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Be Well Libido


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Be Well Libido Feminine, Homeopathic preparation for low sexual desire and drive in women, safe, natural and effective.

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Be Well Libido

  1. 1. Be Well Libido Feminine : Homeopathic Oral Drops Richard Clement Nutrition and Be Well Homeopathics Company LOGO
  2. 2. BE WELL LIBIDO FEMININE LIBIDO Feminine Drops 60 ml 2 FL. OZ (60 ml) A Safe and Effective homeopathic medication for the relief of low sexual drive and low sexual satisfaction. Be Well Libido Feminine Drops is manufactured in a FDA approved facility under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Formulated by Richard T. Clement MD a physician with 18 years clinical experience. Be Well Libido Feminine contains 5 plants in homeopathic dilutions,2 minerals and an hormonal extract in dilution.
  3. 3. BE WELL LIBIDO FEMININE Agnus Cactus 6X (The chaste tree) Sexual melancholy, dislike of sexual intercourse Causticum 6X (Tinctura acris seni Kali) Muscular weakness Ignatia 6X (St. Ignatius Bean) Feminine sexual frigidity from grief Helionas 6X (Unicorn-root) Melancholia, fatigue, irritable Natrum Mur 6X (Chloride of Sodium) Irritable, ill effects from, grief, fright Sepia 8X 16X 24X (Inky juice of Cuttlefish) Irritable, vagina painful, especially on coition. Staphysagria 8X (Stavesacre) Sexual neurasthenia Oophorinum 9C (Ovarian Extract) Sexual weakness
  4. 4. Be Well Homeopathicswww.web-outpatients.com1-877-438-3042305-594-2145Fax 305-594-2174Richard Clement Nutrition and Be Well HomeopathicsSince 12 yearsCreated by Richard Clement MD Dosage: 10 drops sub-lingual three times daily or as needed.