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Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course By Laurie Glass


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The Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course offers biblical principles, helpful insights and practical tips to support one's recovery. It's designed to help people invite God into their recovery, work through underlying issues, learn healthy ways to cope, and so much more.

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Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course By Laurie Glass

  1. 1. Content of this Presentation • Laurie Glass – Bio and Experience • Course Purpose • Course Benefits and Features • Lesson Types • Lesson Topics • Next Steps
  2. 2. Laurie Glass – Bio and Experience • Master’s degree in Christian Counseling • Recovered from anorexia in 2003 • Author of eating disorder recovery books • Numerous articles and poems published in both print and online publications • Started the online ministry, Freedom from Eating Disorders, in 2007 • Counseled many women in their recovery • Passionate about creating resources to help people find freedom from their eating disorders
  3. 3. Purpose of Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course This course will help you: • Invite God to play a greater role in your recovery • Recognize and work through underlying issues of your eating disorder • Learn healthy ways of coping • Let go of what hurts you • Stay on track in your recovery
  4. 4. Benefits of Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course • Contains numerous Scriptural principles • Filled with helpful insights and practical tips • Created by a Christian counselor, author, and recovered anorexic • Contains wide variety of teaching and application activities • Self-paced so you can work on it at your convenience • Purchase and complete the entire course of 15 lessons or just the lessons that are the most meaningful to you
  5. 5. Lesson Types Six Foundational Lessons • Contain more material • Provide critical principles for the foundation of your recovery • Offer vital tools for your recovery Nine Topical Lessons • Focused on specific topics • Contain valuable insights to help resolve underlying issues • Timely advice to help you stay on track in recovery
  6. 6. Foundational Lessons • Change Your Thoughts • Learn to Deal with Emotions • See Yourself through God’s Eyes Inside and Out • Address Your Relationship with Food • Invite God into Your Recovery • Practice Journaling
  7. 7. Topical Lessons • Let Go of Control • Let Go of Fear • Experience Inner Healing • Practice Forgiveness • Let Go of Perfectionism • Let Go of Guilt • Let Go of Shame • Deal with Relapses • Have Perseverance
  8. 8. Lesson Contents • Teaching and Prayer • Inspirational Piece • Homework Assignment • Journaling Page • Journaling Questions • Note Cards • Coloring Page • Quiz
  9. 9. Change Your Thoughts Gain valuable insights and tools to help you replace the lies you believe with the truth and transform your recovery. “We demolish arguments and every pretention that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5).
  10. 10. Learn to Deal with Emotions Acquire insights to help you change your perspective on emotions and get tips for healthy ways to express them. When it comes to emotions, it's better out than in.
  11. 11. See Yourself through God’s Eyes Inside and Out Learn to change your self- talk and see the amazing, beautiful person God created you to be. “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me” (Isa. 49:16).
  12. 12. Address Your Relationship with Food Obtain valuable tips to help you balance your food intake and say no to food-related behaviors. Invite God to your table. Imagine him with you. Let his presence strengthen and comfort you.
  13. 13. Invite God’s Power into Your Recovery Become equipped with principles to help you trust God to lead your recovery, and experience his power. It's in human weakness that you can experience divine strength.
  14. 14. Practice Journaling Receive a huge variety of journaling questions and exercises to use as tools in your recovery. Let your journal be your guts on paper; let it all out.
  15. 15. Let Go of Control Obtain principles and tips to help you change your perspective about control and start releasing it into God's hands. God keeps his promises. There's no one better to lead your journey.
  16. 16. Let Go of Fear Gain insights to face and conquer your fears with divine help. Fear can be stubborn, but you can be stubborn, too, by leaving fear with the Lord time after time if that's what it takes.
  17. 17. Experience Inner Healing Receive Scriptures you can turn to and principles you can embrace to help you heal on the inside. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Ps. 34:19).
  18. 18. Practice Forgiveness Gain valuable principles to help you forgive and heal from the effects of others’ offenses. When you forgive, you can break free of the person's control over you.
  19. 19. Let Go of Perfectionism Find out how to let go of what drives you to perfectionism and change your mindset about your expectations of yourself. Underneath, you are still you regardless of what you do or don't do. Your performance doesn't define your identity. That's God's job.
  20. 20. Let Go of Guilt Learn to discern between true and false guilt and receive principles to help you break free of the bondage of all guilt. If you genuinely look at God's love, grace, and mercy, you'll see that his forgiveness has nothing to do with whether you feel worthy. It has everything to do with who he is.
  21. 21. Let Go of Shame Take in principles to help you let go of shame once and for all. You didn't choose to have an eating disorder. You're trying to recover. That's nothing to be ashamed of.
  22. 22. Deal with Relapses Learn to put relapses behind you and work toward preventing future relapses. Use a relapse as a stepping stone to a stronger you.
  23. 23. Have Perseverance Gain strength and encouragement to stay on track in your recovery. Even baby steps add up to a journey.
  24. 24. Next Steps Visit Freedom from Eating Disorders to access: • Sample of the Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course • Details on Laurie’s books • Eating disorder recovery stories • Articles and resources
  25. 25. Freedom is Possible God has a better life waiting for you, and he stands ready and waiting to lead you to it. Let him do his work in you. Freedom from Eating Disorders