Clean off the grill and takeadvantage of your commissary’sgreat savings on fresh ChoiceGrade-A beef, pork and chicken,duri...
Express Line Page 2 of 2Store Director’s ScoopClub Pack Event replacesCase Lot SaleWHAT – my commissary isn’thaving a case...
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05 2013 fort riley express line


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05 2013 fort riley express line

  1. 1. Clean off the grill and takeadvantage of your commissary’sgreat savings on fresh ChoiceGrade-A beef, pork and chicken,during May.Also this month, your favoritebrands are offering promotions tohelp with everyday meal planningand to make Mother’s Day andMemorial Day cookouts special.Find May Promotions HereMay 2013Volume 3, Issue 10Commissary Express LineYour Commissary … It’s worth the trip!Fort Riley CommissaryMore Exclusive Savings on commissary websiteCommissary Rewards Card has more for youIf you don’t yet have aCommissary Rewards Card,there’s no time better than now toget one. During May, you cancatch the second half of a Kraftpromotion offering two freeproducts each week. Each couponis available on the CommissaryRewards Card portal for one week,or until 5,000 coupons have beenFollow UsFacebookTwitterStaying informed of food-safety-related recalls can be a full-time job. Thanks, it’s just a couple clicks away. Click Stay Informed for alerts on products soldin commissaries or on All Recalls from the FDA.Peter HowellStore Directorpeter.howell@deca.mil785-239-6621 x 3100Normal HoursSun. 1000- 1800Mon. 0900- 2000Tue. 0900- 2000Wed. 0900- 2000Thu. 0900- 2000Fri. 0900- 2000Sat. 0900- 2000Other important numbers785-239-6621 plus ext.Dept. Ext.Customer Service 3120Asst. Store Dir. 3114Grocery 3148Produce 3122Meat 3121Secretary 3117Links to seven more popularbrand-name websites offeringsavings, contests and recipes forcommissary shoppers, have beenadded to the Exclusive Savingsarea on the commissary website.Through the ExclusiveSavings link, shoppers are takenMay specials give nod to grilling seasonto a landing page that now has 16industry partners participating.A click on any of the links takesyou to websites created exclusivelyfor commissary shoppers offeringthe latest in-store price savings,printable coupons, recipes,promotional giveaways and contests.enience in our ready to eatselections. Read more.accepted by commissary shoppers.After loading the coupon for freeproduct onto your CommissaryRewards Card, the coupon can be usedin the commissary any time during thepromotion week.You can get your CommissaryRewards Card on your next visit andregister it online here:
  2. 2. Express Line Page 2 of 2Store Director’s ScoopClub Pack Event replacesCase Lot SaleWHAT – my commissary isn’thaving a case lot sale? Well,don’t worry, because your FortRiley Commissary will still befull of outstanding values thismonth.We worked with our vendorsand came up with extraordinaryvalues on select club packs. Theseproducts are priced to offer youup to 60 percent savings – justlike at our case lot sales. Plan ontaking advantage of this WEEKlong event, May 9-15. A list ofthe products being offered isavailable at the front of the storenear produce and on the FortRiley page on the commissarywebsite. We are adding moreproducts to the list every dayfrom our local beverage andsnack vendors.Over six truckloads ofmerchandise will be brought infor this sale.Memorial Day HoursWe will close early on MemorialDay, May 27. Our hours will be 9a.m. to 5 p.m. Yes, we will stillbe open for self-checkout onlyfrom 7-9 a.m.How to pick a ripewatermelonAre you looking forward tosummer’s fruits? Do you knowhow to pick out a goodwatermelon? Someone once toldme to bang on it and listen for a“B” flat sound. Well, I don’tknow about you, but I couldn’ttell a “B” Flat from a “C” Sharp.Experts say LOOK, LIFT, andTURN. Look to see if it issymmetrical, firm and free ofbruises and scars. The rind shouldbe firm, and the darker green thebetter. Lift to see how much itweighs. Watermelons are 92percent water so the heavier themelon, the riper it is whencomparing like sizes. Andfinally, turn the watermelon overand look for the light coloredspot. This is known as the“ground spot,” where it satduring growth on the ground.This spot should be a creamyyellow color, not white orgreenish. The more yellow thespot, the riper the melon. Nowenjoy!Find us on FacebookKay’s recipes,nutrition tipsand shoppingadvice are just aclick away,24/7.Kay’s KitchenKay’s Kitchenalways openMay Mango Mania is hereMangos are usually a good buy during May and the commissaryhas an ample supply of them this year at in-season prices. If difficultycutting open a mango has discouraged you from buying this juicy fruit,a video on the website, may help. Cutting into a mango isas easy as slicing an apple once you know how.For new ways to use mangos, Kay’s Kitchen has severalsuggestions: Mango Yogurt Parfaits, Shrimp and Mango Salad, BlackBean and Mango Relish, Mango Salsa, Coconut-Mango Mahi Mahi.Start getting your Commissary Rewardstoday! Ask your cashier or customerservice representative for your card.