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Frimpeks Label-stocks & Chemicals - Company Presentation


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- Self adhesive paper and films
- UV Inks
- UV Varnishes
- Industrial Wood Coatings

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Frimpeks Label-stocks & Chemicals - Company Presentation

  1. 1. Overview • A Family Company • Founded in 1988 • 210 Employees • 2 Manufacturing Plants in Turkey • 3 Distribution Centers in Germany, Russia and US.
  2. 2. Product Range  Self Adhesive Labelstocks  UV Inks and Varnishes  Industrial Wood Coatings Self Adhesive Labelstock 65% UV Inks and Varnishes 17% Industrial Wood Coatings 18%
  3. 3. Business Line - Labelstocks • Leader in the Turkish Market • Export to 70 Countries • 200.000.000 sqm/year Production Capacity • Hotmelt and Water-Based Acrylic Coating Lines • In-House Siliconising (Thermal and UV Cure) • In-House Topcoating • In-House Hotmelt&Acrylic Adhesive Production
  4. 4. Business Line – UV Inks & Varnishes • Leader in the Turkish market • Export to 35 countries • 10.000 ton/year production capacity • % 55 market share
  5. 5. Business Line – Industrial Wood Coatings • Leader in the Turkish market (Roller Coater) • 20.000 ton/year production capacity • % 75 market share
  6. 6. Distribution Center, Germany • A Frimpeks subsidiary • Established in January 2010 • Just in time delivery for Western Europe Distribution Center, United States • A Frimpeks subsidiary • Established in January 2011 • Just in time delivery for North East Cost & Midwest Distribution Center, Russia • A Frimpeks subsidiary • Established in April 2012 • Just in time delivery for Moscow Region and South Russia
  7. 7. Food & Beverage Frimpeks produces an extensive range of adhesive coated PAPER AND FILMIC BASED LABELSTOCKS for the roll label converting market. High-quality , pressure sensitive roll labelstocks are designed for many type of prime labeling applications. Roll-to-sheet A4 applications (copylaser) Pharmaceutical labeling Variable Information Printing •Inventory control & warehousing •Retail •Identification •Price marking
  8. 8. You may choose any Frimpeks adhesive to combine with your facestock and liner needs required for many different applications. All Frimpeks adhesives are solvent-free and environmetally friendly. Our technical data sheets are provided upon request and more details can be found for each adhesive, its composition, main end-uses and technical values. Coloured and metallised paper labelstocks for eye-catching labeling applicationsDirect Thermals •Weigh scale labels •Low temp applications
  9. 9. Frimpeks filmic labelstocks are designed for labelling of quality products such as luxury items, cosmetics, toiletries and household chemicals requiring durability and resistance to chemicals or moisture. Topcoated surface provides excellent printing by the usual printing technologies including letterpress, flexo, gravure and screen printing. Health&Beauty Household BeverageCosmetics
  10. 10. Frimpeks speacialties are designed for industrial labeling on hard-to adhere surfaces. We have also non-adhesive products in our range like cardboard and fruit tags. Specialties •Reclosure materials •Removable products •Filmic liner products •Multilayer constructions •Baggage tags •Fruit tags Industrial Labeling •Tyre •Oil can •Drum Wine labeling
  11. 11. Continuation in Quality FINAT is the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. It was founded in Paris in 1958, and since then has been representing the whole self-adhesive supply chain. We have our lab designed to guarantee the highest quality standards. We are in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standard in order to ensure our customers can rely on consistent product quality with operational standards and detailed roll-by-roll quality control. We are a current member of FINAT which we follow its “Technical Handbook” in order to ensure that our product standards are within international benchmarks.
  12. 12. Activities in the lab to ensure consistent quality during coating & conversion & dispensing We apply quality control tests onto our products to follow up their performance during silicone & adhesive coating, conversion and dispensing process: • Tests for silicone coating (cw, curing, coverage quality, anchorage etc.) •Tests for adhesive coating (cw, drying, coverage quality, adhesion etc.) •Peel Adhesion Test on different surfaces at 90 and 180 degree •Loop Tack Test •Low Speed and High Speed Release Force Tests •Shear Adhesion Tests
  13. 13. Thank You