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聖誕節的十二天日誌 - Twelve Days of Christmas Journal


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Published in: Education
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聖誕節的十二天日誌 - Twelve Days of Christmas Journal

  1. 1. 聖誕節的十二天日誌 Twelve Days of Christmas - Journal
  2. 2. Give a gift of laughter 給予歡笑為禮物
  3. 3. Give a gift of song 給予歌唱為禮物
  4. 4. Give a gift of sympathy 給予同情為禮物
  5. 5. Give a helping hand 伸出援手
  6. 6. Give a prayer 給予禱告為禮物
  7. 7. Give a gift of sharing 給予分享為禮物
  8. 8. Give a gift of hope 給予希望為禮物
  9. 9. Give the gift of a thankful heart 給予感恩之心的禮物
  10. 10. Give the gift of forgiveness 給予寬恕的禮物
  11. 11. Give the gift of your time 給予你時間禮物
  12. 12. Give the gift of love 給予愛的禮物
  13. 13. Give the gift of giving 給予給予的禮物
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