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Travel babble june2012.pptx

  1. 1. Welcome!Travel Babble – Search LandscapeMarketplace 2012
  2. 2. Welcome to Fresh Egg● Who is Fresh Egg? - Fully integrated digital marketing agency focussed on UK work (Content, Social, SEO, PPC, UX, Insight, Web & App Dev) - HQ in Worthing with a London presence - 12 years of successful performance-led client work - 120 clients and growing…
  3. 3. The Google Penguin
  4. 4. Google Penguin● Reasonable community consensus● First one to hit real SEOs● Reliably five main conclusions
  5. 5. More About Anchors Than You Ever Wanted● Anchor text diversity● <A>click here</A>● <A>my brand</A>● <A>what my brand does</A>● Depth – Root, L1, Article● Variety – avoid exact-match!● Avoid over-programming (35-65%?)
  6. 6. Bad Neighbourhoods Class-C Location Concentration Clustering ‘Splog’ Follow/no-follow structures
  7. 7. What is your recommendation on how I can rectify thisproblem?Recovery
  8. 8. Making the Right Decision● Weighing our options: - Do nothing - Fix ourselves or seek out professionals? - Abandon site and start afresh● Recovery – do we ditch sites? - Yes, potentially… - Or ditch methods, keep the site
  9. 9. Decision Making Process Full off-page audit Understand Link Re-indexation Equity: => Domain & Recovery => subsection => Landing Evaluate Logical re-org. Taxonomy New copy? Toxicity => Classification
  10. 10. Tooling● You’ll need in-depth analysis tools to accomplish this● Popular options:● Price vs. functionality● Or… bring in an expert
  11. 11. Data screen shotNormality in - <A> text, TLD, ‘Follow’, Class- C
  12. 12. Data screen shotAnchor Text Keyword Graph
  13. 13. Can you identify quality travel blogs to guest post on?
  14. 14. Protect Your Sources● Yes, lots● Words of caution● Valueless to tell all of you – stop chasing the game● Work toward a methodology – build relationships
  15. 15. Re-cap Best Practice for Identification● Appraise your platforms thoroughly● Tripping no-follow rates● Spurious domain profiles● Overly programming Anchor text● Taxonomy planning
  16. 16. Questions:I’ve heard a lot about rel=author lately and that it is importantto utilise in order to improve rankings – what is this about?Is there increasing recognition in the Search community thatfresh, original, high-quality travel content makes a differenceto Search and Inbound Marketing? And are we seeing morecompanies willing to invest in securing that content?
  17. 17. Google Developments● What is rel=author? ● Additional, optional mark-up in links and microformats ● Higher visibility in SERPs ● Greater content consumption in circles ● Extensible authorship association beyond Google● What is agent rank? ● Google Patent Sept 2011 ● Intended to augment PageRank initially ● Overall attempt to improve authority and reduce clutter
  18. 18. A Look to the Future – from Platform Rank to Voice Rank● Platform authority – domain and PR● Agent/Author authority● Object based semantics?
  19. 19. Add More Value and Control Your VoiceJournalistic commoditisation:Cars, Jobs, Homes, HolidaysChange the way you think:Plug content gaps - perhaps not typically/previously related totravel
  20. 20. Thank You! #TravelBabble