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At the 2012 summit, GA announced some of the biggest feature releases in its history. These features will help to shift the analysis view from session-centric to user-centric, allowing the ever growing number of companies using GA to optimise for people, rather than sessions.

At BrightonSEO 2013, Dara presents an outline and provides use cases for new features such as custom dimensions and metrics, customer lifetime value and universal analytics.

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Next Generation Measurement with Google Analytics - Dara Fitzgerald, Fresh Egg

  1. 1. Next Generation Measurement with Google Analytics:Moving from session-centric to user-centric.Dara FitzgeraldHead of Insightwww.freshegg.com0845 373 1077
  2. 2. Session siloes. Visit 1
  3. 3. Session siloes. Visit 1 Visit 2
  4. 4. Session siloes. Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3
  5. 5. Multi-channel customer journey. Introducer 0% Influencers 0%Last click 100% Sale is credited back to last source – model is flawed!
  6. 6. Multi-platform environment. A single user Tracked as 3 visits from 3 visitors!
  7. 7. Multi-purpose sessions.Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3Brochure download Email signup PurchaseNo primary conversion! No primary conversion! Visit converts, not user!
  8. 8. Problems with traditional framework.• Narrow view of user behaviour and buying cycle• Missed potential for onsite content and inbound marketing• Data bias towards lower funnel activity• Bad decisions due to incomplete data and/or understanding
  9. 9. Solutions.• Universal Analytics & Lifetime Value• Multi-Channel Funnels & Attribution Modelling• Micro-conversions• Visitor Remarketing
  10. 10. Universal Analytics.
  11. 11. Universal Analytics.
  12. 12. Universal Analytics.• Use the Measurement Protocol to integrate data across multiple devices and platforms• Improve lead generation: Sync offline and online data• Define your own dimensions & custom metrics• Understand how well your mobile apps perform
  13. 13. Session value. SEARCH AFFILIATE Visit 1 Visit 1 Per visit value = £5 Per visit value = £10
  14. 14. Lifetime value. SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3 AFFILIATE Visit 1 x x
  15. 15. Multi-Channel Funnels.
  16. 16. Multi-Channel Funnels.
  17. 17. Attribution Modelling Tool.
  18. 18. Attribution Modelling Tool.
  19. 19. Attribution Modelling Tool.
  20. 20. Micro-conversions.Ecommerce transaction Brochure download goal• In this example, social media drives micro-conversions more effectively than primary conversions.• Custom variables could be used to tag users who complete micro-conversions• Subsequent primary conversions can then be measured and segmented by CVar.
  21. 21. Remarketing via GA.
  22. 22. Remarketing example – path length AOV.
  23. 23. Remarketing example – path length AOV. • Users on their 3rd visit to the site spend considerably more per order • The data can be used to build a remarketing list, to retarget qualified and potentially high spending users • This can all be done within GA
  24. 24. Summary.• Trial Universal Analytics – this is in BETA so more fun to follow!• Use MCF and Attribution Modelling Tool to understand paths to conversion and full channel contribution• Run remarketing campaigns based on visitor behaviour data from GA• Tie micro-conversions to visitors and monitor effect on primary conversions across subsequent visits• Move from single visit revenue to Lifetime Value. Custom variables: traditional framework; custom dimensions: Universal Analytics
  25. 25. Thank You!Dara FitzgeraldHead of Insightwww.freshegg.com0845 373 1077