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Freelance Robotics Company ProfileV1_4

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Freelance Robotics Company ProfileV1_4

  1. 1.  Pty Ltd       Solutions Focused Engineering  Page 1 of 6 In 2009, Freelance Robotics was  created with the objective of  offering Research and  Development (R&D) services to  industry, small business, and  university groups. We develop  concrete solutions to problems that can make a bridge between  research and commercialisation.  Depending on the customer’s  problem, we offer a range of R&D  services in robotics as well as its  sub­trades of electronics, IT,  mechanics, physics, artificial  intelligence and control systems.   With this breadth of knowledge,  we can help improve productivity  with robotised solutions, develop  new patentable products, or  improve an existing system. We  also offer consultancy services for  in­house projects.
  2. 2. Pty Ltd  Our Services Page 2 of 6 I.T. Engineering Languages C/C++ Java C# Python Delphi Objective-C SQL VHDL FORTRAN PHP JavaScript Visual Basic LISP Prolog Matlab LabView Perl Visual Basic Applications ➢ Database design and development ➢ Graphic User Interface (GUI) ➢ Sensor Network design, development and implementation ➢ Diverse command line programming ➢ PLC programming ➢ Embedded system programming for processors/ micro controllers ➢ Android and iPhone applications Electronics Engineering Methods ➢ High Frequency Radio ➢ Modulation/Demodulation ➢ Analogue Filtering ➢ Power Electronic ➢ Sensor Routing and Processing ➢ Motor Control ➢ PCB Development ➢ General Electronics Applications ➢ Small power supplies ➢ Sensor boards ➢ Motor boards ➢ Control boards ➢ Analogue Filter boards ➢ Wireless sensors networks ➢ Human Interface Device (HID) ➢ Communication interface Robotics Engineering Methods ➢ Fixed Position: Robotics arms and other automated machines ➢ Mobile Robotics: Field, indoor, flying, aquabots, crawling / snake, and more ➢ Walking Robots: Humanoid, quadruped, and hexapods ➢ Online: Web-bots and avatar robotics Applications ➢ Industrial: Repetitive tasks, automate assemblies and systems ➢ Surveillance and Monitoring ➢ Robotic Pets and other Toys ➢ Surgery and other Medical Robots ➢ Research Experiments ➢ Mining, Exploration, and Agricultural A.I. Engineering Methods ➢ System Expert and Neural Networks ➢ Bayesian and Markov Chains ➢ Prolog and Genetic Algorithms ➢ Fuzzy Logic ➢ Game Theory and Alpha/Beta Tree Search ➢ General Statistics ➢ Cellular Automatons Applications ➢ Logic Expertise on Bureaucratic Tasks Adaptive Control ➢ Pattern Recognition ➢ Conditional logic for game evolution and strategy. Machine Learning. ➢ Data mining research, quality control
  3. 3. Pty Ltd  Our Services Page 3 of 6 Mechanical Engineering Methods ➢ Conception Assisted Design (CAD) ➢ Bending and Moulding ➢ Arc soldering and Laser cutting ➢ CNC tool ➢ 3D Printer Applications ➢ Rapid prototyping ➢ Sensor mounting ➢ Generics pieces ➢ Robot platform development ➢ Mechanical Prototyping Physics Methods ➢ 3D simulator ➢ Mathematics ➢ Forces and Constraints Analysis ➢ Modelling Applications ➢ Robot or Automaton Simulation ➢ Adaptive Control ➢ Mechanical Optimisation ➢ Device Behaviour in Motion Control Engineering Methods ➢ PID ➢ Quadratic ➢ Non-linear Applications ➢ Control Applications: Terrestrial, aerial, marine vehicles ➢ Motor and Industrial Machine control ➢ Mapping or SLAM, Dead Reckoning ➢ Data Acquisition Enhancement ➢ Sensor Location Merging and more
  4. 4. Pty Ltd Our Developmental Approaches    Page 4 of 6 Research Teams Develop prototypes adapted to experimental research needs. Depending on the target industry, we can also help source: ➢ Manufacturers ➢ Investors ➢ Engineering companies to convert the prototype from proof of concept to a product. Independent Clientele Have an idea to patent and / or sell in mass production? Freelance Robotics can provide ➢ Independent confidential consultancy ➢ Proof of concept to validate ideas ➢ Progress to patent / industrialisation. Inventions vary dramatically. Development processes are tailored to client needs. Industrial Business Automated machines can improve cost effectiveness, productivity, and minimise high risk situations or injury to employees. Process Improvements: ➢ Pattern recognition systems ➢ Automated processes ➢ Information extraction Automated Vehicles: ➢ Navigate and interact in repetitive, dangerous, difficult access areas Research and Development (R&D): ➢ New product / concept development ➢ Improve / customise existing product
  5. 5. Pty Ltd  Our Developmental Approaches    Study / Feasibility Phase Page 5 of 6 Client Decision Develop and Assess Feasable Concepts incl. Test work Start of Project Approval  ➢ Site Workshop – Set objectives ➢ Search Available Technology ➢ Brainstorm Ideas ➢ Evaluate Alternatives ➢ Test Concepts ➢ Select Optimum Concept ➢ Estimate Costs to +/­ 30 to 50 % ➢ Prepare & Present Study Phase    Report Define the Real Problem  and Project Objectives Concept Report Outputs: ­ Well Defined Concepts ­ +/­ 50% Cost Estimates ­ Report incl. Scope of Project Client Decision Construction Activities Design Phase Run Tests and Collect Data Assembly Level Design Work Design Report Outputs: ­ Well Defined Project Plan ­ Concept Drawings ­ +/­ 10% Cost Estimates ­ Report incl. Scope of Project Project Feasibility Approval  ➢ Test Rigs, Prototypes & Simulations  ➢ Detailed Engineering & Calculations  ➢ Assessment of Safety & Engineering  Risks  ➢ Decide on Design Details  ➢ Engineering & Quality Reviews  ➢ Prepare GA’s, Layouts & P&ID’s  ➢ Preliminary Hazop Study  ➢ Prepare +/­ 10% Estimate  ➢ Prepare & Present Design Phase  Report  Client Decision Construction Phase Outputs: ­ Project Completion ­ On Time ­ On Cost Component Level Design Work Project Close­Out Project Financial Approval  ➢ Detailed Component Design &  Drawing  ➢ Prepare Bill of Materials  ➢ Prepare Specifications for Sub­  Contracts  ➢ Purchasing & Manufacture  ➢ Assembly & In­house Try­out  ➢ Installation, Commissioning &  Training  ➢ Final Hazop & Manuals  ➢ Project Handover 
  6. 6. Pty Ltd  Our Contacts  Page 6 of 6 If you want to develop a concept, need to hire R&D for your projects, or simply access consultancy expertise then Freelance Robotics is at your service. Contact: Principal Engineer William Pagnon Unit 2 / 38 Neumann Rd 4157 Capalaba QLD Australia Phone 1300 4 ROBOT Web ABN: 76 147 023 185 ACN: 147 023 185