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Health Media Service Case Study


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Health Media Service Case Study

  1. 1. Health Media Service iPad App Case StudyFresh Digital Group
  2. 2. CLIENT BACKGROUND Jabari C. Reeves, MD is a doctor at the Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, California with over 7 years of medical experience, where he works in Emergency Medicine. He received his medical education from University of California Los Angeles – David Geffen School of Medicine and is board certified for Emergency Medicine.Fresh Digital Group
  3. 3. CURRENT MEDICAL CHALLENGEPatient treatment education is not a priority formany hospitals primarily due to the fact that thereis just too much going on throughout the work day.This is one of the main reasons for hospital re-admittance and a reason billions of dollars arespent by hospitals, insurance, and patients on re-admittance each year.
  4. 4. PROJECT OVERVIEW• Develop a model for using a video and information platform in the Emergency Room treatment process.• Create an intuitive app that is easy to navigate even during the most stressful of times.• Provide a means of achieving significant cost savings and a reduced liability through optimizing & automating standard ER procedures of any hospital.• Most importantly improve communication between patient and medical professional through education.
  5. 5. Health Media Service (HMS) OverviewLanguage Selection• The HMS application allows the patient to select a language preference (currently English or Spanish).• The selection of languages will grow further with development and as growth in adoption occurs through various areas in the United States.
  6. 6. Health Media Service (HMS) OverviewVideo Selection• Currently there are six informational videos for patients to view. These videos pertain to treatments to the Emergency Room• The selection of videos will expand to include other treatments and procedure, as well as disease-specific information
  7. 7. Health Media Service (HMS) OverviewVideos• Each video will be narrated by a certified medical professional and will explain, in layman’s term, what each treatment entails.• The video will show an actual demonstration of the treatment, so the patient can understand the treatment better.• At the end, the video will list and describe each possible complication.
  8. 8. MARKET OVERVIEW• HMS intends to focus on the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) market which was valued at $7.8 billion in 2009 and is forecast to reach $18 billion in 2016.• The growth in the market is primarily driven by government initiatives, hospitals trying to increase workflow efficiency and reimbursements provided by governments.• The total number of all U.S. hospitals is 5,795 currently and each of them have a need for affordable patient education solutions.• HMS will focus on all hospitals looking to update their HIS as our platform will greatly increase its efficiency and reduce medical errors, thus improving patient’s safety and quality of care.
  9. 9. Fresh Digital Group 111 East 77th Street New York, NY 10075