graphics Software (or Paint)
  6. 6. HeaderNavigationBackground ContentFooterThe Basics
  7. 7. The Base Files
  8. 8. Background
  9. 9. Background
  10. 10. Header
  11. 11. Header
  12. 12. Content & Footer
  13. 13. Content & Footer
  14. 14. Navigation
  15. 15. HTML
  16. 16. HTML
  17. 17. The End Product
  18. 18.