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The Power of Mobile Video


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The Power of Mobile Video

  1. 1. Fresh Digital Group The Power of Mobile Video! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  2. 2. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  3. 3. Why is Mobile Video Important? ! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  4. 4. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.! “A mobile user's ability to choose when and how to consume video content, and content of all types, has changed the marketing playing field, creating the closest-ever relationship that has ever yet existed between the consumer and the marketer.” ! --- Tom Wheeler, managing director at Core Capital Partners! “Mobile video has all that and adds five breakthrough advantages over TV including interactivity, precise targeting and frequency control, equal viewing throughout the day avoiding the crush of prime time when ads are skipped, tight linkage to social media and capability to instantly measure ad impact.”! --- Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Rhythm NewMedia “If the goal is brand awareness or brand recall or purchase intent, mobile video is the linchpin for marketing success. Across these parameters, mobile video is the best performing ad unit hands down.” ! --- Saurabh Bhatia, chief business officer at Vdopia! Mobile video has begun to accumulate scale, and has also turned out to be one of the few types of mobile content that monetizes reliably and drives premium ad rates.
  5. 5.        The Current State of Mobile Video Behavioral factors are showing clear indications of continued growth in preference for mobile as an entertainment hub. Mobile video consumption in particular is now on a leading trajectory, having surpassed 50 percent of digital video traffic since the end of 2012. ! ! Increased data transfer speeds have opened the potential for smartphones and tablets to become preferred media consumption devices. People are consuming more content than ever before, and many digital video providers have seen huge successes in the monetization of this consumption. ! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  6. 6. 92 percent of mobile video viewers went on to share content and their experiences with their friends and family members.! By 2016, over 70% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video, a remarkable 20% increase since 2011. !        Overall, mobile video will increase 16-fold between 2012 and 2017, accounting for over 66% of total mobile data traffic.! 54% of mobile video ads weigh in at the standard 30-second length. About 10% are 60 seconds, and 32% are 90 seconds.! ! Mobile video campaigns can increase unaided brand awareness by as much as 4x when compared to traditional online video campaigns. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.! Mobile Video Data & Stats
  7. 7.         •  Mobile video will account for $520 million in ad spending in the U.S. in 2013, or 13% of the digital video ad market.! •  85%  increase in a consumer's likelihood to purchase off the Web after watching a video, while 60% of consumers would rather watch a video first before reading any textual information.! •  Mobile video ads are clocking in with a 5% interaction rate! •  Video-enabled mobile ads drew a premium as high as 10x the CPM of a standard mobile ad! $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.! Mobile Video Data & Stats
  8. 8.         Two video-related activities - playing videos and sharing them - are among the top ten favorite things to do for tablet users. Although there are far fewer tablets in circulation than smartphones, tablets account for 3.7% of all online video hours watched globally, compared to 4.5% for smartphones.! Tablet video viewers tend to spend most of their time on longer videos. Tablet owners spent 63% of their time on video sessions over 10 minutes in length.
 ! Mobile Video Data & Stats 1! 2! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  9. 9. How to Create a Successful Mobile Video Campaign! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  10. 10.        Production Value Matters The key to a great campaign begins with an overall commitment to high quality. That commitment begins with a premium content environment for the ad and extends into the mobile video ad execution itself. Because ads built without the highest standards of production often have short-lived impact, brands must be careful to invest wisely to nurture rich, immersive, and high quality executions with staying power. Premium might cost more, but the value is evident in the completion rates — often 80% or higher. ! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  11. 11.        Beware of bandwidth Marketers should be diligent in delivering a consistent, high-quality brand experience by customizing mobile video ads to suit the user’s bandwidth capabilities. ! Mobile video streaming can be significantly compromised due to bandwidth limitations. Ads served on data networks, like 3G and 4G, should be optimized for lower bandwidth so as not to perform poorly and generate negative consumer engagement. Mobile video ads delivered over higher bandwidth networks, like WiFi, lend themselves to richer features like auto- expanding video overlays. By allowing the option for manual or auto-expanding animation, consumers can experience full-screen content with minimal latency.
 ! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  12. 12.        Engaging Obsessive Audiences An inherently intimate and interactive platform, mobile is ripe for engagement. Marketers who win in mobile understand that they must find ways to pull users in by appealing to their interests.! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.! Inviting the inclined audience to initiate, expand, explore, and stay in the brand’s creative strokes arena, Marketers need only think through the right mechanics for enthralling these audiences and keeping them engaged with the content over time. !
  13. 13.        The Power of More •  With high production value and obsessive audiences, the power of giving audiences more of the content they want is undeniable. ! •  Games, interactive experiences, and fun, useful content beyond the original video experience only pulls consumers in deeper, allowing them to engage with brands on their own terms.! •  High completion rates in premium content environments point to the fact that users recognize a fair value exchange. ! •  Engagement beyond the initial 15-second spot identifies consumers who are not just resigned to viewing video before the content; they actually want to watch.  ! •  They also recognize they can get more of what they want by engaging with the video — be that more entertainment, offers, or information about the product. ! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  14. 14.        Create Second-Screen Experiences Consumer behavioral traits like “second- screening” – using a smartphone or tablet to enhance one’s experience while watching TV – are revolutionizing the consumption of video through the mobile channel. ! Audiences are already creating their own second-screen experience regardless of whether one is available from the original content provider. Whether through texting, Facebook, or Twitter, users will interact with content external to the branded environment. Failing to capitalize on social engagement is the mobile equivalent of leaving money on the table.! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  15. 15.         Four Primary Types of Mobile Video Ads •  In-stream video --- The premiere advertising option in mobile. These units appear directly before videos clips or as a commercial break in full episodes. They are most similar to the "pre-roll" video unit that is so popular in video programming online.! ! •  Interactive pre-roll video / interstitial video / pre-app video --- These ads appear outside of the video experience, yet give the advertisers and consumer different options: for example, at app launch, between game levels, or at screen change.! ! •  In-banner video --- This unique ad plays video automatically in a banner, enticing the viewer to tap. Once the viewer taps, the ad expands seamlessly while the video restarts with audio, allowing viewers to watch the entire video in a more robust experience.! ! •  Tap-to video --- An unobtrusive display ad that offers consumers the choice of experiencing a video ad by enticing them to tap to a full screen video ad.! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  16. 16. Mobile Video Measurement! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  17. 17. Mobile video ad measurement has been relatively limited because it’s such a nascent area. Ultimately, however, this is about the future of television. It’s not just video on your desktop or mobile — it’s where the ecosystem is headed. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  18. 18.        Current Misunderstanding To this day, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of how to measure video’s effectiveness, which is completely confounding in light of the medium’s natural technological advantage over the old-school television model. Mobile video advertising’s structure allows for another level of targeting. But given all of the incredibly diverse ways to measure consumer interaction, the industry has consistently struggled to find one measure to elevate marketer confidence in mobile video to the level that television has enjoyed for decades. ! ! In an industry so entirely ruled by measurement, there’s a pinch of irony in the heated struggle to find an acceptable and agreed upon ROI standard for video. Measurement standards from the world of display ads, like click-through-rates and “viewability,” are thrown together in an attempt to present the kind of proven conversion rates that advertisers and brands are looking for. However, they’ve all fallen short, and worse, they’re holding the industry back.! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  19. 19.        Suggested Metrics Below are six important video metrics according to a 2012 survey of agencies from eMarketer & BrightRoll (the percentages indicate how each metric ranks in terms of importance in video campaigns): ! ! •  Views (26%)! •  Brand Lift (23%)! •  Sales Impact (22%)! •  Conversion (15%)! •  CTR (9%)! •  GRP (5%) ! $! $! $! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  20. 20.        Suggested Metrics •  Views, conversions, CTR and GRP should be leading indicators signaling whether your video ad was seen by who you want and whether those folks are buying.! •  The GRP (which equals Reach x Frequency) is a fundamental navigational metric. What this means is that GRP should help steer the campaign towards a conversion when coupled with views and clicks.! •  When used holistically, video metrics help tell a complete story about interest and engagement. Marketers who look beyond the single click and leverage the four real-time metrics in combination will be in a better position to truly measure the impact of their video campaigns. ! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
  21. 21.        Conclusions When you combine the rich storytelling of video with the interaction and engagement of mobile, the result is a powerful branding experience that really resonates with consumers.! ! Captivating the audience early is crucial for success when using pre-roll video ads. Users can skip past it after only a few seconds, so the only way to make a return on the interaction is to front-load the content with extremely compelling creative.! ! TV is no longer a single screen in the living room. Video publishers who fail to deliver and monetize mobile content on tablets and smartphones are leaving digital dollars on the table.! ! The stunning thing about tablets and smartphones is that somehow these systems have designed to one single task only when a video is played. And it’s full-screen.! We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.!
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