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Is your support team ready for the Thanksgiving Shopping Weekend?


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Here are tips that can help your customer support team handle support tickets better during the Thanksgiving Shopping Weekend.

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Is your support team ready for the Thanksgiving Shopping Weekend?

  1. 1. Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?
  2. 2. This means a lot of sale orders pouring in but it can also mean a lot of unhappy customers, a pile of support requests and frustrated agents. We looked at customer support data from 472 retailers* for last year’s Thanksgiving. *We analyzed an anonymized sample set of 472 Retail players in US/Canada to see how they fared 59% of Americans will be shopping online this Thanksgiving weekend
  3. 3. Here are the key problems the retailers faced and how some of them solved it.
  4. 4. Support volumes skyrocketed after Thanksgiving The number of queries raised with support teams peaked on the day after Cyber Monday, and resulted in more customer support requests than the daily average, and stayed high for the next two weeks. Thanksgiving Cybermonday 65% Date No.ofTickets
  5. 5. Time taken to help a customer increased massively Average resolution time Date ResolutionTime Time taken to solve a customer’s problem increased by over These delayed resolutions added to the growing list of tickets for agents to work on and caused poor customer experience. 50% Thanksgiving week
  6. 6. Number of Unhappy Customers increased Thanksgiving week Date No.ofCustomers Unhappy customers Happy customers Here is the real bad news. The number of dissatisfied customers increased by during the two weeks following Thanksgiving. This increased the risk of losing repeat business. 43% This graph only includes customer who filled the CSAT survey
  7. 7. The two weeks after Thanksgiving are just as important as the holiday weekend. Make sure you are prepared for the increase in ticket volume as well as unhappy customers. Last year, some retailers stayed ahead of the pack and still managed to make their customers happy by using Freshdesk 12% quicker resolution 23% better CSAT scores Key takeaway
  8. 8. So, how did these Freshdesk customers provide better support?
  9. 9. Occasional Agents Canned Responses Doubled the number of occasional agents. More hands on board meant resolution times were lower. 160% increase in Canned Response usage. They saved time by using pre-written responses.
  10. 10. Solution Articles Automation At least 15 new articles tailored specifically for the holiday customers deflected incoming tickets. Average of 4 new rules added to automate repetitive tasks. This freed up agents to talk to customers.
  11. 11. Integrations Reporting Lesser time spent switching between tools enabled 10-12% quicker resolution thanks to Apps displaying data next to tickets. Powerful reporting features enabled teams to identify problem points quickly and react to them faster.
  12. 12. Prepare for this Holiday season with