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How To Lose A Customer In 10 Minutes


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Very few things are quite as befuddling as those brands that claim to revere their customers but whose approach never seems to reflect their marketing. If their motto is ‘The Customer is King’, why do they act like the happiness of the customer doesn’t matter? It’s almost like most of their support training manuals are excerpts from some handbook with a name like ‘How to lose your customers and alienate your fans’ or ‘Increasing customer frustration for dummies’.

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How To Lose A Customer In 10 Minutes

  1. 1. HOW TO LOSE A CUSTOMER IN 10 MINUTES Take your time replying to that customer’s support query. After all, their life doesn’t depend on a size M black shirt. Set up service level agreements (SLAs) which outline when the customer can expect a reply.Take time to respond Let your customers know that the world is not sunshine and puppies. Your support team’s allowed to be whoever they want to be - even if it’s Scrooge. Hire people that are naturally cheerful and train your team members to be empathetic to customers.Sound grumpy Require support representatives to get permission for every single decision, like giving small discounts to unhappy customers. Set a budget and empower agents to do what is necessary to make customers happy. Don’t give agents authority Make sure the customer knows that it’s his fault that he didn’t read the fine print on page 550 of the manual. Now, nothing can be done as everything is set in stone. Train agents to fix the problem and not play the blame game. Blame the customer Follow the traditional approach of sizing up agents based on how long they spend on the phone with customers. The shorter the call, the better the rating. Reward agents when they go the extra mile to resolve a customer’s problem. Don’t listen Ask the customer the same set of questions every time they come to you with a problem. Provide agents with access to relevant context information about the customer including details of previous interactions.No customer history Customers voluntarily talk to you on the phone only when they call support. So, pounce on the opportunity and sell an upgrade, spare part or just about anything! Focus on solving the problem. A job well done will help customers trust your brand. Sell rather than support Why waste time on the little customers who pay you peanuts? Your top-tier customers will appreciate the service more. Support all your customers. They should not be restricted by their plan to receive answers to their questions. Support only top tiered plans Build an IVR so complex that people need GPS to navigate it. “Press 99 to get in touch with a sales rep, 100 to listen to their favorite song…” Connect the call directly to a support agent or limit the levels of IVRs to quickly route the call to the right person or team. Set Many levels of IVR Be hard to contact Bury your support number so deep within your website that finding the Holy Grail is easier than getting in touch with you. Clearly display contact details in all your channels