UX As A Strategic Advantage: Designing Revenue | Fresh Tilled Soil Labs


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Richard Banfield, CEO & Co Founder of Fresh TIlled Soil, presented UX For Strategic Advantage during a Designing Revenue Fresh TIllled Soil Lab on October 15, 2012.

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UX As A Strategic Advantage: Designing Revenue | Fresh Tilled Soil Labs

  1. 1. How to Make UserExperience Your Companys Strategic Advantage
  2. 2. 1 How UX is used as a strategic advantage by companies like Apple2 How to blend UX planning into your vision and strategic planning3 How to lead the UX vision in your organization/startup
  3. 3. Q when you see this symbolmake a note of the question
  4. 4. 1 How UX is used as a strategicadvantage by companies like Apple
  5. 5. First, change your mind about design
  6. 6. Everyone is a designer &every experience is designed
  7. 7. “Design is not just visual, design is efficiency. Design ismaking something simple. Design is epic. Design ismaking it easy for a user to get from point A to point B.” Jack Dorsey
  8. 8. Next, understand that UX is marketing
  9. 9. experience & memory precede brand and loyalty
  10. 10. Q does your experiencereinforce your brand?
  11. 11. Finally, understand how it works
  12. 12. how the brain and body work movement emotions memory vision ...
  13. 13. 2How to blend UX planning into your vision and strategic planning
  14. 14. What’s thepoint of a brain and a body?
  15. 15. Movement
  16. 16. The primary reason have evolved brains to move our bodies and manipulate theworld around us.
  17. 17. Q what about the human form isaligned with your strategy?
  18. 18. Emotions
  19. 19. Without emotions your brain is incapable ofmaking decisions.
  20. 20. We’re unique in the range of emotions thatare recognizable in the face.
  21. 21. Q what are theemotions you’recreating in your strategy?
  22. 22. Motivation
  23. 23. High Motivation Make it motivating Make itLow Motivation easy to do Hard to Do Easy to Do
  24. 24. High Motivation Emotional Credible Concrete Story TellingLow Motivation Unexpected Simple Hard to Do Easy to Do
  25. 25. “credibility plays a particularly criticalrole in the early stagesof an encounter, when we, in a matter of seconds, conclude whether to invest additional energy or bluntly move on” bj fogg
  26. 26. Q how will your usertravel through your experience?
  27. 27. Memory
  28. 28. Happiness improveslearning and memory abilities.
  29. 29. “These two selves are very, very different, acting almost as opposites... and...all decisions are made by our remembering self. Our experiencing self has no vote whatsoever.” Daniel Kahneman
  30. 30. experience self remembering self
  31. 31. Credible Unexpected Emotional Concrete Story Simple Tellingexperience self remembering self
  32. 32. Qdoes your strategy leave a lastingmemory or only the experience?
  33. 33. Vision
  34. 34. Your mental filtersdetermine the impact ofwhat you seeand remember.
  35. 35. Fonts, colors,images, faces, words, context and associationsall play a part in vision.
  36. 36. We’re the only animal that can ‘see’ the future.
  37. 37. Qdoes your vision forthe company match the experience and the memory?
  38. 38. Socialization
  39. 39. Ultimately it’s about sex. Being a successfulhuman means beingsuccessful atgene or meme transfer.
  40. 40. Q how does yourstrategy connect with this primary human desire?
  41. 41. IRRationality
  42. 42. We can be manipulatedinto believing something different to what we see or hear.
  43. 43. Yes, I’d like to be a organ donor ORYes, I’d like to be a organ donor
  44. 44. storytelling
  45. 45. Storytellingis a powerfulway for memes to transmit across time and speed up knowledge.
  46. 46. peak–end rule, wejudge our experiences,almost entirely, on howthey were at their peak and how they ended Daniel Kahneman
  47. 47. Create a “story about an experience” that lists the parts that define a story in memory: Changes +Significant moments + Endings Daniel Kahneman
  48. 48. Qdoes your strategydesign an experience with a positive peak and positive end?
  49. 49. All together now
  50. 50. 3How to lead the UX vision in your organization/startup
  51. 51. “Make every singledetail perfect andlimit the number of details.” jack dorsey
  52. 52. UX/UI Expert Insights & Best PracticeIdentify Tech Opportunities & EfficienciesDovetail Design & Development PlansFront-end Development TechDesign Process and MethodologyCut Through Jargon and Hype
  53. 53. “simplicity is extremely hard to execute. It takes discipline, teamalignment and strongmanagement to truly remain focused on the core essence.” Daniel Kahneman
  54. 54. Q is your strategydesigning a company or a product?
  55. 55. Qnow it’s your turn
  56. 56. Thank yourichard@freshtilledsoil.com
  57. 57. best practiceImagery withhuman-focusedinteractionscreates higheremotionalconnections -“these arepeople just likeyou”Mirror neuronsseek familiarpeople andsituations / 50
  58. 58. best practiceUse of specificpersonas &related dataconfirmsconnections -“this datamattersbecause...”Our frontalcortex seeksto findrelationshipsbetweenimages & / 50
  59. 59. best practiceOther’s storiesreduce anxietyand providecredibility tounknownsituationsAcceptanceandcommunity isone of thestrongestemotionaldrivers / 50
  60. 60. best practiceFor multiplepersonas insimpleinteractionsuse contextrelated imagesto explainusage patternsSubtle contextand imagesreduce clutterand increaselearning speed 75 / 50
  61. 61. best practiceFor complextools orinteractions“how to” videoand imagery isusedCombinationsof hands,context andsymbologyspeeds uplearning andreducesanxiety / 50
  62. 62. best practiceProvidingsimple 1stpersondescriptionsfeels akin to arealconversationHumanizinganycommunication makes anemotionalconnectionand reduces / 50
  63. 63. Case StudyFrom Vision to Story
  64. 64. Original Story:Woman want to be fit and healthy so they can beattractive and in control.
  65. 65. New Story:Woman often feel insecure and have low self esteemwhen they are out of shape. Personal training is more about support, companionship and collaboration than fitness.