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耶穌的生平:小孩子的抽認卡 - The Life of Jesus: Flashcards for Little Children


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兒童的故事,書籍,電子書,視頻和著色頁 -

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耶穌的生平:小孩子的抽認卡 - The Life of Jesus: Flashcards for Little Children

  1. 1. The Life of Jesus: Flashcards for Little Children 耶穌的生平:小孩子的抽認卡
  2. 2. Jesus is born in Bethlehem 耶穌誕生於伯利恆小鎮
  3. 3. Three Wise Men visit Jesus 星象家朝拜耶稣
  4. 4. Jesus visits the temple as a child 年幼的耶穌參觀聖殿
  5. 5. Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist 約翰為耶穌施行洗禮
  6. 6. Jesus calls the disciples 耶穌召叫他的第一批門徒
  7. 7. Jesus performs His first miracle, turning water into wine 耶穌所做的第一個奇蹟,把水變成酒
  8. 8. Jesus tells Nicodemus about God’s plan of salvation 耶穌向尼哥底母解釋一個人必須做什麼,才能得到救贖與永生
  9. 9. Jesus tells a woman at the well about “living water” 耶穌告訴一位撒瑪利亞婦女關於「活水」
  10. 10. Jesus tells the people parables 耶穌告訴人們比喻
  11. 11. Jesus feeds 5,000 people 耶穌餵飽五千人
  12. 12. Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead 耶穌使管會堂的人的女兒起死回生
  13. 13. Jesus walks on water 耶穌履海
  14. 14. Jesus forgives a sinful woman 耶穌原谅了有罪的女人
  15. 15. Jesus visits Mary and Martha 耶穌訪問瑪麗和瑪莎
  16. 16. Zacchaeus meets Jesus 撒該與耶穌相見
  17. 17. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead 耶穌使拉撒路從死裡復活
  18. 18. Jesus eats the Last Supper with his disciples 耶穌和他的門徒一起吃最後的晚餐
  19. 19. Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane 耶穌在客西馬尼園祈禱
  20. 20. Jesus is crucified 耶穌被釘十字架
  21. 21. Jesus is risen from the dead 耶穌復活了
  22. 22. Jesus eats with His disciples on the beach 耶穌和他的門徒在沙灘上吃飯
  23. 23. Jesus ascends into Heaven 耶穌升天
  24. 24. Jesus will return 耶穌再來
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