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The 7 types of customer support agents


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In our conversations with a few support teams, we've found that customer support agents fall into one of the seven personality type buckets.

If you are looking for some ideas of how to effectively hire new support agents and what competencies to look out for, head over to our blog.

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The 7 types of customer support agents

  1. 1. The 7 Types of Customer Support Agents
  2. 2. Smooth Talker •Perfect for managing a chaotic support team •Excellent social skills •Has a humorous streak •Strives to serve others •Strong organizational capabilities •Extremely sensitive to criticism •Cannot work in isolation •May appear too talkative Strengths Weaknesses
  3. 3. •Great observers •Attention for detail •Empathetic towards customers •Find out-of-the-box solutions •Lifelong learners •Will do anything to see customers happy •Sensitive •Perfectionistic •Can burn out easily Strengths Weaknesses Customer Advocate
  4. 4. Observant Curious Excellent communicators Energetic and enthusiastic Popular and friendly •Weak against stress •Overthink things •Independent to a fault Strengths Weaknesses Enthusiast
  5. 5. •Nonconforming team players •Exceptionally competent •Want to treat all customers and issues equally •Prefers working alone •Notorious Perfectionists •Easily gets discouraged Strengths Weaknesses Mediator
  6. 6. •Independent thinking •Logical yet creative problem-solving •Ability to see patterns that are not obvious to others •Rank high in CSAT scores •Are always in-the-know •Inability to communicate •Maybe impractical •Lack of respect for others’ opinions Strengths Weaknesses Problem Solver
  7. 7. •Highly cooperative • •Friendly and outgoing •Excellent caregivers •Conscientious •Take their responsibilities seriously •Uncomfortable to change •Vulnerable to criticism •Natural tendency to want to control everything Strengths Weaknesses Stickler
  8. 8. • •Helpful and supportive •Reliable and responsible •Excellent practical skills •Committed and loyal •Imaginative and observant •Unassertive of feelings •Dislike criticism and conflict •Wears too many hats Strengths Weaknesses Jack Of All Trades
  9. 9. Not every customer support rep has all the listed skills. Remember, we don’t live in an ideal world? We saw specific patterns in the personality traits. So we grouped them into 7 types of support reps. The traits of a support rep that work for one industry might not work for another industry. Disclaimer:
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