E invoicing, business requirements and the market situation for sme (in austria)


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E invoicing, business requirements and the market situation for sme (in austria)

  1. 1. E-Invoicing: Business requirements and the market situation for SME (in Austria) Gerhard Laga •EU Expert Group on e-invoicing, subchair on business requirements •Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), Head of E-Center •AUSTRIAPRO, Head of E-Invoicing working group
  2. 2. Background n Membership by law, ~400.000 members, 95% SME n “The Austrian Chambers of Commerce represent the interests of business, promote the economy and communicate knowledge. In this sense, we feel we have a sociopolitical duty towards the citizens of this country.” Dr. Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber n WKÖ: Promotes E-Invoicing since 2007, demands equal treatment and quick transposition in Austrian Law n AUSTRIAPRO: developed simple XML-structure „ebInterface“ together with Austrian Businesses and (public) Administration
  3. 3. The current situation of SMEs (in Austria) n Annual study with 1000 samples on ebusiness-topics n E-Invoicing is an important topic also for SME: very important for ~25% SME (~40% for bigger companies) n ~ 50 % of SME use financial accounting software (~75%) n ~ 40 % of SME use ERP-Software (~70%) n ~ 60 % of SME do bookkeeping internally (~85%) n ~ 75 % already received at least one E-Invoice n ~ 20 % of invoices are received electronically n ~ 90 % in PDF format, 17% .doc, 16% .xls, 12% .XML n ~ 60 % of SME print and archive on paper (~30%) n ~ 30 % know about compulsory digital signature
  4. 4. Challenges n Build a simple, comprehensible legal situation n Generate awareness about the real costs of paper invoicing n Explain the benefit of structured e-invoicing n Provide a simple, open, unambiguous invoice structure to be implemented by the software industry n Give help for the first steps n Educate users to be able to choose from the software or solution market
  5. 5. Service of Chamber of Commerce www.wko.at/e-rechnung n Free Information § 2 brochures and 2 e-consulting-systems § E-invoicing will be one of the contents of TELEFIT, the biggest IT- roadshow in Austria § National contact point for CEN E-invoicing gateway § Annual study on e-invoicing market n Free Software § generate ebInterface XML online and offline eg plugin for MS Word 2007 § check and visualize signature and ebInterface structure n Motivate and communicate to use structured e-invoicing § Austrian Ministry of Finance accepts e-invoices to federal authorities only in ebInterface-format § City of Vienna will accept ebInterface invoices by mid 2010 § big companies are implementing it now: Telekom Austria, Porsche Austria, utility services etc..
  6. 6. Collaboration between users and providers n AUSTRIAPRO provided a well known neutral platform in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce -> technical implementation body § 2005-2010: tested with SME and bigger organisations, feedback implemented, now stable version ebInterface 3.0, ~250 consultants trained n Chamber of Commerce representing users and tries to influence legal development n Government should provide legal clarity in a legal implementation body n Development of software-market: § first easy to use „cloud“-services for „business software“ available, including IPhone App, ~15€ pm § National and regional players for accounting software already implemented ebInterface § international players start to show interest now
  7. 7. E-Invoicing future n market growing fast, fees for paper invoices are introduced n depending on quick legal certainty on national level, growth will stay or fall n Business organizations are advised to give help to micro enterprises n AUSTRIAPRO and Chamber of Commerce are closely watching international developments (CEFACT, PEPPOL,…) n As soon as there is an European XML structure on the market(!), ebInterface will be updated/merged
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention! Contact Information: Gerhard Laga gerhard.laga@wko.at + 43 1 50105 4203