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Proposal (salford quays)


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Proposal (salford quays)

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PractiseProject Proposal(P2, P3, M2, M3)Candidate name: James Fox
  2. 2. Salford QuaysTheme: Architecture in Salford
  3. 3. Salford Quays
  4. 4. Predicted final outcomeI am going to produce 10diverse and altered images.When I’ve taken thesepictures I may also editcertain entities that will maketheir appearance moreenhanced.
  5. 5. Reasons for selection of images andexamples of Ansel Adams workThe main reason of my interest in takingthese photographs is to improve on mytechniques of taking images like certainartists for instance Ansel Adams.Adams is mainly famous for hisspectacular images of American Westand is also known for his technical skill,pioneering the zone system method ofexposure and development control. Thisis a good example of what edits I will beusing to create that American Westfeeling.
  6. 6. Reasons for selection of images andexamples of David Hockney’s workHockney’s created these photomontageworks mostly between 1970 and 1986.He referred to them as "joiners". Hebegan this style of art by taking Polaroidphotographs of one subject andarranging them into a grid layout. Thesubject would actually move while beingphotographed so that the piece wouldshow the movements of the subjectseen from the photographersperspective. In later works Hockneychanged his technique and moved thecamera around the subject instead. Thisis the main reason Hockney’s work isinspirational because he was that goodto even make his own style ofphotography.
  7. 7. Reasons for selection of images andexample of Galen Rowell’s workRowell was particularly keen onseeking out and photographingoptical phenomena in the naturalworld. He referred to his landscapephotographs as “dynamiclandscapes,” due to both the fast-changing nature of light andconditions and his energetic pursuitof the best camera position at theoptimal moment. Galen Rowell’sdrive to get the perfect photographis why I’m inspired by his work.
  8. 8. Camera that will be usedThe camera that I will be using is aDSLR If you have ever tried takingphotographs with a compact camerawith low light, you would have noticedthat the photos never come out well.This is one of those scenarios whereonly a DSLR can help you takeexceptionally sharp photographs.Therefore, it can safely be said that ifyou want complete control overphotograph settings, a DSLR is whatyou are looking for.This camera is of great standard and isof good shooting quality for myassignment.
  9. 9. Techniques that will beused and how they will helpconvey the visual messageI will use a variety of techniques that will bringacross a personality of some sort within the images.Then after editing the images you will see thepersonality more so.
  10. 10. Date / time / locationThe Quays, Greater Manchester’s unique waterfrontdestination, is situated just 15 minutes from ManchesterCity Centre. Bringing together Manchester, Salford andTrafford to create a hotbed of culture, retail and leisure, itis one of the best short break hotspots in the UK. Rich inheritage, from historic sports grounds to iconic museumsand a stately manor, and offering the best in culture,entertainment and shopping, The Quays has somethingfor everyone.•The Quays is a joint tourism initiative between Salford CityCouncil and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council supported bypublic and private sector partners:•Copthorne Hotel•Imperial War Museum North•Lancashire County Cricket Club & Lodge•Lowry Outlet Mall•Manchester United Museum & Tour•MediaCityUK•Mersey Ferries•Ordsall Hall•Salford Watersport Centre•The Lowry•and working in partnership with Marketing Manchester.November 19th9:30-12:30 is the dateAnd time in which we will be visitingSalford Quays.