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禮儀城堡 / 聖誕寶箱


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免費故事,書籍,視頻和著色頁為兒童 -

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禮儀城堡 / 聖誕寶箱

  1. 1. 改編自: Katiuscia Giusti的故事原著 設計:Laurent Mignot 3D插圖:Phil Braaten ISBN:978-3-03730-697-0 © 2012 Aurora Production AG, Switzerland 版權所有‧中國印製 禮儀城堡 Manners Castle
  2. 2. 「阿丹,要睡覺了,你還沒有吃完晚餐,」紀 爺爺說。 「吃飯太花時間了,」阿丹說。 「如果你好好地吃,不玩弄食物,吃飯是不 需那麼久的。我有講過禮儀城堡的故事 嗎?」 「沒講過!」阿丹回答說。 「你吃,」紀爺爺說,「我就講給你聽!」 阿丹吃了一大口。 「很好,」紀爺爺說,「你要是乖乖地吃,很 快就會吃完的。」 “Tristan, it’s almost your bedtime, and you are still eating,” said Grandpa Jake. “Eating takes so long,” said Tristan. “If you don’t play with your food, eating doesn’t take that long. Did I ever tell you about Manners Castle?” “No!” answered Tristan. “If you eat your food,” said Grandpa Jake, “I will tell it to you!” Tristan took a big bite of his food. “Excellent,” said Grandpa Jake. “If you take bites like that, you will be done in no time.”
  3. 3. Suds had a difficult time sitting still and eating nicely at mealtimes. She would wiggle in her chair, lean on her elbows, and eat with her mouth open. If she didn’t like the food she would take a very long time to eat it. At almost every meal Suds left a big mess all over the table, her clothes, and the floor. 莎莎吃飯的時候,就是不能好好地坐著。她會在椅 子上動來動去,把手肘撐在桌子上,張著嘴巴嚼東 西。要是遇到她不喜歡吃的東西,吃飯的時間就會 拖很長。幾乎每頓飯,她都會把桌子、衣服和地板 搞得一團糟。
  4. 4. “How exciting!” said Suds. “It’s a special occasion, and those who attend have only the best table manners,” said her mother. “Then maybe I should not go,” said Suds. “I don’t have very good manners.” “This is a wonderful chance to learn! You have two weeks before the banquet to work on your manners,” said her mother. “I will try!” exclaimed Suds. Suds made an extra effort at every meal to work on her manners. By the day of the banquet, Suds was ready. Dear Lady Suds, It would be our pleasure to invite you to Manners Castle forthis year’s banquet. It will be heldtwo weeks from today, at 4 o’clockin the afternoon. We look forward toseeing you. Sincerely, Lord Manners One evening before dinner, Suds’ mother gave her an envelope. 一天晚上,在晚飯之前,莎莎的媽媽給了她一封信。 我們很榮幸地邀請你參加今年禮儀城堡舉行的宴會。宴會將於兩週後的今日,下午四點舉行。期待你的光臨。 誠摯的 禮儀城主 「好興奮哦!」莎莎說。 「這是一次特別的宴會,只有那些最守餐桌禮儀的人 才能參加,」媽媽說。 「那也許我不該去,」莎莎說。「我不太遵守禮儀。」 「這正是學習的好機會!宴會前,你有兩個星期時間 可以練習,」媽媽說。 「我會試試看!」莎莎大聲說道。 每一頓飯莎莎都很賣力地改善自己的禮儀。到了宴會 的那一天,莎莎已經作好了準備。
  5. 5. “What a beautiful dining room!” exclaimed Suds. “Oh! There’s Dixie. …” Suds started to shout out to her friend, when she caught herself just in time. Mother told me that it’s not polite to shout in company. Instead Suds walked over to Dixie. “Hi, Dixie,” said Suds. “Have you been working on your manners too?” “Yes,” replied Dixie. “I received the invitation two weeks ago, and I have been working very hard since then. Do you know who Lord Manners is?” “No, I don’t,” replied Suds. “I am looking forward to meeting him.” “Dinner is served. Everyone, please be seated!” announced a waiter. 「宴會廳太漂亮啦!」莎莎叫道。「啊!蒂絲也來了……」 莎莎開始叫她的朋友,但馬上就停住了。媽媽有說,在交 際場合大聲叫人是沒禮貌的。於是,莎莎就向蒂絲走過 去。 「喂,蒂絲,」莎莎說。「你也變得較有禮貌了嗎?」 「是的,」蒂絲說。「我在兩個星期前就收到了請柬,從 那以後,我就一直在練習。你知道禮儀城主是誰嗎?」 「不,我不知道,」莎莎說。「我很想見見他。」 「晚宴準備好了。各位請入座!」侍者宣布。
  6. 6. “Let’s eat!” exclaimed Crispin as he ran toward the tables. He stopped himself and turned to the others. “Oops, after you!” A long table was set with a name card at each setting. Suds saw her name, but Dixie’s place setting was in Suds’ favorite color. “I want to sit where you are sitting!” demanded Suds. “But this is my seat,” said Dixie. “My name card is here!” Just as Dixie was about to sit down, Suds pulled her chair out from under her. “Ouch!” cried Dixie as she landed on the floor. The whole room fell silent. Oh, dear! What have I done? thought Suds. “Please forgive me,” said Suds. “Of course I will!” replied Dixie. DixieSuds 「吃飯了!」賓賓一邊大聲說,一邊朝著餐桌跑過去。突 然,他停了下來,轉向其他人。「不好意思,你們先請!」 長長的桌子邊上,每個座位前都放著一張寫有姓名的卡 片。莎莎找到了自己的座位,但是,蒂絲座位上的餐具顏 色是她最喜歡的。 「我要坐你的位子!」莎莎霸道地說。 「但這是我的座位,」蒂絲說。「這卡片 上寫有我的名字!」 正當蒂絲要坐下的時候,莎 莎把她的椅子抽走了。 「哎喲!」蒂絲一屁股坐 在地上,哭了起來。 整個餐廳裏鴉雀無 聲。 哦,天哪!看看我幹 的好事?莎莎想。 「請原諒我,」莎莎 說。 「當然,我原諒你!」 蒂絲說。
  7. 7. Just then Lord Manners entered the banquet hall. The dinosaurs quickly sat down at the table. “Welcome, dear friends!” said Lord Manners. “I am so happy that you could come to this special dinner in recognition of your efforts.” The meal began, with everyone using his or her best manners. “Doesn’t Lord Manners look familiar?” asked Suds. “Yes, he looks a lot like our teacher, Mr. Nuggin,” replied Dixie. 就在那時,禮儀城主走了進來。小恐龍們迅速入座。 「歡迎,親愛的朋友們!」禮儀城主說。「很高興你們 能參加今天這個特別的晚宴,以表彰你們為改善禮儀 所做的努力。」 晚宴開始了,每個人都表現出最好的禮儀。 「禮儀城主好面熟哦?」莎莎問。 「是的,他看起來很像我們的丁老師,」蒂絲說。
  8. 8. The next morning at school, Mr. Nuggin entered the classroom. “Good morning, Lord Manners!” the students called out. “Ah! I see you’ve found out! Did you all enjoy yourselves last night?” “Yes, we did!” answered the students. “It was a wonderful idea, Mr. Nuggin! I enjoyed having a meal where everyone had good manners,” Suds said. “Maybe we can have a manners banquet like they did and invite all my friends,” said Tristan. “Good idea!” replied Grandpa Jake. “Let’s make a list of the friends you would like to invite.” 第二天上課時,丁老師走進教室。 「早安,禮儀城主!」學生們大聲叫道。 「啊!被你們認出來了!昨天晚上大家都過得愉快 嗎?」 「是的,我們都很開心!」學生們回答說。 「真是個好主意,丁老師!能在人人守禮節的地方用 餐真好,」莎莎說。 「也許我們也可以像他們一樣,舉行一個禮儀晚 宴,把所有的朋友都邀請過來。」阿丹說。 「好主意!」紀爺爺回答說。「那就讓我們列出你想 邀請的朋友吧。」
  9. 9. Moral: When you have good manners it makes life more pleasant for everyone, including you. Good manners are a way of showing kindness, love, and respect. 寓意: 禮節合儀,會讓每個人的生活愉悅,包括你自己。 遵守禮儀是表達善意、愛和尊敬的一種方式。 聖誕寶箱 christmas chest the
  10. 10. “Almost done,” said Tristan, looking over the snowman. “Now, for the nose.” “Hey, Tristan! Look what I found for the nose! A carrot!” Troy exclaimed. “Fun! Give it to me,” said Tristan. “No, I want to put the nose on!” Troy said. Tristan grabbed the carrot. “You’re too short! It’s my snowman! I want this carrot now!” “Boys!” called Grandpa Jake. “You need to try to work things out nicely. Arguing doesn’t solve the problem. It just makes you more upset with each other.” “You’re right, Grandpa Jake,” Tristan said. “I’m sorry, Troy.” “Me too.” added Troy. “Is that hot chocolate?” “Yes, it is. How about we each have a cup while I tell you a story?” 「快好了,」阿丹看了看雪人。「現在, 只剩下鼻子了。」 「嗨,阿丹!你看,我找到了作鼻子的 東西!一個胡蘿蔔!」 「太好了!給我。」阿丹說。 「不,我要自己放!」小洛伊說。 阿丹把胡蘿蔔搶了過來。「你太矮 了,搆不著!這是我的雪人!把胡蘿 蔔給我!」 「孩子們!」爺爺喊道。「你們應該好 好解決問題。爭吵不是辦法,只會讓 你們倆更生氣。」 「您說得對,爺爺,」阿丹說。「對不 起,小洛伊。」 「我也對不起,」小洛伊也跟著說。 「那是熱巧克力嗎?」 「是的,是熱巧克力。每人一杯,同 時聽我講個故事,好嗎?」
  11. 11. Every Christmas season, Dixie and Crispin’s mother would pull out their family’s Christmas chest. It was full of items she’d gathered for Dixie and Crispin to use for Christmas decorations and projects. Today, Crispin and Dixie had invited their friends over. “Look at all this stuff!” exclaimed Dixie. “I love Christmastime!” “Everything is so sparkly and glittery,” added Suds. 每年聖誕節期間,小恐龍蒂絲和賓賓的媽媽都會拿出家 裏的聖誕寶箱。裏面裝滿了她蒐集來的飾物,供蒂絲和 賓賓在聖誕節期間使用。今天,賓賓和蒂絲把他們的朋 友也邀請來了。 「看看這些東西!」蒂絲喊道。「我太喜歡聖誕節了!」 「每一樣東西都閃閃發亮,光彩耀眼,」莎莎補充說。
  12. 12. Wesley reached for a star. “Hey, look what I found!” “I found it first!” exclaimed Crispin, as he took the star before Wesley could. Dixie grabbed the star from Crispin. “I saw it first!” The friends argued over which one should have the star. “Everybody, stop!” exclaimed Suds. The friends went quiet. “Christmas is a time when we’re all supposed to be extra loving and kind to each other,” said Suds. 衛斯理伸手拿了一個星星。「嗨,你看,我找到了什麼!」 「我先看到的!」賓賓大聲說,隨後,搶在衛斯理之前把 星星抓在手裏。 蒂絲伸手去搶。「我先看到的!」 小朋友們開始為誰應該得到星星吵了起來。 「大家別吵了!」莎莎叫道。 小恐龍們安靜了下來! 「在聖誕節的時候,我們應該更有愛心、更友善才對,」 莎莎說。
  13. 13. “Instead of fighting, why don’t we work together to use the things in the chest to do nice things for other people?” “We could use some of the stuff to decorate our classroom,” said Wesley. “And we could also help decorate the village Christmas tree,” added Crispin. “We could make a wreath for Mr. Nuggin,” said Dixie. “Then we could use the wagons that Wesley and I have to take the gifts to everyone,” said Crispin. 「與其爭吵,還不如一起使用箱子裏的東西,為別人做些 有愛心的事呢?」 「我們可以用其中一些東西來裝飾我們的教室,」衛斯理 說。 「我們還可以幫忙裝飾村子裏的聖誕樹。」賓賓補充道。 「我們可以為丁老師做個聖誕花環,」蒂絲說。 「然後可以用衛斯理和我的手拉車去送禮物,」賓賓說。
  14. 14. The friends decided that Crispin would make the wreath for Mr. Nuggin, while Dixie decorated the classroom. Wesley and Suds would team up to decorate the village Christmas tree. Dixie was busy at work. “I can use this string of lights for the classroom.” “Oh, but I’m planning on using it for Mr. Nuggin’s wreath,” said Crispin. “But they’re too long for the wreath,” said Dixie. “And they’d look much nicer in the classroom.” “Dixie!” Crispin was irritated. “Oops! I almost got angry at you again, but that’s not good. Why don’t you take them?” “Thank you,” said Dixie. “You can have these little bells for the wreath instead.” Crispin was happy. “They’re perfect!” 大家決定由賓賓為丁老 師做聖誕花環,蒂絲裝 飾教室。衛斯理和莎莎 裝飾村子裏的聖誕樹。 蒂絲開始忙起來。「我 可以用這條彩燈裝飾教 室。」 「哦,可是我打算把它 用在丁老師的花環上,」 賓賓說。 「用在花環上太長了,」 蒂絲說。「用在教室裏會 更漂亮。」 「蒂絲!」賓賓有點不耐 煩了。「哎呦!我差點又 對你發火了,對不起。 還是你拿去吧。」 「謝謝,」蒂絲說。 「你可以把這些小鈴鐺 放在花環上。」 賓賓很高興。「它們再合 適不過了!」
  15. 15. In the weeks before Christmas, the friends busied themselves in their free time making gifts and decorations. They happily worked on their projects until they had completed all of them. The presents were loaded onto Wesley’s and Crispin’s wagons, and distributed to their friends and family. It was by far the happiest Christmas the friends had shared because they had all thought about others instead of themselves. 聖誕節前的幾個星期,大家一有空就忙著做禮物和 裝飾。他們快樂地各做各的,直到全部完成。禮物都 放在衛斯理和賓賓的小車上,送到了他們的朋友和家 人那裏。 這是大家至今為止過得最快樂的一個聖誕節,因為 他們全都想著別人,而不是自己。
  16. 16. “Grandpa, why do people always say that Christmas is about giving?” asked Tristan. “That’s because God gave us a very special Christmas gift many, many Christmases ago. Do you know what it was?” “Jesus!” replied Tristan. “That’s right! He was God’s Christmas present to each one of us. When we have Jesus in our lives, and live the way He taught by being kind and loving to one another, we are so much happier and our lives are filled with more joy.” “But why do we give presents?” asked Troy. “When we give presents to other people, it makes them happy, and shows them that we love and think about them,” explained Grandpa Jake. Tristan smiled. “I like to make people happy by doing nice things for them.” 「爺爺,為什麼人們總說聖誕節是個給予的節日 呢?」阿丹問。 「這是因為在很多很多個聖誕節以前,上帝給了我 們一個非常特別的聖誕禮物。你知道是什麼嗎?」 「耶穌!」阿丹回答道。 「是!耶穌是上帝送給我們每個人的聖誕禮物。有 了耶穌,循著祂的訓誨,友善待人,彼此相愛,生活 會充滿更多樂趣與歡樂。」 「可是為什麼要送禮物呢?」小洛伊問。 「我們送禮物,使他人快樂,這也表示,我們愛他 們,在想著他們,」爺爺解釋說。 阿丹的臉上綻放著微笑。「我喜歡做好事,讓別人 快樂。」
  17. 17. Moral: Take time to work out your differences with love and kindness. You’ll get along better with others, and everyone will be happy. 寓意: 仁厚待人以解決爭吵,這樣與他人相處才 會更融洽更和樂。