SERVICE DESK                                      Understanding the                                      Global Enterprise...
Our lean philosophy is derived from the Toyota Production        is built on a logical, robust and modular toolset with th...
The Fujitsu approach to service desks lets us deliver            OUR SERVICE DESKS OFFERimproved user productivity and sat...
HOW CUSTOMERS HAVE BENEFITEDENABLING THE GLOBAL ENTERPRISEFujitsu provides a full array of managed infrastructure solution...
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Service Desk Factsheet


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Service Desk Factsheet

  1. 1. SERVICE DESK Understanding the Global Enterprise The challenge for many global enterprises today is establishing the best way to link their service desk services with their enterprise technology and business strategy, anywhere in the world, at any time. The primary needs of most organizations are simple: faster responses to resolving their problems, a personal touch to their service, and cost-effective solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented along with successful, ongoing delivery. Businesses also require 24x7 support across all time zones and a consistent service experience for all users, regardless of when and where a service call is placed. SERVICE DESK NEEDS A growing number of companies are environment. Our extensive development outsourcing the provision of IT support to capabilities, implementation experience, Most global enterprises’ a global service delivery partner. At Fujitsu, and ongoing operational support services service desk needs include: we believe the service desk lies at the deliver many benefits—from cost reduction heart of delivering impeccable service. It is to effective change management. High levels of the window into our customer’s business user productivity and that provides the information and insight THE GLOBAL SERVICE DESK satisfaction. needed to ensure that service improves BY FUJITSU and evolves to meet the expectations of High-performance IT service The Fujitsu service desk mission is to our customers’ customer. that is based on ISO/IEC deliver high service quality with the 20000-compliant processes. lowest ongoing operational support Our service desk solutions simplify costs using traditional offshore, onshore, A business outcome-based complex operational planning processes, and home-shore delivery methods. approach to service delivery. helping your organization to accurately We accomplish this by applying lean forecast business needs, technology principles to the way we deliver services, Support in and for requirements, and project specifications to continually improve both our customers’ multiple countries, time for a more successful service desk zones, and languages. and our own businesses. Continuous improvement in line with business needs. Figure 1: Fujitsu America Service Desk Locations
  2. 2. Our lean philosophy is derived from the Toyota Production is built on a logical, robust and modular toolset with theSystem. It is a way of working that creates value, eliminates flexibility to be configured for specific business needs.waste, and builds a culture of continuous improvement.Our people, in combination with our processes, tools and TRIOLE for Services provides a rapid migration path formethodologies, are key to making the lean philosophy organizations that want to adopt a standardized, ITIL-work. They make continuous improvements to service desk informed and ISO/IEC 20000-compliant approach todelivery an everyday occurrence. service management.THE FUJITSU SERVICE DESK DIFFERENCE Compelling Customer Experience Fujitsu believes that service performance stronglyDriving Continuous Service Improvement By How influences user perceptions and their general attitude to IT.People Work Metrics such as First Time Fix (FTF) and Average ElapsedAt Fujitsu, our implementation of the lean philosophy in a Time (AET) directly improve our customers’ experience ofservice environment is called Sense and Respond. This the service. TRIOLE for Services supports both front-lineunique way of operating the service interface focuses on staff and self-help portals with excellent collaboration andunderstanding what matters to our customers so we can knowledge management capabilities to ensure that wastefulcontinually find better ways to deliver it. Our Service Desks calls are eliminated and business disruption reduced. Wepioneered Sense and Respond and its success makes also measure softer metrics such as customer satisfactionthe service interface highly efficient, proactively increases at various levels so we can identify both strategic andthe effectiveness of the entire business and results in operational needs. This helps us determine what matterscontinuous improvement throughout the organization. most to a customer’s business and respond accordingly.Delivering Consistent Service Desk Excellence Delivering ValueFujitsu delivers a consistent, cost-competitive, multi-lingual At Fujitsu, we recognize that measuring performanceservice desk, with the same processes and standards against SLAs is important. But we also believe thatused across our global network. We achieve this through measuring the value we deliver is critical if we are to achieveTRIOLE® for Services, an integral component of our service improvement in line with evolving business needs.Service Desk offering, which provides the core set of By focusing on what really matters to our customers andservice management processes and supporting toolsets. their customers, Sense and Respond lets us eliminateThe Fujitsu architecture for delivering TRIOLE for Services waste, not just make waste cheaper.Figure 2: Sense and Respond
  3. 3. The Fujitsu approach to service desks lets us deliver OUR SERVICE DESKS OFFERimproved user productivity and satisfaction, a servicedelivery approach that is based on business outcomes, • Global reach: a single point of contact for all incidents,continuous improvement in line with our customers’ problems and requests from your employees orbusiness needs, support in multiple countries, time zones, customers worldwide.and languages, and high-performance, standardized ITservice platform that is based on processes compliant with • Multi-channel capability: from phone to email, webISO/IEC 20000. chat and fax, plus web- enabled services including self-help and collaborative browsing.WHAT WE OFFER • Multi-lingual support: calls are answered by agentsFujitsu provides Service Desks to over 200 customers fluent in the caller’s language, including Afrikaans,globally. Our global Service Desks have been strategically Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,located to enable us to offer follow-the-sun capability. They German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,are supported by local service desk operations in over 40 Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,countries and five continents, with a total of over 14 million Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai,calls handled every year. We have the global and local Turkish and Welsh.presence needed to best serve our customers and act as • High-quality agents: well-educated and fully-traineda single virtual Service Desk, wherever and whatever the personnel deliver the highest service standards.scope or scale of your business. • Management of third-party support providers: for incidents and requests plus performance reporting.This geographical reach, coupled with our unique approach,enables Fujitsu to offer flexible, blended service solutions • Commitment to continuous service improvement:to suit the specific requirements of your business, at the to keep the service in tune with business cost. We can also support your end-users, whetherstaff or customers, across multiple channels and in multiplelanguages. This lets us focus on continuously improvingyour service desk operations to deliver maximum value,while also staying in tune with your changing needs.Figure 3: Sense and Respond: Based on the Principles of Lean Thinking
  4. 4. HOW CUSTOMERS HAVE BENEFITEDENABLING THE GLOBAL ENTERPRISEFujitsu provides a full array of managed infrastructure solutions. As part of those solutions, ServiceDesk is a component of the dynamic infrastructure offerings from Fujitsu. Fujitsu is your trusted partnerfor making service desk and managed infrastructure services simple. We are arguably the most global Fujitsu America, Inc.vendor, with leadership market share in Europe, Asia, and North America. With 175,000 employees 1250 East Arques Avenueworldwide in over 80 countries speaking 29 languages, we can service your infrastructure in place, with Sunnyvale, CA 94085-3470, U.S.A.a two-hour response, to cities throughout the world. Fujitsu can deliver unique value to global clients by Telephone: 800 831 3183 or 408 746 6000 Fax: 408 764 5060helping them standardize global delivery, operations, and support. At the same time, we have the local Web: and understanding to do business with clients who have regionally diverse languages and Email: Fujitsu leverages best-of-breed infrastructure solutions to reduce risk, complexity, and cost. Fujitsu, the Fujitsu logo, and TRIOLE areABOUT FUJITSU AMERICA trademarks or registered trademarks of Fujitsu Limited in the United States and otherFujitsu America, Inc. provides a complete portfolio of business technology services, computing platforms, countries. All other trademarks and product names are the property of their respectiveand industry solutions. Fujitsu platform products are based on scalable, reliable and owners. The statements provided herein arehigh-performance server, storage, software, point-of-sale, and mobile technologies. Fujitsu combines for informational purposes only and may be amended or altered by Fujitsu America,its renowned platform offerings with a full suite of onshore, near shore and offshore system integration, Inc. without notice or liability. Productoutsourcing, and datacenter services covering applications, operations, infrastructure, customer service, description data represents Fujitsu designand multi-vendor lifecycle services. Fujitsu provides industry-specific solutions for retail, manufacturing, objectives and is provided for comparative purposes; actual results may vary basedhealthcare, government, education, financial services, and telecommunications sectors. on a variety of factors. Specifications areFor more information on Fujitsu America’s business scope, visit subject to change without notice. ©2010 Fujitsu America, Inc. All rights reserved. FPC58-2679-01 01/10 FCI_09.0496