Free Traffic - How I Got 107,037+ Targeted Website Visitors Using Free Website Traffic Generation


Published on - How I got free website traffic, 107,037 to be exact! Yes, that's a lot of free traffic from very little effort!

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Free Traffic - How I Got 107,037+ Targeted Website Visitors Using Free Website Traffic Generation

  1. 1. ”How To Attract Hordes of Targeted Buyers To Your Websites And Reasons To Use Free Traffic Methods Instead of Paying For Traffic…” By Chris Stigson You May Feel Free To Give This Away For Free To Anybody You Like or Add It As A Bonus! Join The Affiliate Program And Make Money Here:
  2. 2. Before we begin with this report I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the fundamentals of traffic. You see driving traffic online is easy, once you understand a few fundamental strategies. Most people think traffic is something you “get” or something you get by spamming your offer all over the internet. This is not true at all… Traffic is not something you get, it’s something you attract. In order to attract good traffic you must become person of REAL value to the potential visitor. You must differentiate yourself from others and deliver valuable tips and tricks. When you do this in the right way, you become a person who is recognized as an authority with honest business practices and your content will start to magically spread online on it’s own. You will need to do nothing more! Once you understand that TRAFFIC in general boils down to a few simple factors your mind will start to see more possibility. See. If you have the solution to a problem and somebody is looking for that solution, it would be easy to get them to at least take a look at what you have, right… Well, online, it’s kind of different. There are literally 1,000,000’s of competitors screaming “pick me, pick me” and that’s why your website feels like a drop in the ocean, a piece of sand on the beach. In order to be the one people pick you have to look, feel and appear different, and offer more value than any of your competitors, as well as appear ahead of them in the cycle of discovery. This means, you need to be on top of things. It’s all about finding who you want to target, find out what they want and keep putting yourself in front of them until they notice you… In my course, Free Traffic Methods I will show you real life methods I personally use to gain the attention of the crowd and appear different in order to get thousands of eager visitors to my websites.
  3. 3. If You Follow Directions Closely You Will Also Be Getting Stats Like This To Just ONE of Your Sites On Complete Autopilot: Yes I Would Like To Get This Kind of Traffic To My Website and Beyond!
  4. 4. Let’s Check Out A Few of The Free Traffic Methods You’ll Be Taking Full Advantage of In The Course And A Little Bit How They Work: Article Marketing: "Use Article Marketing Alone And Easily Add 3,000+ Visitors A Month To Your Current Website In 30 Days Or Less!" What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 17:52 min -- How To Video: In-Depth Video Showing Exactly What I'm Doing. * 31:01 min -- How To eBook: Detailed eBook with pictures, examples and article ideas. 39 pages This module is all about article marketing. You will get a video that explains exactly how I go about writing an article. You'll then see me write the article. An article is distributed online to help build backlinks and gain instant credibility. You can have articles drive thousands of visitors per article, or you can have it flop… This module will talk about how to make the big difference! After that I will submit the article to my favorite article directories in FRONT OF YOU step-by-step, so you understand exactly what I'm doing... Then I'll also give you some of my insider secret submission software tools I use to MASS SUBMIT articles and get fast Google rankings as well as quick indexing and massive distribution for my articles.
  5. 5. This module alone is like its own product and I probably could sell this module for $97 standalone. Don't forget the e-book that you also get with this module, its jam packed content with over 30 pages showing how it's done and what to think about step-by-step! Some reasons to use article marketing include…  You can start today without a website or any previous skill.. And earn some extra income on your spare time working from your computer...  Since being responsible for a majority of my traffic, and having brought in $1,000's of dollars in sales...  It's the easiest method I've personally discovered to add 50-100 visitors per day with limited effort!  It's 100% free and it's just 3 steps and once you do it 2 times its INGRAINED into your brain. So now that you know you can literally do it whenever you want and as fast as you want! And this means more traffic & money for you!  You can also outsource this easily and have other people work for you which allows you to work on building your other traffic streams!  You will be able to "piggy back" off other authority sites to rank high in the search engines with a few minutes of work using articles posted in the right directories.  There are special sites that you can submit your articles too, so you don't waste time and get the most traffic from your efforts.  If you know how to craft your resource boxes well you can get a 20% or more click-through to your link and can go as high as 65%, which means you can get a serious amount of traffic for free! That is 600 visitors per 1,000 views! Imagine getting 10,000 views!  There are ways to boost your article views immediately when it's posted to sky-rocket your articles views and increase traffic fast, but it’s not something most people do, so if you do this you can set yourself apart!  When you are able to churn out at least five articles an hour without even breaking a sweat – And I’ll show you how – You will be able to easily attract thousands of visitors to your sites!
  6. 6.  You need to know how to select the best, most targeted keywords and optimize your articles for the search engines so you can benefit from the article for years, not hours… and my way allows you to do this.  You should create a shorter article, such as a 250-300 word article, they work better.  Your articles should have good, attention grabbing titles to bump up the views. Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full… Video marketing "How To Make Videos That Attract Customers Like Bee To Honey - No Camera Required!" What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 10:59 Min -- How To Video: In-Depth Video Showing Exactly How To Do it.. And watch over my shoulder as we create, and upload videos quickly and easily! * 40:17 min -- How To eBook: A detailed eBook sharing how to use video to attract massive amounts of traffic and turn them into raving customers! 25 pages This module is all about video marketing. You will get a video that explains exactly how I go about video marketing, and how to craft your titles, headlines, videos, tags, and how to upload the videos to
  7. 7. the best sites, and also where to upload your video to 30+ video sites for free with one upload! When you want to drive some serious free traffic it’s good to use video marketing. It’s a quick and easy way to drive traffic and I use it all the time. When you order free traffic methods I will show you various types of videos I've used to successfully attract this traffic and how you can replicate my success using your own quick videos. This module alone is probably worth $10,000 because it's so strategically planned out for you, step-by-step. There should be no worries to creating and uploading your first video after this module!  Using video will greatly increase the time spent on your site, and build an instant rapport connection that you can take massive advantage of to funnel traffic where you want it to go!  Video creates conversation. When you follow my "value to action" method you'll get immediate conversations, questions and attention that makes your video more popular!  With video it’s easy to grab top 10 Google rankings and siphon serious amounts of traffic from attention grabbing search results.  Video helps build instant rapport that will help increase the believability of your website, and overall marketing.  Take over your market with undeniable proof that boosts your credibility, your profile and improves your traffic overnight  Eliminate writers block by replacing your text with video & audio to connect deeper with your audience.  Increase your video views in seconds, by connection your YouTube account with Twitter and other social media sites – I go over this in detail in the course.  With video you can get eyeball-grabbing organic search engine listings in Google, MSN, and Yahoo literally overnight!
  8. 8.  Video allows you to work once, get traffic forever! For me 1 video has got me thousands upon thousands of visitors on it’s own with just a few thousands views…  52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer)  More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times) Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full… Forum Marketing "Discover How To Easily Attract Buyer TrafficcFrom Your Favorite Forums Online!" What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. *10:11 min -- How To Video: How To video showing me register, go into a forum and post successful posts that allow me to attract more traffic to my sites. * 27:38 min With forums you can start flooding your website with targeted traffic. The reason I LOVE this traffic is because it's very interactive and responsive. Make sure you don't make the common mistakes though, or you'll fail with attracting traffic from forums. They are great when you know how, but can also be a total waste of time!
  9. 9.  Learn the RIGHT way to successfully funnel traffic from forums, and some mistakes that are holding you back.  You can use forums to start buzz surrounding your website, product or name.  Boost your credibility and build strategic alliances to generate massive traffic and attention.  You can also get FREE organic, search engine traffic from forum posts, by using effective post titles! Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full… Blog Commenting "Effective Blog Commenting Alone Can Drive TONS of Traffic, But More Importantly Build Awesome Relationships!" What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 8:51 min -- How To Video: How To video showing you how to find important blogs and effectively post blog comments that get accepted, build relationships and increase your traffic. * 18.42 min When it comes to blog commenting, you'll find that it sometimes doesn't do what you want it to do.
  10. 10. I want you to find high value blogs that have 100,000's of visitors each month and YOUR FACE in a picture, which we will hook up. This allows you to show up on their website and build your brand and "get you out there"...  Gain instant backlinks, and search engine value.  Don’t spam or your comments will be a waste of time, PERIOD!  Be interesting and valuable to make people want to find out more about you!  When a blog has "commentluv" you simply need to comment multiple times and get great search engine benefit and add serious value to the conversation, without doing anything else! Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full… Social Bookmarking "How To Immediately Get Your Sites Indexed, Ranked And Flooded With Targeted Traffic" What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 10:17 min -- How To Video: A detailed how to video showing you how I use social bookmarking to drive hordes of traffic to my sites, with the click of a button. Easy, point, click-traffic. I do it live! * 25:20 min When you are doing social bookmarking it’s important not to spam. You want to be sharing different types of links, not just your own. It’s not good. Also share videos, articles and more.
  11. 11.  Some sites are worth your time and some you shouldn't waste your time on. Some good ones are and but there are many others.  There is software I use to automate social bookmarking that can seriously save you hours of time (costs a little, sorry!) Check it out: Social Bookmarking Demon  You must use good keywords and title your posts with attention grabbing titles to get the most attention.  The type of submissions I personally use that get the most exposure and spread the easiest on social bookmarking sites are articles, videos and blog posts. Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full… Twitter Marketing Unlock The Under Used Powers of Twitter To Spread Viral Messages Like The Plague What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 11:21 min -- How To Video: A full blow video on how to set up a profile, get it working, send direct messages, automatically send Tweets and build your followers. * 42.23 min When you use the power of Twitter to drive traffic you have to position yourself differently, you cannot just start following people blindly with no plan.
  12. 12. My strategies are not spamming, not blindly following people, but rather building real relationships with people who are genuinely interested in your character, information or whatever. Here are some reasons to use Twitter:  Automatically send direct messages to greet people when they follow your account.  Only try to get targeted followers, because followers don't mean anything, while listeners count!  Don’t spam and post too many links to useless stuff… keep it to a reasonable amount of Tweeting.  Post articles, videos and blog posts, never sales pitches unless it’s a valuable video opt-in page.  You can track and know exactly how many people click on your links, Re- Tweet (pass on) your message and who is a raving fan. This is vital information you must track.  Send your followers to “pre-sell pages” instead of sales pages to boost response.  Use "triangulation" with my other social media accounts to build an undefeatable network of massive exposure, using your blog, twitter, youtube, facebook and RSS feeds.  Get in touch with KEY PLAYERS, to build strategic relationships and friends.  Treat Twitter like a party.  Try to build a HERD of people who are engaged in your content, ideas and plans... So they help you spread YOUR stuff for you! Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full…
  13. 13. Facebook Marketing “Facebook Allows You To Be In Front of 360,000,000+ Potential Visitors Who Wants What You Have To Give Them?” What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 14:47 min -- How To Video: Here I explore the full potential of Facebook and give pointers on what you should and should not do. * 14:25 min If you are not using Facebook you are missing out on 360 million potential visitors, friends, customers and leads. Through the power of creating Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and being active with key people you can easily build great relationships and drive tons of free traffic.  Create a Facebook account NOW. !  Connect your Facebook account with Twitter because it automatically helps spread your content further.  Connect with people on Facebook to gain instant exposure, traffic and friends.  Don’t act like a douche bag. Don’t tag people in videos they are not in. Don’t send crap, or waste your time with games/applications. It’s annoying!  Syndicate through Facebook using the news feed.  Submit a lot of pictures and videos to Facebook because it appears on other people’s news feeds and updates!  Try to attention of BIG NAME marketers, and get in touch with them through Facebook!
  14. 14.  Connect your facebook to your social media spiderweb, which includes other social media sites to get a good integration and over all website experience.  Understand the importance of Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and use them for maximum traffic. Yes I Would Like To Get The Full Scoop And Take Advantage of This Traffic Method In Full… Connect Your Social Media Accounts "Successfully Connect All Your Social Media Accounts In A Social Media Spiderweb For Ultimate Exposure..." What You Get: -- Powerpoint Video: Basics and Overview of What To Do. * 21:51 min -- How To Video: In these videos I go over exactly how my accounts are connected, how to connect yours. Where how and what to click. No fluff, straight to the point. * 16:37 min -- Quick Reference Guide: 4 pages of important knowledge! You will want to connect all your social media accounts in a network, so that you can operate your business from only one or two sites, instead of a whole ton of sites. You want to connect your social media accounts with the others and link them
  15. 15. up in a way so that you do not have to spend hours each day putting content on each site. Makes sense right? Well, many people do not know how to do this, and it’s keeping them on the backburner. Yes, this module will expose things in detail that 99.9% have NO CLUE they could do, and will open up new ways of integrating your websites and web 2.0 properties to talk to each other... You should connect your accounts in a social media spiderweb for ultimate exposure online, allows you to get seen, recognized and followed, no matter what websites your "crowd" hangs out, you'll be in front of them. Can’t tell you how important this is! You should funnel traffic and make them go through hoops on purpose to pre- sell them on the idea of buying products or services you recommend!  Syndicate and connect your social media accounts into a big network of traffic pulling money-houses!’  Create instant buzz in your community through social platforms, and have it spread virally throughout your network.  Make sure you are always in front of your prospects in a good light, so they don't frown upon you...  Build VALUE so they get to know, like, and trust you...  Leverage other people’s credibility to get yourself seen in a better light.  Try to achieve “I’ve seen you out there”  Use personalization to get their attention!  Try to build a herd and a following, not just spam! Interact a little bit.  Appear different in the marketplace. These are just some of the many methods I personally use to drive free traffic. This report has touched on some of the basics, and laid out an overview of how to drive some free traffic. If you are currently paying for traffic, then you know it’s frustrating having to make that traffic convert in order to even make money…
  16. 16. Many people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying paid traffic, or buying various eBooks and programs on how to get more traffic. If you do not understand how it all works and you feel that your website right now is just a “drip in the ocean” or an abandoned island in the middle of the ocean, then my Free Traffic Methods will help put your website on the map for the search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. As well as allow people to more and more help promote your stuff and see you as an authority, much like they see me in many of my markets. So if you want to experience traffic in the thousands, and never have to pay for it, this course is for you and, like I’ve said… It comes with a 100% money back guarantee so you can feel comfortable ordering knowing I’ll refund your investment immediately… Just email me at if you have any problems or want your money back!