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Between Engagement and Information: Experimental Urban Media in the Climate Change Debate


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Presentation given at the Digital Cities 6 workshop at the 4th conference of Communities and Technologies, Penn State University.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Between Engagement and Information: Experimental Urban Media in the Climate Change Debate

  1. 1. Between Engagement and Information: Experimental Urban Media in the Climate Change Debate Digital Cities 6 Jonas Fritsch & Martin Brynskov Communities and Technologies Center for Digital Urban Living Penn State University Aarhus University June 2009
  2. 2. Digital Urban Living  Information & Media Studies, AU  School of Journalism/UPDATE  Århus Stiftstidende  AFA JCDecaux  Aarhus School of Business, AU  Alexandra Institute  Municipality of Aarhus  Central Denmark Region  3XNielsen  The Animation Workshop  Moesgaard Museum  Skive Kunstmuseum
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Media Facades  CAVI  BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  Martin Professional A/S  The Animation Workshop  Wall of Pixels
  5. 5. Civic Communication  Berlingske Media / Midtjyske Medier (Stiften m. fl.)  AFA JCDecaux  DSB S-Train  BBC Big Screens • the integration of journalism & participatory journalism • municipal services • commercial services
  6. 6. Engaging experiences
  7. 7. Interaction design
  8. 8. Communities & social relations
  9. 9. New materials
  10. 10. Design processes
  11. 11. Aarhus by Light
  12. 12. Running Sculpture
  13. 13. Colorscan
  14. 14. Interactive Runic Stone
  15. 15. Emergent Research Trajectory User-generated content (production/reception) Engagement Information How is it possible to design interactive urban media that foster initial and sustained engagement for long-term commitment and expression? How is it possible to design large-scale interactive urban systems that might engage people actively on a personal level in relation to a given content?
  16. 16. CO2030 CO2-neutrality by 2030 (Municipalities of Aarhus + Kollision) Engaging citizens individually; changing habits to make a difference Exhibition where you could get inspiration on how to decrease your emission of CO2 Attract attention to the exhibition and give the citizen’s fight for a better climate a personal face in the cityscape
  17. 17. Movie - will notify when online!
  18. 18. CO2nfession/CO2mittment 68 videos recorded (rich and diverse content) Personal exposure (challenge and necessity) Dialogues in and around the booth Serendipitous encounters Generally difficult to get people to engage with the content in the city
  19. 19. Climate on the Wall Attention (visibility) and playful interaction (immediate engagement) Positive and active reception Social interaction Richness in interaction forms, not so much in level of information/ content-production
  20. 20. Summing Up Increased the focus on content and information in the design of the interactive urban system General appreciation of the installations but more related to the immediate and playful engagement and not so much the possibility to produce and consume information. Openness of the setup Relatively short-term period; maybe habits could evolve over time
  21. 21. Future projects COP15  Climate on the Wall  Urban Interactions  CO2nfessions 2.0  Affective Engagement  The Sound of CO2  Content-generation in Urban Space  Planetary Pledge Pyramid