Free Traffic Articles Vol2


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This is the second Volume of free traffic niche related articles.

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Free Traffic Articles Vol2

  1. 1. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM My GENIUS (Google) Traffic Pump System Finally Revealed Secret Method Pumps Laser Targeted Leads And Massive Inbound Links To Your Website - Even Within 15 Minutes I am giving to you a handful of very useful articles related to the “How To Get (FREE) Traffic Niche!”. These articles have been used with My GENIUS (Google) Traffic Pump System. I invite you to check out my traffic system and offer you an exclusive $10OFF with the following SignUp Link >> In addition to your Discount I like to invite you to make a whopping 75% commission on each and every sale you make via my very exclusive affiliate program >> Enjoy My GENIUS (Google) Traffic Pump System and make the most of the following free articles: Page 1
  2. 2. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM All Keyed Up – How to Use Words That Pay Off You have decided that you want a website. But, how do you get it to be seen by search engines? The key is keywords. An adage on the Internet is that content is king, that is with the proper keywords in place. To learn a little more information about keywords and how important they are to your website – read on. What’s the purpose of keywords? Keywords are specific, targeted words that people search with when looking for information. The search engines and directories will use the keywords found on your web site to place your site into a certain category. You will need to be sure that the keywords that you use are relevant to what you want to tell or sell to a customer. For example, if you have an adoption site and you want to sell books about adoption – then you might want to include “books about adoption” as a keyword phrase. The search engines use certain mathematical calculation software to figure how and where a site ranks based on keywords and phrases. It is an algorithm. Based on this, it looks for certain criteria. Value to a site depends on how many times a keyword or phrase is used, where the keywords are located on your webpage, and finally how the tags on your site use the keywords. Different search engines use different algorithms. The purpose of choosing tightly defined keyword content for your site is so that you will get the spiders and crawlers to rank you higher in the engines and directories. To find the best keywords for your website, there are several approaches to take. The most important part is to determine what a visitor might be looking for. Look around at other sites similar to yours and see keywords they are using. Ask yourself if it makes sense to use similar keywords for what you are selling. If it does, then you can be sure that your review of other websites is on target. By targeting good keywords, you will hit a home run with traffic and increase profits. Page 2
  3. 3. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM There are two ways to come up with a keyword list to use for your website. Take pencil in hand and write down every word or phrase that you can think of. You will have to begin with the basic words. For instance, if you are selling hats, include words like hats, color of hats, popular color of hats, and then expand from those such as formal hats, seasonal hats, hat accessories etc. Do not be afraid to use as many keywords as you think appropriate. Think not only of what you would search for but try to anticipate what others would search for as well. Use between 60 – 100 solid keywords and phrases and you will be well prepared for a spider or crawler to grab your website and rank it! Many times, you will need a little extra help with finding the perfect keywords for your website. Take advantage of all of the special software on the market for keyword research. The software today is easy to use. You can often find niche markets that you have not previously thought of. Paid subscription plans will allow you access to millions of search engines too. Often it is the best way to research, especially for niche markets that are very profitable. The subscription plans are not that expensive and the hundreds of keywords that you can get from it are worth it. Finally it needs to be stated that you’ll need to follow the rules with keywords, or your site will be dropped from the search engine ranking and directories. Don’t try to keyword stuff your site pages. Also, do not attempt dirty design tricks such as fake pages. The software will detect the hoax and it will cost you more in the long run. Site redesign, time in keyword regeneration, loss profits and a ruined reputation just are not worth it. Using them might initially draw your site up quickly in the search engine ratings, but once caught, you will lose those rankings. Follow the rules from the start and be honest, it is the best policy to follow. You’ll know when you succeed that all your hard work paid off. Page 3
  4. 4. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM Get Affiliated - How Affiliate Programs Work for You Joining an affiliate program is a great way to allow other people to do your selling for you. You can make up to $200 an hour and work only a few hours a day by joining or creating your own affiliate program. Does that sound tempting? Many affiliate programs can get on you the right path to a sustainable income through a small or home based business. So, what are affiliate programs exactly? An affiliate program is sharing revenue between you and a business that sells services or products. The business rewards you with money for sending customers their way. Does it sound good so far? Now you know what an affiliate program is, now let us see how it works. First, you place links on your website to a particular businesses website. When a visitor clicks on that link and purchases a product or service from that business, you earn a referral fee. Some affiliate programs will only pay you for a limited amount for time while others will track the sales from your referrals for the entire life of the customer. The average referral fee comes from a percentage of the total amount sold. Some businesses will pay a set amount, click through, or other actions initiated from your website. That percentage can vary from business to business. More visitors and the higher the sales is more money in your pocket. Does that sound easy? Remember there is no easy money. You cannot just put up a website, start posting a dozen affiliate links, and expect the money to come swarming in. There are a few things to consider first. You need to decide what kind of website you should have that would allow you to start making money through affiliate programs. What works best for you and your website? Now you will have to decide how you will market your website most effectively. Never create a website that consists solely of affiliate links. This creates a very unprofessional site and does not bring in the traffic that you desire. Page 4
  5. 5. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM Another aspect to developing a small business is careful panning. You should be able to map out a profitable strategy by using affiliate programs. Your planned strategy should allow your business to grow and enable you to build a sustainable income on a regular basis. You need to be able to generate a reasonable income website by using affiliate programs that will bring you more than petty cash and that will be worth all your time and effort. Do not wait for the website traffic to flow in all by itself. It is up to you to market your website and lure the visitors to you. Only hard work and persistence will grant you the keys to success. You will need to research all of your options carefully before entering into any contracts or making any commitments. Even if you do not have your own service or product to sell, you can still make money by selling someone else’s service or products. You can do this by becoming an affiliate of another e-commerce website. Finding an affiliate program can be as easy as going to a Link Share or Commission Junction. These are companies that have systems set up for you to find, apply and manage a variety of affiliate programs through their websites. These companies will also collect all your commissions and compile all your earnings into one paycheck, so that you receive only one check instead of a series of small checks. You can find an affiliate program in nearly every area that interests you. Be sure to take you time when browsing through the categories and select the ones that would work best for you. If you are interested in putting an affiliate link on your website, most programs will give you instructions on how to establish a link to their website. Normally, the web page allows you to produce a HTML code to post on your website. This HTML code will display an image or text on your web page that is directly linked to the businesses website and contains information that will let the business know which click through came from your website. Page 5
  6. 6. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM Maximize Your Exposure - Write Articles that Refer to Your Website Most serious businesses already have their website up and running, whether they have a small store location or strictly sell their products or services online. Nowadays, having a website is almost a requirement. Once you have your website, the world is not going to know you exist; you must promote your website yourself. After all, you put in all that time and effort into starting up a website, not to mention the cost, now it is up to you to make sure it all pays off. Not only do you have to steer the traffic to your website, but you also have to turn those visitors into customers. You have to have something to offer them to convert visitors into customers, and to keep them coming back. Customers can always generate more business through word of mouth and act as your own personal marketers. One key way to keep the customers, and potential customers, coming back is to write your own articles that refer to your website for maximum exposure. There are many free websites where you can write and post articles about your website and what your website can do for others. First, if you are not an experienced writer, take the time to learn how to write articles. Collecting a few tips never hurts. If you do not have the time, but have the extra finances, you can choose to hire a writer or business to write the articles and post them for you. Although this is most convenient, it may prove to be quite costly in the end. Here are some tips on how you can maximize your exposure by writing articles referring to your website: 1. Choose a particular product, service, or update on which you want to write an article. Keep all articles between 75 and 1200 words. Write in layman terms and avoid all the long technical and scientific mumbo jumbo. Keep the sentences short and to the point. Keep the paragraphs short and limited to one topic. You do not want to start writing about how great your peas are in one paragraph and start in on your great carrots in the same paragraph. If you are selling Page 6
  7. 7. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM vegetables and want to write about your vegetables, give the peas and carrots there own paragraph. 2. It is important to upload new material. It does not take long for an article to go stale. You want to keep useful and original information coming on a regular basis. You have to prove to your customers that you are still there running and active website. If you wrote your last article in October of 2004, then your website would appear to be unreliable or abandoned. Keep your customers and all of your potential customers up-to-date and provide them with free information that they would not be able to find anywhere else. 3. Think of how your new article will benefit your customers. Try to write some “how-to” articles. Many people are most interested in how-to articles. Helping your customers find out how they would benefit from your article will earn you the respect and trust you deserve and from which you can profit. Trustworthy businesses generate loyal customers. 4. If you choose not to write an article, you can delve into articles, tips, testimonials or book excerpts written by other people on websites and e-zines and copy and paste them to your site. Keep in mind that you must have the writer’s or website owner’s permission to do so beforehand. Although this is not something to do on a regular basis, it can be nice filler for your website. Always be sure to choose the articles with the content relating to your website. It is your job to write something your customers want to read and keep them coming back for more. Updating your website on a regular basis is a great way to let your customers know that you are there. By tending to your website on a regular basis, you let them know you have not abandoned your post. You can also keep your customers returning to your site by offering monthly specials. Try offering attractive incentives such as Free Shipping Month, Free Gift Month, Discount Month, or Buy One Get One Free Month. It is up to you to offer your customers incentives to return to your website. Page 7
  8. 8. MY GENIUS (GOOGLE) TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM My GENIUS (Google) Traffic Pump System Finally Revealed Secret Method Pumps Laser Targeted Leads And Massive Inbound Links To Your Website - Even Within 15 Minutes I am giving to you a handful of very useful articles related to the “How To Get (FREE) Traffic Niche!”. These articles have been used with My GENIUS (Google) Traffic Pump System. I invite you to check out my traffic system and offer you an exclusive $10OFF with the following SignUp Link >> In addition to your Discount I like to invite you to make a whopping 75% commission on each and every sale you make via my very exclusive affiliate program >> Enjoy My GENIUS (Google) Traffic Pump System and visit: Page 8