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Presentation Jose Antonio Ondiviela Garcia introducing OffInvoice Microsoft Office eInvoicing free ribbon


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Presentation Jose Antonio Ondiviela Garcia introducing OffInvoice Microsoft Office eInvoicing free ribbon

  1. 1. CEN Workshop on eInvoicing phase 3 eINVIII_021 Title : Presentation Jose Antonio Ondiviela Garcia introducing OffInvoice Microsoft Office eInvoicing free ribbon Source : Secretariat Date : 2010-07-07 Status : For information Note : - Secretariat: Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut (NEN) Mr. T. Kniep Telephone: +31 15 2 690 100 Vlinderweg 6 E-mail: P.O. box 5059 2600 GB Delft The Netherlands
  2. 2. OffInvoice OBA App Value for Office Customers José A. Ondiviela WE PS Gov Industry Lead v4 31052010 Background eInvoice for Spain (facturae) developed by Spanish sub 6000 downloads from Codeplex till May2010 Award from Spanish Gov (Best Practice) Word2007 Spanish only UE Project for eInvoicing (PEPPOL) Need additional value for Office2010 customers Around 90% of EU Government PCs use Microsoft Office.
  3. 3. Objectives Develop an Office 2010 (Word & Excel) ribbon. Flexibility: customizable, multi-language Easy to translate / reuse (English, Spanish) then any other. Ensuring interoperability with the current XML formats: UBL (Universal Business Language) (ww accepted) CII (Cross Industry Invoice) (EU Proposed standard). UN/CEFACT Cross-Industry Invoice (CII) v.2 Facturae V3.2 (last proposed by the Spanish Administration) Reusable (Codeplex code). MS owns the development IP. Office as critical business applications front-end REQUIREMENTS Fit in broadly used applications (core apps). Standards compliance. Fully integrated with existing core apps. Innovative. New way of performing tasks, by adding value, saving time/resources and reducing risks/errors.
  4. 4. OffInvoice Value for our customers (I) Security: Authenticity and integrity can be guaranteed through the use of certificates and digital signatures. Errors are reduced. Flexibility: It saves time. Invoices are issued, sent and processed immediately. Much easier to locate and therefore the consulting and auditing procedures are much simpler. Faster payments. Easier to track invoices. Productivity and efficiency are increased Thanks to the automation and integration of data. Minimizing of errors as human intervention is reduced. With eInvoices orgs eliminate manual data entry.
  5. 5. OffInvoice Value for our customers (II) Cost savings: By eliminating paper, postage and invoice filing. Several studies estimate savings greater than 70% (labor force, paper, stamps, etc.) It reduces environmental impact with the elimination of paper. Green IT. Legal Compliance. As an example, From 10/30/2010 companies will have to send invoice in facturae format to Spanish public administration. This means that if you sell something to administration, you should make a facturae if you want to collect the money. CII as proposed standard for EU. UBL used as base for International. OffInvoice DEMO
  6. 6. OffInvoice Add-in Snapshot Offinvoice Add-in Snapshot
  7. 7. Offinvoice Add-in Snapshots (II) OffInvoice Results so far Available from since May, 29th 2010 Two Installers : English, Spanish Requirements Doc, Installation Doc, Translation Guidance. English, Spanish, Word&Excel 2010 Presented at eInvoicing Intl Congress – Madrid 29 Apr. Considered «Best Practice». Will be part of the official documentation (under the endorsement from EU CEN) First ever CII Implementation product.
  8. 8. OffInvoice Platform Architecture ERP Integration OffInvoice Process ERP Channel format Data Check Portal Digital Signature Providers Emitters and Advanced Services Receivers PKI Directory Users MOSS 2010 …. Custody eInvoices Creation SMTP HTTP Adapter Transformation Digital Signature MSMQ XAdES FTP OffInvoice MQ XML UBL 1.0 Customers XML CII … Distribution Users Custody Host
  9. 9. eInvoices Reception XML UBL 1.0 XML CII Facturae POP3 HTTP Transformation Accounting and Adapter into a business formal Validation MSMQ doc Digital Signature SOAP EDIFACT MQ XML UBL Providers XML CII … Facturae Reception Users Integration Base XML, XML, Processes SWIFT SWIFT Flat File, Flat File, Rules EDI EDI iDoc iDoc … … Reception Protocol Emision Protocol Adapter Adapter XML DB
  10. 10. © 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.
  11. 11. INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS OFFINVOICE    The requirements for successful installation are:   Office 2010   .NET Framework 4.0 RC or higher  (‐58d2‐4e51‐ a4b7‐bea3cc6962cb&displaylang=en)     Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office runtime x86_x64  (‐2289‐4471‐ 93aa‐ce96aa5cbc36&displaylang=en)    INSTALLATION  Run OffInvoiceInstaller.msi and follow the installation wizard. It can be installed only in Excel,  only in Word or both. Once installation is complete, open Word o Excel and you will see a new  Ribbon called OffInvoice with options for management of invoices.    OFFINVOICE TRANSLATION    The application uses files that are installed by default in a folder called "Microsoft OffInvoice" in  the % APPDATA%. It is recommended not to change the installation location.    FILES TO TRANSLATE  The  directory  "Microsoft  OffInvoice"  contains  various  folders  and  files.  For  the  correct  translation only change the files shown here:    InformationFiles  ‐In  this  folder,  create  a  new  folder  called  "cultural‐language"  of  the  country,  eg  "en‐CA"  (Spanish‐Catalan), "es‐ES" (Spanish‐Spain),"en‐US" (English‐USA).  ‐Copy all files located in the folder "en‐US" and paste them into the new folder.  ‐Translate the content of files to the language you want while respecting the file structure.  ‐The files State.txt and RoadType.txt should contain information specific to the country.       
  12. 12. Languages  ‐In this folder, create a new file called "cultural‐language" of the country and extension ".xml",  eg: "es‐CA.xml" (Spanish‐Catalan), "es‐ES.xml" (Spanish‐Spain), "en‐US.xml" (English‐USA).  ‐Copy  the  entire  contents  of  the  file  "en‐US.xml"  in  the  new  file  and  translate  all  the  text  between each label to document to the language you want while respecting the structure of the  file. (No translate names of the labels)    Mesagges  ‐In this folder, create a new file called "cultural‐language" of the country and extension ".xml",  e.g: "es‐CA.xml" (Spanish‐Catalan), "es‐ES.xml" (Spanish‐Spain), "en‐US.xml" (English‐USA).  ‐Copy  the  entire  contents  of  the  file  "en‐US.xml"  in  the  new  file  and  translate  all  the  text  between each label to document to the language you want while respecting the structure of the  file.(No translate names of the labels)    Templates  Excel  ‐In the folder "Templates", access to the folder "Excel" and create a new folder called "cultural‐ language" " of the country.  ‐ Copy the 4 templates that are in the folder "en‐US" and paste them into the new folder.     ‐IMPORTANT:   ‐The names of these files are specified in the XML file of "Languages" as appropriate,  on the labels:    <BasicTemplate>……<BasicTemplate>  <ThirdTemplate>……<ThirdTemplate>  <CorrectiveTemplate>……<CorrectiveTemplate>  <CorrectiveAndThirdTemplate>..….<CorrectiveAndThirdTemplate>    The  contents  of  the  labels  must  match  the  name  of  the  files  for  that  the  application  can find them.    ‐Open the first template.  ‐The templates are protected, so must unprotect sheet and the book for you can modify them.  For this, access the tab "Review”, click on "Unprotect Sheet" and enter the following password:   "OffInvoiceExcelProtectionPassword",  press  on  "Unprotect  Workbook"  and  put  the  same  password.  ‐  Although  only  a  sheet  is  visible,  in  fact  the  template  has  three,  which  contain  the  load  data  from ComboBox, internal operations of the templates.  ‐To get a full translation of the template, must show all sheets, for this  press the right mouse  button on the name of the sheet located at the bottom‐left of the screen, click on "Show", will 
  13. 13. open a box with two sheets, select one and click "OK." Repeat  this process to show the other  sheet.  ‐ When all sheets are visible, translate the text of all of them.  ‐  When  finished  with  the  translation,  hide  the  sheets  that  were  hidden  at  first,  for  this,  right  mouse click on the name of the sheet, "Hide."  ‐Finally, protect the sheet and the  book.  For this  access to the  tab  "Review", click  on  "Protect  Sheet" and "Protect Workbook" and enter the same password of the beginning.    ‐IMPORTANT:   ‐The templates  are not overwritten,  always  save  a  new. When saving  a template, be  sure that it is saved with the correct name and the correct file type Excel Template (*.  xltx).    Repeat this process for the three remaining templates.    Word  ‐In the folder "Templates", access to the folder "Excel" and create a new folder called "cultural‐ language" of the country.  ‐ Copy the 4 templates that are in the folder "en‐US" and paste them into the new folder.    ‐ IMPORTANT:   ‐ The names of these files are specified in the XML file of "Languages" appropriate on  the following labels:    <BasicTemplate>……<BasicTemplate>  <ThirdTemplate>……<ThirdTemplate>  <CorrectiveTemplate>……<CorrectiveTemplate>  <CorrectiveAndThirdTemplate>..….<CorrectiveAndThirdTemplate>    The contents of the labels must match the name of the files, for that the application  can find them.    ‐Open the first template.  ‐The templates are protected, for you can modify them you must to enable the tab "Developer".  For  this,  click  on  the  "Office  Button",  "Word  Options",  select  the  "Show  Developer  tab  in  the  Ribbon".  ‐Access to the tab "Developer", click in the button "Design Mode"  ‐The template shows all controls it has. No delete or rename any, only translate the text of the  cells without control and the text of the following controls:    (All templates)   SP_PersonTypeCode   BP_PersonTypeCode   SP_ResidenceTypeCode 
  14. 14.  BP_ResidenceTypeCode   SP_CountryCode   BP_CountryCode   IH_InvoiceClass   InvoiceIssuerType    (Third templates)   TH_PersonTypeCode   TH_ResidenceTypeCode   TH_CountryCode    (Corretive templates)   CORR_ReasonDescription   CORR_CorrectionMethodDescription    ‐ For translate the text of a control it is need select it, click on the button "Properties" and edit  only the "Display Name". The part of "Value" should not change.    ‐IMPORTANT:   ‐When you enter the "Design Mode", you cannot return to the normal view.  ‐The templates  are not overwritten,  always  save  a  new. When saving  a template, be  sure that it is saved with the correct name and the correct file type Word Template (*.  dotx).    ‐Repeat this process for the three remaining templates.