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Q 2


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question two of my evaluation

Published in: Education
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Q 2

  1. 1. Question two: How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. My magazine will represent teenagers, and young adults. This is obviously because it is a magazine for people between 16-20 years old. They will represent a group of young adults which is interested in music, but also school. It is a social group which can have fun without drugs, and which can behave.
  3. 3. The price of my magazine is affordable for everyone, also the ones without a job. I chose the price £ 2, this is a price teenagers can afford all though they do not have a job. The genre is rock, but a hint of pop, so it is most likely to have readers which are teenagers. The people I have chosen to interview in my magazine is celebrities which is well- known for todays teenagers. The social range of my readers is hard to tell since they are still studying, and have not finished their education yet. My survey told me that it would be most female readers of my magazine. I chose to use a color scheme which fit both female and male taste. I used red, yellow and different shades of grey. Obviously my magazine is to learn/ see music so I did not write that much since that is not what my readers is looking for in my magazine.
  4. 4. For the pictures I have used models which looks like regular teenagers. In this picture it is, Live, which looks quite normal. We can tell that she is interested in music since she has a t-shirt with a band-name. It is important for me that the models look regular, because I do not want to create a pressure for the latest fashion. This is a music magazine, and I do not want the fashion or models to be a part of the content. I chose to use models which are at the same age as my readers. This is because I think it will look like a magazine for teenagers if the people which is inside also is.
  5. 5. My magazine is aimed to everyone, and not a special social class. I want the magazine to be affordable, so that I can reach out to everyone I want. The ones I chose to interview will be celebrities which my readers can relate to. I want the ones which is in my magazine to be role models for my readers, and to show them that if you work hard enough you can reach every goal you make. Since it is quite cheap I think almost everyone can buy it, therefore I will have readers from every social range. This will be very positive, and I think by this I will attract a lot of different readers. This is in a new way positive, because by different readers I will write about a lot different artist which will make my readers listen to a lot of different music. Although I write about rock, it is a lot of different music in that genre.