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  1. 1. PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, wasinvented to protect the borrowers in finance dealswhose circumstances have changed and they are no longer in a position to make repayments. These circumstances could be, for example, loss of income due to redundancy, illness or anaccident. PPI will then take care of a fixed number of repayments for you. This sort of insurance issold grouped with various kinds of financial deals from secured loans, unsecured loans to transactions involving store cards and credit cards.dr ppi claims
  2. 2. Properly negotiated Payment Protection Insurance gives borrowerspeace of mind and a valuable safeguard with their financialcircumstances, if things go wrong However, over recent months thepress has reported cases of some loan and other finance companiesdeliberately miss-selling PPI cover or adding it to a financeagreement without divulging the details to the borrower PPI canprove very beneficial to borrowers because of the peace of mind andfinancial security it gives
  3. 3. If you are off work for a time because of illness, an accident orredundancy and unable to meet your repayments, your insurancecover will meet them So you need not be anxious about latepayments or danger to your credit ranking
  4. 4. You can always take out finance without Payment ProtectionInsurance It is not obligatory, but certain lenders may attempt toconvince you that cover is part of the deal
  5. 5. That is not right and you should make up your own mind about theadvantages any PPI policy will give you Generally, financeborrowers prefer to have the safeguards that Payment ProtectionInsurance can bring
  6. 6. But you must remember that PPI can be expensive with somelenders and insurance providers You are not compelled to take outPPI with the same lender that you are getting your loan from
  7. 7. dr ppi claims You do not have to have PPI at all, but if you requirethis type of cover, you should shop around for the right PPI coverand the best value Certain groups of workers should think carefullyabout paying for PPI
  8. 8. Many people would get no benefit from insuring against missingpayments because of redundancy PPI may be completelyunsuitable for these people and they could be needlessly throwingmoney away
  9. 9. When you receive your quotation from the loan or finance company,you should examine it carefully You will need to establish whether ornot a section has been included for PPI
  10. 10. Some lenders add PPI to their finance quotes as a matter of routine,and many people have paid for this cover without knowing Thisarticle is written by Jonathan L Walker, on behalf of ClaimsManagement UK, specialising in helping people with their
  11. 11. dr ppi claims