The scarlet letter a badge of intolerance


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The scarlet letter a badge of intolerance

  1. 1. The ScArlet Letter- a Badge ofIntolerance? 1
  2. 2. Aims of the lesson:- to practise expressing opinions and giving arguments aboutHester Prynne’ s case- to compare and contrast a movie scene with a fragment fromthe novel- to practise four viewing strategies: summarizing, questioning,characterizing and connecting- to discuss the necessity of punishment and its variousimplications (moral, emotional, social, educational etc)- to practise critical thinking skills and develop attitudes ofempathy, tolerance and compassionate treatment of others 2
  3. 3. Activity 1. What does THE SCARLET LETTER mean toyou? 3
  4. 4. Activity 2: Compare and contrastWatch a scene from the movie “The Scarlet Letter”.Compare and contrast the scene with thecorresponding fragments from the novel, Chapter II - TheMarket Place and Chapter III -“The Recognition”. (Timing: 10 minutes) 4
  5. 5. Activity 3: Reciprocal Teaching Use one of the viewing strategies below to discuss the movie scene: summarizing, questioning, characterizing and connecting. After watching the scene, take notes based on your chosen strategy and be prepared to lead a discussion in front of your class. Timing: 10 minutes Summarizing Questioning Characterizing Connecting Beyond retelling Ask at least three Portray the three Make at least three what happens in the questions about the characters who connections between scene, identify what scene; these could appear in the scene – the ideas or events in you think are the include questions Mr. Wilson, Hester the scene to yourthree most important that address Prynne, Arthur own experience, the details from the confusing parts or Dimmesdale - by world today or otherfragment and explain thought questions referring to their movies you have why they are that the scene makes gestures and choice seen. important. you wonder about. of words. 5
  6. 6. Evaluation Grid Competence No of Ss to attain the competenceSummarizing the movie ….out of 30sceneQuestioning …. out of 30Characterizing …. out of 30Connecting ….out of 30 6
  7. 7. Activity 4:Watch the second scene from the movie “The ScarletLetter” and answer the following questions:1. How was the idea of punishment born? Why?2. What does the “scarlet letter” mean to :- Hester Prynne?- Arthur Dimmesdale?- the authorities/ officials?- the community members ?- Pearl?3. Why do you think that justice is done differentlynowadays? 7
  8. 8. Activity 5: Student feedbackOn individual sheets of paper do the following:1. Write something you liked about the activity.2. Write something you have learned.3. Write something you didn’t like/understand.4. Share a thought or feelings you didn’t havethe time or the courage to share.5. Make a suggestion for the next English class. 8
  9. 9. HomeworkAnswer the following question using no more than 150 words:“Do people have the right to label other people?” 9