Augmented Reality


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Augmented Reality

  1. 1. Fresh Digital GroupThe Age of Augmented RealityWe Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  2. 2. 2We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.Augmented Reality is an exciting technology thatallows users to visualize information in the real worldthrough their devices.The augmented viewing is created by adding an extralayer between your screen and the image the you aretargeting. Users can have access to information onreal-life objects, play games that interact with the realworld, get directions to their destinations and muchmore.AR viewing is not only a staple feature of smartphonesand tablets, it is also increasingly being deployed inprototype wearable devices, with Google Glass themost high-profile innovation.What Is AR?
  3. 3. 3We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.Why Use AR?AR offers a new breed of engagement that moves beyond the Web and into users‟ lives, deliveringexperiences that are more immersive, experiential and shareable.Brands and agencies should increasingly use augmented reality platforms to create deeperengagements with consumers that go beyond a “Like” or comment on Facebook and instead create acall-to-action that allows users to interact with their products and characters in a more personal way.AR:• Has user experience as its core factor• Conveys a more sophisticated experience than QR codes• Is an aesthetically pleasing gate to deliver digital content• Lets brands highlight products in a way that seems more immersive and intriguing thancommercial.• Has innumerous possible content delivery strategies, not being restricted to a simple mobilewebsite redirection
  4. 4. 4We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.More than 2.5 billion ARapps to be downloaded tosmartphones and tabletsper annum by 2017, withgames accounting for thelargest share of downloads.The Potential for ARAugmented realitytechnology is predicted toreach $600 billion inrevenue by 2016.Enterprise applications withaugmented reality elementsare expected to account forthe third-largestproportion of revenues by2015.11% of highschoolers andcollegians have used anaugmented reality app,showing the high potentialfor AR in a natively digitalgeneration.$
  5. 5. 5We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.How AR Is Being Usedi8% 7%3%5%16%19%2%6%16%18%Point ofSaleTryBeforeYou BuyGPS LocationBasedSearchesTourism&LeisureEvents&ConferencesBrochuresProductManualsOnlineContentOnlineCampaignsPitches &Tenders
  6. 6. 6We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.GamesAR propels mobile games into the next level.The interaction between user and the digitalcomponent that is transported to the real worldresults in an unprecedented level of userengagement.Once it becomes more polished, AR mobilegaming will shatter the barriers of handheldgaming, allowing users to explore theirenvironment without having a constricted andlinear experience.
  7. 7. 7We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.EntertainmentMusic videos and movie promotionscan benefit immensely from what ARbrings to the table.By placing AR triggers on posters andvideos, artists can create an unique andmemorable experience for their fans bydelivering premium content through anuntapped channel.The promotion possibilities are endless.
  8. 8. 8We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.FashionAugmented Reality can even be used in cases of fashion. Using an article ofclothing, or a sneaker in this case, can be a great ad for your brand. In,addition, the consumer can save the hassle of physically going to the retailer,experience trying on clothes all at home and make their purchase online. Thiswhole process is possible without ever leaving the comfort of yoursmartphone.
  9. 9. 9We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.EducationAnimating the illustrations intextbooks, magazines andclassifieds with interactive content.Enhancing the learning experience withcontextual information about buildingsand monuments.
  10. 10. 10We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.HealthcareHealthcare is an area that canimmensely benefit from AR. It canbe used to teach medicalstudents about the human body.By pointing an AR enabled deviceat a person it can virtually reveallayers including muscle tissue,organs and skeletal structure. Itcan also allow you to view mockinjuries on the target body partand show how to properly carefor it.
  11. 11. 11We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.TravelAugmented Reality can addimmense value to any touristswho wants to learn more abouttheir surroundings.By simply aiming their phone ata building, monument orrestaurant, users can havevaluable information, such ashistorical facts or reviews, fed tothem and result in a more fluidexperience.
  12. 12. 12We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.Wearable TechWearable tech is the next step in AR‟snatural evolution.Devices like Google Glass propels theuser to a new world where there isinteractivity everywhere, even in themost mundane things and activities.Once this technology is polished andperfected it will be engraved in ourlifestyle.
  13. 13. 13We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.5 Best Practices• Augmented reality needs to have a clear purpose, otherwise it is nothing but a cool trick.• AR can be user generated. This should be leverage to deliver the users the experiencethat they want.• The best AR concepts are 3D, animation, interaction, social media links and an establishingcross media approach.• Realize that we live in an multichannel world, and that the AR piece should be able to tieinto a macro digital effort.• Realistic and entertaining content is the best way to draw people in to an augmented realityexperience.In order to extract the most value out of AR, there are a 5 best practices thatshould be considered.
  14. 14. 14We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.Augmented reality is not a technology, it‟s part of everyday life. It will inevitably beembedded with any visual interaction we currently have, television, driving, groceryshopping etc.Wearable technology and AR are still in their infancy, but both will grow togetherexponentially and, as we become more comfortable with the concepts of thesetechnologies, there will be real value-added delivered.Augmented Reality is destined to become the norm, not the exception. Our devices arebecoming more and more potent and integrated into our everyday life, there will ultimatelylead to a convergence between the „„real‟‟ and digital world. Our smartwatches,smartglasses and smartphones will function as a perfectly synchronized „„smart‟‟ ecosystemthat will propel us into a new age of interactivity.So, Where Do We Go FromHere?
  15. 15. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
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