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Kick start your ISA campaign

Frisk Online will provide firms with customised versions of our Keep Calm poster range when more than 5 e-learning seats to our Information Security Awareness seats are purchased.

Low cost and high quality solutions to end-to-end Information Security Awareness in the workplace.

Training PLUS Awareness = EFFECTIVE

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Frisk ISA promotion

  1. 1. corporate security awareness campaignkick start your campaign today
  2. 2. corporate awareness campaignKick start your Information Security Awareness campaign. For companies buyinggroup access to ISA e-courses, we also provide you with a set of customisedposters.Add your logo, corporate colouring and key messages to our keep calm posters.Offer applies to companies buying more than x 5 seats to the ISA course.Click here to demo our basic level ISA e-course 2|9
  3. 3. why promote informationsecurity awareness in yourworkplace?Protect confidential information Reduce impact of IT costsIt’s important to safeguard confidential Failure to manage recovery plans, internet andinformation and avoid data breaches, by computer use in an acceptable and safe way,encouraging your staff to be security aware - results in increasing IT costs, and wasted time inonline and offline. the work place (e.g. new employees introducing malware onto your PC’s).ComplianceUK companies processing and safeguardingpersonal information have a legal responsibilityto secure data, and provide access toinformation in a legally compliant manner.Any firm that stores, processes and transmitscard data also needs to comply with the cardscheme standards (e.g. PCI-DSS/PA-DSS).Instil a culture of compliance into yourworkplace with a successful awarenesscampaign. 3|9
  4. 4. what internal resources canenhance your campaign?Use our software to manage training exercises and reading tasksWe advise firms to support the roll out of an awareness campaign using their owninternal resources. If you don’t have your own Information Security Officer, intranetfacility, newsletters or security policy we can help.A few of the products you can buy from Frisk Online include the following:ƒƒ Intranet facility – on-site consultancy rates ƒƒ Security policies We can build a security centre as a mini- We have a range of security policies, site within your intranet facility. This site guides and risk assessment templates. can be used to house your security policies, We work with firms to customise policies news stories and training materials. and deliver these to staff via our online document portal. If you don’t have an intranet, we can provide access to your own private security centre portal. From here a Click here to download group administrator can manage reading training brochure tasks, newsletters and confirmation that employee user groups have read and understood security policies, and Click here view some of completed online training exercises. our free corporate guides 4|9
  5. 5. choose your ownstyle and keymessagesFirms can buy access to our ISAcourseware via our online shop. Firmsoften choose to customise the delivery ofe-courses to reflect their own brand andcorporate identity.We are happy to complete thesecustomisation tasks for firms buyingaccess to group training (i.e. more than5 seats to the course). No additionalcharges will be applied. Poster printing isnot included in the offer. Higher resolution and textured pictures available on request. Mail to: 5|9
  6. 6. OUR PRICE LISTe-Courses ƒƒ Information Security Awareness: All firmsPrices are per login - discounts apply when edition (Worldwide)buying group access. All prices are excluding ƒƒ Payment Service Regulations 2009: PSPVAT. edition (UK)Fraud Awareness: iGaming edition (UK) Key: PSP – Payment Service Providerƒƒ Fraud matters (basic) £35 iGaming – Remote gaming firmsƒƒ Fraud types (basic) £25 FSA - Financial Services Authorityƒƒ Identity management (advanced) £45 HMRC - Her Majesty Revenue Customsƒƒ Scenarios (intermediate) £35ƒƒ Communication (basic) £15 Compliance programmesInformation Security Awareness We offer consultancy packages to supportƒƒ ISA (basic) UK edition £35 your Payment Institution (PI), Money Serviceƒƒ ISA (basic) US edition £35 Business (MSB) and Electronic Money Institution (EMI) compliance programmes andNote: FSA/HMRC licences.Customised Keep Calm and Log On posters freeof charge when buying more than x5 seats. Each Day ratesprice indicated above is per seat/login. ƒƒ Ad-hoc assignmentsFace-to-face £750 (Excl. VAT)We licence our PowerPoint ® presentations to ƒƒ Retained assignmentsyour own internal trainers, or provide onsite £500 (Excl. VAT)training at reasonable costs (i.e. £750 dayrate. excl VAT and travel). Note: The average cost of FSA registration (PI/EMI) plusSubject areas include: all associated supporting documentation is £8-10k. Frisk Online complete all registration forms,ƒƒ Advanced fraud management: iGaming, however application fees, financial and legal PSP, eCommerce edition (UK) advice is not included.ƒƒ Anti Money Laundering: PSP & iGaming edition (UK) Frisk Online specialise in financial crime,ƒƒ Electronic Money Regulations 2011: PSP corporate governance policy and training edition (UK) services, and work with key contacts to provideƒƒ e-Payments environmental risks: All firms our clients financial risk management and legal edition (Worldwide) advice to fulfil FSA requirements end-to-end. 6|9
  7. 7. OUR PRICE LIST (cont.)Document management Provides check list and risk assessment criteria to be applied against new merchantsWe own the following templates and requesting payment services.customise these for you, as part of ourconsultancy service. Documents are delivered ƒƒ Security policy £250to firms via our online document portal. Details how a firm protects the confidentiality and security of information, products andƒƒ AML handbook £450 services.Ensure employees comply with the MoneyLaundering Regulations 2007. ƒƒ Treating Customers Fairly £125 Describes how a firm provides customers aƒƒ AML training policy £250 service that is transparent, fair and reasonable.Describes how Anti Money Launderingtraining is implemented within a regulated NEW! Firms can assign reading tasks, andfirm (e.g. remote gaming, Payment Institution, manage check your understanding receipts viae-money etc). our online document portal (Beta).ƒƒ AML Systems and Controls £750 Remote compliance officerImplement AML and fraud prevention systemsand controls following a risk based approach. Visit your site on a quarterly basis to review your compliance monitoring schedule andƒƒ Compliance manual £450 ensure you are on the right track.Overview of legal responsibilities andbest practice a UK regulated firm has to Corporate governancecomply with (e.g. company law, HMRC, DataProtection, Financial Ombudsman Service, NEW! Risk assessment software (Beta)Know Your Customer, Anti Money Launderingetc). Quarterly compliance meetings Stay compliant with FSA regulations byƒƒ Fraud Prevention Manual £250 managing a quarterly corporate governanceOverview systems and controls in place to programme. We document firms high leveldetect and prevent fraud. risks and ensure your tasks are managed effectively.ƒƒ Internal Control Framework £750The core requirement of an FSA licence Annual document reviewapplication is to demonstrate a compliance We are specialists in analysing changes in theframework is in place. Package includes the regulatory environment, and providing updatefollowing templates: compliance monitoring, services, to ensure your documents are alwaysrisk assessment, contract logs and overall current and communicated effectively as partframework. of your refresher training programme.ƒƒ Merchant ‘Know Your Customer’ Remote Compliance Officer (RCO) work is guidelines £250 priced as per daily consultancy rates. 7|9
  8. 8. call us now to discussyour requirementsCall us: Email us:+ 44 (0) 800 756 6377 info@frisk-online.comVisit us:Frisk Online Limited10 Quarry StreetGuildfordSurreyGU10 4QLFind us on... 8|9
  9. 9. DISCLAIMER:Subject to our Terms and Conditions, copyright and all other Intellectual Property Rights subsisting in each andevery piece of information provided on the Site, is owned by Frisk Online or its third partylicensors of such information.We acknowledge that various third parties in the UK have vested interest to commercially use the Keep Calm motto,and have approached these persons to gain their approval to run this promotion. Frisk Online has no plans to sellthese posters, and instead offer these as added value when a user buys access to group training packages.More information can be given with confirmation of these written approvals on request.Please contact for more information.Frisk Online is a private limited company incorporatedand registered in England and Wales with company number06534650, whose registered office is at The Granary HonesYard, 1 Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey, England GU9 8BB.VAT Registration Number 974411806.© 2012 Frisk Online Limited. All rights reserved.