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Oh&s presentation

  1. 1. Occupational Health& SafetyIt’s responsibility . . .
  2. 2. Induction Process:• New staff must attend the half-day training course• Walk-through the evacuation procedure• Introduction to colleagues• Tour of work-place• Work-station set up in accordance with ergonomic guidelines• Provided with copies of OH&S Policy
  3. 3. Safety Procedures Studio Grafix has an Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Staff should familiarise themselves with the policy. It includes:• Emergency response and evacuation process• Safe work practices• Anti-bullying and harassment policy• Safety audit system• Incident reporting
  4. 4. Equipment and tools• All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested• Remove from use any faulty equipment• Careful handling of chemicals (inks etc)
  5. 5. Bob Gordon is our Employee Safety Representative Please see Bob about any safety issues or concerns
  6. 6. Hazards Be aware of these hazards: Act to reduce hazards:• Bad ergonomics • Trip hazards• Poor lighting – too • Faulty equipment bright/too dull • Spills• Stress • Stress• Eye strain • Store chemicals safely• Cluttered work-station
  7. 7. Take the following steps:Following safe work practices: Act to avoid hazards:• Take regular breaks • Remove trip hazards• Stretch your arms, back • Remove faulty and shoulders equipment• Rest your eyes • Clean up spills• Use the ergonomic guide • Treat your colleagues to set up your with respect workstation • File and store items properly
  8. 8. Minimise risk . . .• Report any identified hazards immediately• Take action to remove an identified hazard if possible (ie clean up spills)• Make the area safe (signage, barricades etc)• Follow safe work practices – breaks, stretches etc• Identify / immobilise faulty equipmentDiscuss any concerns with the Employee Safety Representativeor your Manager or Supervisor
  9. 9. Report any incidents, near-misses or hazards . . .Report the incident / identified hazard as soon as possible• Advise your supervisor and the Employee Safety Representative• Complete an incident report form (Form 21) and deliver to Human Resources• Include any comments on how to reduce the risk• Include as many details as possible, including: time, description of the incident (or hazard), those involved and any witnesses.• The Employee Safety Representative will meet with you to review the report.
  10. 10. OH&S CommitteeStudio Grafix have an Occupational Health & Safety Committee whichconsists of six nominated members, including a Chair, Secretary andthe Employee Safety Representative.The Committee meets monthly to discuss OH&S issues.Scheduled safety audits are conducted every six months.If you have any issues you would like raised at the OH&S CommitteeMeetings please see your safety representative Bob Gordon.Urgent issues should be raised Immediately – do not wait until thenext meeting.
  11. 11. In an Emergency . . .The appropriate response will depend upon the type ofemergency. Always follow the Emergency and Evacuationprocedure – a printed checklist is always displayed at eachtelephone and exit.• Fire – evacuate calmly. Close doors behind you as possible.• Injury – remove the hazard. Apply first Aid and seek medical assistance if required.• Assualt – Evacuate to a secure area if possible (this may be inside the building). Contact the police.• Power failure – switch off all lights and electrical equipment. The building must be evacuated until power is restored.
  12. 12. Rights and Responsibilities . . .• It is the responsibility of ALL staff to provide a safe work-place.• All staff have the authority to immediately stop unsafe work practices.It is the responsibility of your Manager to• Address any safety issues in a prompt and satisfactory manner.
  13. 13. Hazard signs . . .Observe all safety signs
  14. 14. For more information . . .• Studio Grafix Occupational Health & Safety Policy• Employee Safety Representative• Workplace Standards Tasmania• Safe Work Australia