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Why Apple Watch Matters

We are living in an era where data from multiple devices and connected objects and software systems are being intertwined to create a multitude of new services and performances– all without ruining the consumer experience.
If Apple Watch is successful, it will consolidate and standardize our expectations of wearable technology, in the same way that the iPhone did for the mobile market in 2007. This broad acceptance of the digitally-enhanced self will pave the way for other technologies that are still emerging at the fringes of the consumer domain.

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Why Apple Watch Matters

  2. 2. The Basics
  3. 3. What is it? • Apple Watch comes in two basic sizes, and three collections: the basic Apple Watch, Watch Sport, and the gold Watch Edition. Apple Watch Sport retails for $349, Apple Watch starts at $549 and Apple Watch Edition – the 18K gold version – rings in at $10,000. • Battery life for average use is 18 hours • Apple Watch operates seamlessly with the iPhone and Apple’s cloud services iTunes, iCloud, Messages etc • Much of the Apple Watch’s functionality will be based on the apps you have on your phone. Apple Watch is Apple’s first foray into the Wearable Technology marketplace. • Both hardware and software can be customized with a range of colors, materials and time displays. • Apple Watch is the first wearable that offers anything approaching the capability for self- expression. Apple Watch is an iOS8-friendly watch that connects to your iPhone to provide new digital experiences from your wrist. It’s indisputable that Apple has crammed more advanced hardware into the Watch than any other wearable the market has yet seen
  4. 4. Apple Watch Features • Wide range of styles • Taptic Engine for notifications •Inbuilt fitness and health tracking •Native apps similar to iPhone (i.e. Calendar, Maps, Music) •Glances condense most relevant information from apps into a scannable format •WatchKit tools for app development Spin to zoom in, Push for home screen Contact friends button Apps in organic layout Interchangeable bands Sensors detect between tap and pulse
  5. 5. Market Summary Smartwatch shipments will rise by a compound annual rate of 41% over the next five years. They will account for 59% of total wearable device shipments this year. The share will expand to over 70% of shipments by 2019. Of the total smartwatch shipments, Apple Watch will account for 40% of these shipments in 2015 and reach a peak of 48% in 2017.
  6. 6. Forecasted Apple Watch Shipments
  7. 7. Opportunities of Apple Watch New products and services Improved decision making More advanced skill-sets Increased accuracy of data Understanding identity Actionable insights Hyper-contextual targeting Integration into workspace Omni-channel strategy
  8. 8. Challenges of Apple Watch Privacy Invasion Concerns Data/Device Fatigue Security Concerns Analysis Paralysis Low battery life Short Attention Span
  9. 9. What makes a watch, an Apple Watch?
  11. 11. Versatility: Health and Fitness Data from an activity and vital signs tracker Data from a body analyzer Data from proximity and other sensors in gym machines Comprehensive monthly health report Giving reduced premiums from health insurer Free Gym Membership Or the insurer pays for the gym
  12. 12. Versatility in Finance: Payments The Apple Watch payments feature presents Financial Services organizations with an opportunity to optimize the customer experience. Users can make payments through Apple Pay and also access Passbook from the Apple Watch for stored credit cards. A passcode is implemented so that Apple Pay only works when the Watch is attached. Once taken off, Apple Pay will stop functioning. This ensures that unauthorized users will be kept out of the owner’s accounts.
  13. 13. Versatility to Share: Social Media The Apple Watch provides social media with opportunities to reach the user via push notifications. Leverage Apple’s social apps to send sketches, buzzes, or even your heartbeat to tap into the immediacy of the platform.
  14. 14. Versatility in Motion: Entertainment When it’s time to leave the house, an app on the Apple Watch can help you organize a trip to the movies and find cool new places to check out. With the Fandango app, you can use watch’s GPS and Internet connection to find a local theater and movie times. Skip the ticket window by storing your digital ticket in Passbook. Find local nightlife and restaurants easily with apps like Foursquare and Yelp. Easily look at reviews and ratings with those apps. The Apple Watch’s built-in Maps application integrates various services to suggest local establishments. You can even raise your wrist, say “Hey Siri,” and ask your watch for directions to restaurants, clubs, and movies.
  15. 15. Versatility 24/7: Life Management On the timekeeping front, Apple has added a new blurb that explains its Complications feature. This feature shows how information such alarms, the weather, and when the sun rises and sets, will appear on your Apple Watch's home screen. Each icon will appear in a corner of the main watch face. Apple allows you to read emails on your watch and launches your full inbox on your phone. The Apple Watch is able to detect when the user is climbing a flight of stairs or picking something up.
  16. 16. Apple Watch Will Change Human Behavior as we Know it
  17. 17. Emergence of the next variant of the digital native Apple Watch represents a bridge point towards our digital future, serving to amplify Apple’s unwavering faith in apps as the vessel for the most meaningful digital experience. Connects, doesn’t inhibit. Smartphones draw us into our own heads, down into a private and exclusionary world. Apple Watch’s ambition is to connect us together again... and it might work. Messaging becomes sensory. We are going to be more agile at interpreting and managing different forms of stimulus. Even more immediacy. Apple Watch users will respond – or feel pressured to respond - to everything, right away. Apple Watch allows for push notifications to take on a new role with more immediacy than ever before. Apps Become Even More Important
  18. 18. The ambition for Apple Watch is to offer subtle and intimate ways to communicate, that technology has previously inhibited, rather than enabled. Apple Watch’s instant replies, using voice, gesture and suggested text, will mean that messages that interrupt your daily life will be less intrusive. New features such as sharing hand-drawn sketches, and even sharing your heartbeat point the way towards digital communications where the medium enhances the message. Meaningful, emotional micro-interactions will become the norm. These capabilities, piloted by Apple Watch, will foster a world where we can spend more time on the real world around us, and less time withdrawn from it into our digital alternatives. Connect Rather Than Inhibit
  19. 19. Apple Watch will continue our journey away from text-based communications, and reset our expectations around more intuitive visual and auditory forms. Our daily language has been evolving rapidly since digital became our primary channel for communication. Apple Watch advances the march of non-verbal communication in many ways. The taptic engine built into Apple Watch is the first touch-based connected device, and how we take it will be one of the most interesting questions that Apple Watch will answer. The smaller screen challenges us to absorb complex messages instantly through graphics, emojis or other signals. Messaging Becomes Sensory
  20. 20. Even More Immediacy Notifications have become a larger part of the app ecosystem, culminating in the interactive notifications in iOS8. But notifications have a bad rap – they can be perceived as cluttering up the device, and are frequently used badly by greedy game developers. This has caused many users to turn off notifications by default. Apple’s success at designing the algorithms that govern the delivery of messages and a user-facing system to manage them (and not simply turn them off) could be a key determinant in the success of the product and of the broader wearables market. This radical emphasis on a functionality that many people currently switch off by default could go one of two ways: We become awesome at responding and handling messages. We grow so adept at the new interface features that communications become quick and seamless. Or we are overwhelmed in our private space. The velocity of notifications combined with the proximity of the device creates an even worse problem than notifications cause on the iPhone.
  21. 21. Attention & Understanding Turns Inward The common factor in all these measurements is the user. We’re unlikely to have seen before a tool that can so constantly monitor such an array of vital signs and combine them to provide such an accurate portrait of ourselves. With greater knowledge about ourselves , we are likely going to think in more detail about ourselves too. This could have positive repercussions for physical health, but this one-way stream of data might not always be beneficial. Apple Watch is sure to make its users very aware of different elements of themselves and adapt their behavior accordingly. The array of sensors, GPS and even more always- on digital will turn our focus on ourselves.
  22. 22. What does this mean for Marketers?
  23. 23. Apple Watch Impacts All Facets of Digital Expectations The Apple Watch will result in the desire for constant improvement and continuous innovation in the mobile industry. This ideal has become the standard in daily interactions. Users expect the best. Developers will have to continually revamp and advance app development between the Apple Watch and the iPhone to stay on top of the smartwatch market. Apple Watch challenges brands to be better at customer engagement through content marketing and rich media engagements on a smaller screen. A different landscape changes the environment for the better.
  24. 24. Apple Watch is here to stay and has increasingly become integral to enhanced and personalized experiences in all areas of consumerism including health care, fitness, fashion and retail. Innovative technological developments will continue to create opportunities for value creation and business opportunities spanning across all product categories. Marketers Must Adjust Best Practices • Decide if Watch is for you • Design small, useful and delightful experiences • Build a seamless ecosystem with Watch as its most personal touch point • Personalize interactions to prevent any chance of Watch-spam • Accelerate your IoT strategy
  25. 25. Concierge for a Connected Life Apple Watch acts as a concierge for your connecting life: access a consolidated view of who you are, your preferences and shopping history by combining with other data sources in real time. As this lateral connectivity increases, one of the biggest brand challenges will be privacy: the ability to deliver a personalized experience to millions of users while managing their data securely. This means allowing users total, highly granular control over which data they choose to share or keep private.
  26. 26. In order to reach the wearable demographic, marketers need to deliver highly relevant information with more speed and brevity than ever before. Brands can leverage Apple Watch and its location-based targeting to generate real-time data. Push notifications are critical for brands to strategically communicate with the user. The ultimate goal is to maximize consumer interaction, which should be done in the most efficient way possible. Personalization is the tool used to adapt relevant messages to the user, improving their experience. Better content from data personalization reaches the consumer in more relevant ways and adds value to their daily life. Deliver the Right Content
  27. 27. The Present: Consumers Take a Multi-Line Path to Purchase
  28. 28. Pre-Purchase Post-Purchase DISCOVER CONSUME Consumers are gathering information across multiple media platforms. They are open-minded and seeking information and inspiration. Consumers are using and enjoying their purchase. Consumers may want to connect with the brand post-purchase to enhance their experience. Consumers want to find a specific product, service or brand. They are familiar due to past experiences and are using tools and touch points to locate what they desire. IDENTIFY SHARE Consumers share their experience with others through word of mouth, product reviews, and posting on social media sites. They are eager to advocate and co-create. The Future: Apple Watch Integrates into Pre & Post Purchase
  29. 29. Apple Watch Touch Points are Key Awareness Consideration Purchase Retention Advocacy The key to winning with content marketing on the apple watch is to make the best possible impression at each digital moment a customer experiences across their journey to an ultimate purchase.
  30. 30. With Apple Watch, companies will win by delivering more value through a better service experience to customers. To do this, an enterprise Internet of Things software system must be used to: • Manage the identities of connected objects and devices to form meaningful lateral connections with wearable devices. • Interact with applications to allow all brands and users access to API sets and wrappers for the master data system to enable new connected applications and experiences. This provides a world of rich, lateral connections where brands will be able to access personal data, with strict access and permission controls, to deliver enhanced service and engagement experiences. A Universal Enterprise Data Platform
  31. 31. Now Let’s Talk About FRSH… FreshDigitalGroup can offer applications that will be compatible with the Apple Watch. For example: • A customized watch face for event-goers. • Specialized notifications about what is going on at the event. Brands can use the Apple Watch in a variety of ways: • Push Notifications: Consumers can receive push notifications just as easily as text messages. • Device Flexibility: A notification on the Apple Watch can lead to consumers opening the brand’s app on their smartphone, to reveal rich media. • Sketch and Tap: Apple Watch’s new notifications can let consumers know you’re there viewing the watch. • Beacons + Drones: FDG has the ability to personalize data based on the information collected from beacons and drones and serve content on to Apple Watch.
  32. 32. Apple Watch and Beacons Consumer expectations have grown such that mobile strategy today requires an ecosystem approach, by combining Apple Watch and FreshBeacons Beacons allow you to tap location to streamline consumers’ experiences. It’s about creating relevant content messages. Beacons will also help drive location as a top priority for marketers, especially as consumers interact with relevant messages sent at the right time approximately 10 percent more than with regular push messages. Beacons can be installed indoors, which provides opportunities for hyper targeting. All of this offers opportunities to better communicate individually with consumers and inexpensively create personalized experiences.
  33. 33. Apple Watch Can Simplify Your Life Apple Watch simplifies messaging. A new feature the Apple Watch has is Quickboard, suggesting a list of responses to use to answer an iMessage, eliminating the use of a keyboard. Apple Watch frees users from the constant attachment to their smartphone. Notifications and alerts sent to the Apple Watch can be acknowledged with a brief look, keeping interaction to 30 seconds or less, maximizing engagement.Transferring files has never been easier with Apple Watch. Data and information can be transferred between easily watches through a “greeting event” feature. When in proximity of Bluetooth or NFC sensors on the device, the desired information is then transferred to the other Apple Watch.
  34. 34. Key Takeaways We are living in an era where data from multiple devices and connected objects and software systems are being intertwined to create a multitude of new services and performances– all without ruining the consumer experience. The opportunities to combine health trackers equipped with connectivity, sensory and interface technologies in different ways to increase productivity, personal insight and engagement, as well as heighten the overall consumer experience, grow exponentially each day. If Apple Watch is successful, it will consolidate and standardize our expectations of wearable technology, in the same way that the iPhone did for the mobile market in 2007. This broad acceptance of the digitally-enhanced self will pave the way for other technologies that are still emerging at the fringes of the consumer domain. With this data and an intelligent algorithm, users can move beyond mere measurement into a realm where the system effectively manages the user’s life. Apple Watch represents the emergence of a technology that learns to understand and influence human nature and a generation that is fluent in using that intelligence to supplement their own. Apple Watch is a start towards our digital future.