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Fresh Detroit 2011


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This is our Fresh Detroit 2011 festival corporate sponsorship information package. This Event has been postponed until 2012 (Due to venue renovations" For more info regarding Fresh Detroit feel free to contact us at 248-470-9567 or

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Fresh Detroit 2011

  1. 1. Table of contentsPreface ……………………………viSummary ………………………….1-3Marketing ………………………….4-6 Marketing Overview ……………………………4 Internet and Mobile Marketing ……………………………5 Print ……………………………6Demographic Information ……………………………7Sponsorship Opportunities ..………………………8-11 Sponsorship Overview and Options ….…………………......8-10 Comparison Chart …………………………..11Venue Layout Map …………………………..12Afterword …………………………..13
  2. 2. Preface What is Fresh Detroit?Fresh Detroit is an event that was inspired by the downward spiral of Michigan.Occurrences of job loss, violence, school closings and increases in drug traffickinghas left people hopeless and distraught. Fresh Detroit is a month long eventconsisting of charity events, food drives, a twenty-five day city wide clean up anda three day festival. Fresh Detroit will clean up for twenty-five days in twenty-five different zip codes (August 1st – August 25th). Three Sunday’s during themonth of august we will hold a charity food drive and cookout where we feed thehomeless and less fortunate. On the 26th of August we start our three day festivalconsisting of concerts, games, awards ceremonies and many more familyorientated festivities. Throughout the year we gather volunteers from all overMichigan and partner with other community groups and organizations to create anamazing event that will last in the minds of our citizens for a lifetime! Feel free to contact us with any question or concerns you may have regarding Fresh Detroit 313-743-1606
  3. 3. FRESH FEST 2011 EVENT SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION & EVENT SUMMARY Contact (313) 743-1606 Email: The Ultimate Sponsorship OpportunityEvent: FRESH DETROIT 2011 City clean up & Festival st thDate: AUGUST 1 -28 2011 Clean up 12pm-5pm (daily Aug 1st - 25th) Festival-10am-11pm (Aug 26th- 28th)Location: Festival Hart Plaza Detroit, MI 48226 Clean up Throughout Detroit (1 zip code daily)Description: Fresh Detroit celebrates a fresh start for the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas, following a 25 day city wide clean up, August 1st – August 25th. The day of August 26th starts the three day event; a multicultural, fun filled, wholesome event consisting of concerts, talent shows, award ceremony, fraternity step show, fashion show and more. This event will promote positivity, and motivate a deprived city to rise!More about Fresh DetroitFresh Detroit is an organization that stimulates the economic and moral growth of ourcity and communities through high end events, community service, professional andpersonal development. The Fresh Fest is an annual event that will have a lasting effect onthe city of Detroit and surrounding areas. 1
  4. 4. The EventThis is a multicultural event catering to people of all colors, races, ethnic and socialbackgrounds. It will be a youth driven event, featuring festivities that cater to all ages andinfluence positivity and hope in past, present and future generations. Technology,fashion, health, music, peace and education are the focus of the festival.The VenueThe heart of Detroit city Hart Plaza is a beautiful out door venue. The 14 acre plaza holdsa capacity of 45,000 people, and sits on the shoulder of downtown Detroit’s WoodwardAvenue. At the center of the plaza is the amazing Horace E. Dodge and Son MemorialFountain, with continuous flowing water. The venue also shows a beautiful view of theDetroit River and Canada’s border. 2
  5. 5. Event DetailsCity Clean UpMonday August 1st, 2011 marks the beginning of a 25 day clean up throughout the city ofDetroit. Our plan is to raise awareness of a clean lifestyle, raise social standards, andrebuild neighborhood pride as well as civic responsibility in residents in effort to keepour city clean. With an array of beautification projects at hand including parks, reccenters and neighborhoods throughout the city we will once again make Detroit abeautiful place to live.Fresh Detroit FestivalFriday, August 26th, following a 25 day city wide clean up, the FRESH DETROITorganization presents the Fresh Detroit Festival: “AN EVENT WITH A PURPOSE”.This will be fun filled event for people of all ages featuring a step show, eating contest,fashion show, talent show, concert, comedy show, live radio, live internet stream, and DJbattle. The Plaza will also house food vendors that will be providing all your favoritesnacks, beverages, and appetizers. With the support of our sponsors and partneringcompanies FRESH DETROIT will play a defining role in the progression of our city!About SponsorshipAs a sponsor of FRESH DETROIT 2011, you will have the opportunity to increase yourbrand visibility and recognition. For this event we offer multiple types of sponsorshipopportunities, which allow you to pick what will fit best with your company’s marketingstrategy and budget. Once you decide on a sponsorship package, we will work to ensurethat you receive true value from your investment. We will work to identify the objectivesof your sponsorship and will provide you with fulfillment reports to give you a detailedanalysis of how we will achieve the goal of getting you your benefits. 3
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  10. 10. Fresh Detroit 2010 Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities & InformationAs a sponsor of Fresh Detroit 2010, you will have the opportunity to increase your brand visibilityand recognition in a manner that has a positive look for your company as well as supporting thedevelopment of the city of Detroit!We offer multiple types of sponsorship, which allow you to pick what will fit best with yourcompany’s marketing strategy and brand. We will work to ensure that you receive true value fromyour investment. We will identify the objectives of your marketing campaigns and provide you withfulfillment reports to give you a detailed analysis of how we will achieve the goal of getting you yourbenefits.Sponsorship Packages • Presenting (Diamond): $100,000 • Platinum: $65,000 • Gold: $35,000 • Silver: $15,000 Individual package details and comparisons shown on page 11Individual Sponsorship OptionsOfficial: $50,000This is a sponsorship level that is exclusive to the industry. Only one per industry is available. Allsponsorships also include a booth for the entire Festival.Example: Beer, Soda, Automobile, Credit Card, Communications, ECT…….Main stage sponsorship: $15,000Sponsorship of our main stage is an amazing opportunity to showcase your brand on a large 40x40stage with roof top and wings featuring your company logos, colors and brands! The main stage is thehighlight of entertainment for our event, showcasing our headline artist and acts.Talent Sponsorship: $9500Our entertainment concert portion of the event is where we showcase the main performers of theevening. Your brand will be mentioned as the sponsor of our talent with logos shown on all digitaldisplays during announcement. 8
  11. 11. Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities & Information (continued)2nd stage sponsorship: $8,000This is a smaller version of our main stage, which will showcase our states local talent andentertainment on a 20x30 stage including roof top.Struck By Fashion (Fashion show): $7500A fashion show case of current and future trends in fashion and design complemented by a beautifulstage setting, models, & live music.Stomp the Plaza (step show): $7500Competition based step show with six competing groups and award will be giving in the name ofsponsor.Video Game Competitions: $7500A sectioned off area of the plaza, where we will hold a sports video game competition. (Trophy willbe awarded in sponsor’s name)Tec Zone: $6000A futuristic styled tented area dedicated to technology trends, gives our attendants the opportunity totest out new merchandise.Kid Zone: $5000The Kid Zone is an area for children to enjoy filled with delightful music, bounce houses, learningand entertainment style games, mascots, clowns and more!Battle of Beauty: $5000Fresh Detroit’s beauty contest; where people can register to participate, and vote via our web site.This is an amazing marketing opportunity, due to the heavy traffic voting will draw to our website,and voters will see your brand!Award Ceremony: $5000Portion of the event were we show are appreciation to over achievers of the city (students, artist, firefighters, police officers, teachers, ECT.) Awards will be given in your company’s name!Kid younger than 12 free courtesy of: $5000Sponsors brand mentioned in all promotions with company recognition on tickets and in individualradio promotions.Flyer Sponsorship: $4000200,000 4x6 UV coated promotional flyers will be distributed throughout metro Detroit during themonths of July and August with your ad on the back of them.DJ Booths: $4000What’s a festival without music! We will feature 3 strategically placed DJ areas where people canenjoy different styles of music. Sponsors logo will be place on top of DJ tents and announced overspeakers. 9
  12. 12. Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities & Information (continued)Fresh Detroit Essay Contest: $3500Students from across the state will have the ability to submit an essay on what changes they wouldlike to see in their community. Essays can be submitted via our website and a winner will beannounced. Award will be given in the name of our sponsor.First Aid Station: $3500First aid stations throughout the event keep patrons hydrated with plenty of water, offer hand sanitizerand other health and sanitation related items!Comfort Zone: $3500Comfort Zone features plenty of seating to rest in between partaking in all of the festivities. (AlsoLicensed & student massage therapist entertaining guest!)First Aid Station: $3500First aid stations throughout the event keep patrons hydrated with plenty of water, offer hand sanitizerand other health and sanitation related items!Ticket Sponsorship: $3000Your logo on the back of our official event tickets, which will be kept by attendants after beingscanned, may be used as souvenirs from our annual event and kept for a lifetime.Jumbo Tron/Led Sponsorship: $2500 (limited to 30)Get a 30-45 sec ad continuously ran for the duration of our festival.Jumbo Tron/Led Sponsorship: $2500 (limited to 30)Get a 30-45 sec ad continuously ran for the duration of our festival.King of the Wing (wing eating competition): $1000A twenty person chicken wing eating competition, with wing styled award given in the name ofsponsorBand Kick Off: $1000The bank kick off opens up our festival, a Local high school band kicks off the show & raises theenergy of the event! Your brand will be mentioned as the sponsor of that band. 10
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