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Travel babble june2012

  1. 1. Welcome!Travel Babble – Search LandscapeMarketplace 2012
  2. 2. Welcome to Fresh Egg• Who is Fresh Egg? - Fully integrated digital marketing agency focussed on UK work (Content, Social, SEO, PPC, UX, Insight, Web & App Dev) - HQ in Worthing with a London presence - 12 years of successful performance-led client work - 120 clients and growing…
  3. 3. The Google Penguin
  4. 4. Google Penguin• Reasonable community consensus• First one to hit real SEOs• Reliably five main conclusions
  5. 5. More About Anchors Than You Ever Wanted• Anchor text diversity• <A>click here</A>• <A>my brand</A>• <A>what my brand does</A>• Depth – Root, L1, Article• Variety – avoid exact-match!• Avoid over-programming (35-65%?)
  6. 6. Bad Neighbourhoods Class-C Location Clustering Concentration Follow/no-follow ‘Splog’ structures
  7. 7. What is your recommendation on how I can rectify this problem?Recovery
  8. 8. Making the Right Decision• Weighing our options: - Do nothing - Fix ourselves or seek out professionals? - Abandon site and start afresh • Recovery – do we ditch sites? - Yes, potentially… - Or ditch methods, keep the site
  9. 9. Tooling• You’ll need in-depth analysis tools to accomplish this• Popular options:• Price vs. functionality• Or… bring in an expert
  10. 10. Data screen shotNormality in - <A> text, TLD, ‘Follow’, Class- C
  11. 11. Data screen shotAnchor Text Keyword Graph
  12. 12. Can you identify quality travel blogs to guest post on?
  13. 13. Protect Your Sources• Yes, lots• Words of caution• Valueless to tell all of you – stop chasing the game• Work toward a methodology – build relationships
  14. 14. Re-cap Best Practice for Identification• Appraise your platforms thoroughly• Tripping no-follow rates• Spurious domain profiles• Overly programming Anchor text• Taxonomy planning
  15. 15. Questions:I’ve heard a lot about rel=author lately and that it is important toutilise in order to improve rankings – what is this about?Is there increasing recognition in the Search community that fresh,original, high-quality travel content makes a difference to Search andInbound Marketing? And are we seeing more companies willing toinvest in securing that content?
  16. 16. Google Developments• What is rel=author? • Additional, optional mark-up in links and microformats • Higher visibility in SERPs • Greater content consumption in circles • Extensible authorship association beyond Google• What is agent rank? • Google Patent Sept 2011 • Intended to augment PageRank initially • Overall attempt to improve authority and reduce clutter
  17. 17. A Look to the Future – from Platform Rank to Voice Rank• Platform authority – domain and PR• Agent/Author authority• Object based semantics?
  18. 18. Add More Value and Control Your VoiceJournalistic commoditisation:Cars, Jobs, Homes, HolidaysChange the way you think:Plug content gaps - perhaps not typically/previously related to travel
  19. 19. Thank You! #TravelBabble