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Gmail for customer support


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We love Gmail. We love hearing from customers, we love the notification mails we get, and we are paranoid enough to love “undo send”. But it still breaks our hearts when we hear a small business down the street lose out on customer support, because they’re too stuck up with their email. Of course, Gmail was not meant to support customers. Down the road, you’re eventually going to need an actual customer support software.
But if you’re going to use Gmail for your customer support, at least do it right! And we have some great tips to help you get there.

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Gmail for customer support

  1. 1. How to support customers with Gmail
  2. 2. *The world outside* It’s a bright Monday morning and mother nature is at her best.
  3. 3. Monday morning completely ruined. *and then* You log into your Gmail. You see a slew of unorganised emails pounding your inbox.
  4. 4. You realise that it’s high time you optimise your Gmail account. I see..
  5. 5. 6 GMAIL Support Hacks and Tips for
  6. 6. 1Categorise with “stars” Prioritise and tag emails with colour codes and icons.
  7. 7. `’Star’ emails to differentiate them You can search and pull up relevant emails using stars. Different colors can be used for different priorities. (high priority issues get a red star, and the least priorities get a blue)
  8. 8. Our Recommendation Icon Where to use How to search for them Low priority (Nobody dies) has:blue-star (or |:^ss_sb) Medium priority (Kind of regular) has:yellow-star (or |:^ss_sy) High priority (need to fix quickly) has:red-star (or |:^ss_sr) Rockstar customer has:purple-star (or |:^ss_sp) Urgent priority has:orange-star (or |:^ss_so)
  9. 9. And some more.. Icon Where to use How to search for them Expert opinion has:red-bang (or|:^ss_cr) Bug report has:yellow-bang (or|:^ss_cr) Problem has:blue-info (or |:^ss_cb) Waiting on a customer has:orange-guillemet (or |:^ss_co) Doubts has:purple-question (or |:^ss_cp)
  10. 10. Bubble critical issues 2 Bring important conversations to the top with priority inbox.
  11. 11. Priority inbox in Gmail is the closest thing to SLA. Support helpdesks have SLA policies that tells you which tickets to work on next.
  12. 12. Save time with canned responses 3Increase email efficiency with one click bulk response.
  13. 13. Little cans of happiness Stop typing out the same replies again and again and again.. Save a hell lot of time by enabling ‘canned responses’ in Gmail labs. It’s Madness!
  14. 14. Support helpdesks have dynamic placeholders in canned responses.
  15. 15. Get organised with filters and labels 4 Categorise issues in specific problem buckets. Organize your emails with labels. Archive, star, forward or delete messages and even keep them out of Spam.
  16. 16. Like this..
  17. 17. Undo instead of oops.. 5Keep Calm and Enable ‘Undo Send’
  18. 18. Hit ‘send’ by mistake? ‘Undo’ it. Set time limits until when the email should remain unsent.
  19. 19. Get the complete Gmail survival gear 6a. Schedule replies, reminders and emails with Boomerang. b. Manage customers inside Gmail with Streak. c. Boost fast resolutions with The Email Game.
  20. 20. Customer support through Gmail is no longer a daunting task once you implement these time saving hacks and tips.
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