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Tips for Finding an Event Sponsor


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SponsorHub, the leader in sponsorship measurement and Eventbrite, the leading event ticketing platform, offer actionable tips on how to garner sponsorships for an event.

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Tips for Finding an Event Sponsor

  1. 1. What do you find most challenging about event sponsorships? Audience Poll Question 7 Tips for Getting and Keeping Event Sponsors Webinar
  2. 2. 7 Tips for Getting and Keeping Event Sponsors
  3. 3. Meet your speakers Keiko Tokuda Director of Marketing • Global online event registration and ticketing software • 100,000s of event organizers use our simple, built-in tools to: • Customize their event page • Understand their audience • Promote their event • Manage event entry Laura Huddle Senior Marketer
  4. 4. Meet your speakers Andrew Reid Co-founder and CTO SponsorHub @freereid • Started as a marketplace but has evolved • Software allows sponsorship buyers and sellers to: • Analyze • Optimize • Use digital data to form benchmarks, rankings, indices
  5. 5. #SponsorshipTips @sponsorhub @eventbrite
  6. 6. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips 7 Tips to Getting and Keeping Sponsors 1. Know your audience 2. Brainstorm what’s brandable 3. Make a list 4. Know your sponsors 5. Be specific 6. Measure what’s important 7. Get endorsements
  7. 7. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips What percentage of your revenue is derived from sponsorships? Audience Poll Question 1) Less than 10% 2) 10-25% 3) 26-50% 4) More than 50%
  8. 8. Problem: Consumers are Tuning Out [Your Name] [Today’s Date] 5 Marketers: It’s difficult to cut through the clutter… Customers tune out.
  9. 9. Sponsorship Market Share by Vertical [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips 10 69% 9% 10% 5% 3% 4% Sports ($36 bn) Entertainment ($5.3 bn) Causes ($4.77 bn) Arts ($2.65 bn) Festivals ($2.12 bn) Associations ($1.59 bn) Via IEG, 2013 Survey $53 billion global sponsorship market (which is huge… bigger than search!!)
  10. 10. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Ask not what sponsors can do for you…
  11. 11. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips 12 Ask what YOU can do for sponsors.
  12. 12. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Tip #1: Know your audience
  13. 13. Who attends your event? [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Your Participants • Gender • Income • Age • Ethnicity • Company • Job Titles • Location Source: Jazz & Rib Fest 2014 Sponsorship Deck on SlideShare
  14. 14. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Provide key insights about your audience. • Are they decision-makers or key influencers? • What are their product or brand preferences? • How often do they participate in activities? • Do they own a smartphone? Use social media? Source: Conquer! Denver CrossFit Sponsorship Deck on SlideShare
  15. 15. Collect information from participants during registration. • Customize questions to [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips ask attendees • Collect and analyze on the backend Don’t ask too many questions! Source: Eventbrite 2014
  16. 16. See where your attendees are from. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Source: Eventbrite 2014
  17. 17. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Gather more info with post-event surveys. • General event feedback • Experience with sponsors • Motivations for participation Source: Eventbrite 2014
  18. 18. See who has engaged with your Facebook Page. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips
  19. 19. Access demographic & psychographic data [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips through multiple sources. Source: SponsorHub 2014
  20. 20. Audience Poll Question What do you offer as part of your [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips sponsorship opportunities? 1) On-site signage 2) Logo on website 3) Mentions in event advertising 4) Dedicated PR and publicity 5) Access to influencers & celebrities 6) Tickets and hospitality at event 7) Email database or mailing list 8) Co-branding opportunities 9) All of the above
  21. 21. Tip #2: Brainstorm What’s Brandable [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips What’s Unique? Who Cares? Quantifiable Benefit? Access to unique people, content, locations, media Name a brand that can benefit. How can the benefits to the brand be quantified?
  22. 22. What’s most important to sponsors How valuable are the following benefits to you? Category exclusivity 58% 43% 42% [Your Name] [Today’s Date] 31% 30% 27% 25% 23% 28% 41% On-site signage Broadcast ad opportunities Rights to property marks and logo Title of proprietary area Access to property content Access to personalities/spokesperson Tickets and hospitality Access to mailing list/database Right to promote co-branded products/services Source: 2014 IEG Sponsorship Decision-Maker Survey
  23. 23. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Head shaving sponsored by Bic
  24. 24. Tip #3: Make a list of potential sponsors [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips
  25. 25. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Start with people you know • Friends, family • Board members • Volunteers and staff • Customers • LinkedIn network
  26. 26. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Tap your event participants “We try to see what athletes do for a living. We don’t spam them and come on with a hard sell, but we know they like our race, and over time they will make a connection between their business and our business.” - John Korff, former NYC Tri event owner and president of Korff Enterprises
  27. 27. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips B2B Events • Competitors of sponsors of other events • Tradeshow exhibitors B2C Events • Supporters of your cause • Local businesses with grand openings
  28. 28. Once you make a list, gather more information. 1. Research what sponsorships they’ve done before [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips 2. Find out who makes sponsorship decisions 3. Understand when they make these decisions
  29. 29. B2B B2C [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Tip #4: Know Your Sponsors Branding / PR Awareness Media Value Social Media Buzz Product Placement Sampling Prestige Speaking Opportunities Hospitality Different sponsor types, different needs…
  30. 30. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips 31 Benefits B2C Sponsors Seek Deep integration, Deep experience, Broad reach • Product Engagements • Samples • Pours • Plays • Impressions • Brand Metrics • Recall • Experientials • Conversions • Sales • Increased Spend • Leads
  31. 31. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Benefits B2B Sponsors Seek Brands pay to have executives “speak” at events because they want to establish thought leadership. • Deliver the audience • Not necessarily keynote address: • Panels • Fireside chats • Pitches, launches etc. Brands often look for ways to “carve-out” unique VIP spaces and experiences for client entertainment. • Be creative with carve-outs for VIP’s • Be as extravagant as possible • Create one-on-one interactions
  32. 32. Tip #5: Be specific with your sponsors [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Forget unique selling points… The goal is to speak to business leaders about specific ways that you can help them meet their goals.
  33. 33. The Perfect Pitch Format: Emotion & Math [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips • Research on individuals attending • Verify assumptions and ask about business goals • Story behind your event (focus on growth) • Event by the numbers • Attendees vs. extended audience • Social stats (including advanced stats if larger) • Your audience: • Demographics • Buying Power • The experience • Use cases of integration if possible • Offer opportunity to interact physically if possible • Next steps • Thought starters • If possible make an ask directly, based on confirmed alignment
  34. 34. Audience Poll Question What do you measure to quantify [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips the value of your event? 1) Total audience 2) Audience demographics 3) Audience sentiment 4) Digital impressions 5) Social media engagement 6) Broadcast impressions 7) All of the above
  35. 35. Program Value Generation vs. Measurement Cost By Category [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Tip #6: Measure What’s Important 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% % Value % Measurement Cost Digital Onsite Social/PR TV
  36. 36. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Buckets of Measurement Audience Media Value Onsite Impressions, Engagements Leads, Conversions
  37. 37. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Tip #7: Get endorsements “We are so excited to take on the role of presenting sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival and to marry AT&T’s innovation and technology leadership with the wonderful creativity and imagination of Tribeca’s storytellers.” Cathy Coughlin, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer, AT&T Inc.
  38. 38. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips “Radioshack loves Maker Faire because it’s the gateway to making… and we’re here because we want to be part of it.” “Intel is at Maker Faire because we’re a big supporter of Science, Engineering and Mathematics training… and Maker Faire is a great way to get informal training.” “The reason why Oracle is at Maker Faire is because we’re about people who are pushing the edges of their creativity.” “Chevrolet is here at Maker Faire because these are influential people, these are makers.”
  39. 39. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips 7 Tips to Getting and Keeping Sponsors 1. Know your audience 2. Brainstorm what’s brandable 3. Make a list 4. Know your sponsors 5. Be specific 6. Measure what’s important 7. Get endorsements
  40. 40. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] #SponsorshipTips Questions?
  41. 41. thank you [Your Name] [Today’s Date]