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不睡覺的結果 / 莎莎,肥皂與貝殼


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免費故事,書籍,視頻和著色頁為兒童 -

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不睡覺的結果 / 莎莎,肥皂與貝殼

  1. 1. 改編自: Katiuscia Giusti的故事原著 設計:Laurent Mignot 3D插圖:Phil Braaten ISBN:978-3-03730-696-3 © 2012 Aurora Production AG, Switzerland 版權所有‧中國印製 不睡覺的結果 bedtime blues
  2. 2. “Do I have to go to bed now, Grandpa Jake?” asked Tristan. He wanted to stay up longer. “Sleep is good for you,” said Grandpa Jake. “It keeps you healthy, helps you grow, and gives you energy for the next day. How about I tell you a story?” 「爺爺,我一定要現在去睡覺嗎?」阿丹問。他想晚 一點睡。 「足夠的睡眠對你有好處,」爺爺說。「能使你身體 健康,幫助你長大,讓你第二天精力充沛。我講個 故事給你聽好不好?」
  3. 3. Our story begins on a sunny afternoon. The dinosaurs were about to go home from school. “Tomorrow we will be going on a nature hike,” announced Mr. Nuggin. “Hooray!” cried the students. “We’re going to leave early in the morning. Please get a good night’s rest.” “I’m going to stay awake the whole night,” Wesley later told his friends. “That way I’ll be the first one ready.” “If you don’t sleep tonight, you’ll be very tired tomorrow,” said Crispin. “No, I won’t! You’ll see,” said Wesley. 故事是發生在一個星期天的下午。恐龍寶寶們放 學了正準備回家。 「明天我們要去遠足,」丁老師宣布說。 「太好啦!」同學們喊道。 「我們明天一大早就出發。今晚你們一定要好好 地睡。」 「我今晚都不睡,」稍後,衛斯理對他的朋友說,「這 樣,明天我將會是第一個到。」 「你要是今晚不睡覺,明天一定會很累的,」賓賓說。 「不會的!你們等著瞧吧,」衛斯理說。
  4. 4. That night Wesley did his best to stay awake. He got snacks from the kitchen. He read stories. He even tried to count all the stars in the sky. The next day, Suds and Crispin made their way to the meeting spot. “Hello,” said Wesley. “I was up and ready before anybody else this morning. And I stayed up all night long!” 那天晚上該睡覺的時候,衛斯理到廚房拿點心吃,又 讀故事,甚至數天上的星星,他硬撐著就是不睡覺。 第二天,莎莎和賓賓來到了集合地點。 「嗨,你們好,」衛斯理說,「今天早上,我比誰都起 得早。我一整夜都沒有睡!」
  5. 5. When the hike started, Wesley was right in the front. But as the hours passed, he started to go slower. “This path sure is steep! I don’t know why I feel so out of breath. I’m never tired on hikes.” As the day wore on, Wesley got more and more tired, and soon he began to feel very cold. Not long after, Mr. Nuggin turned to count all his students. “Oh dear! Where is Wesley?” They began searching for Wesley everywhere. He was nowhere to be found! 遠足開始了,衛斯理走在最前頭。但是,幾個小時後,他走 得越來越慢。 「這條路很陡!怎麼喘不過氣來呢?以前遠足的時候,我 都沒感到累過。」 時間慢慢地過去,衛斯理感到越來越累,很快地,他開始 覺得很冷。 不久,丁老師開始點人數。「哦,天哪,衛斯理哪裏去了?」 他們開始到處尋找衛斯理,四處都不見他的蹤影!
  6. 6. Suddenly Crispin saw something! There was little Wesley, shivering and coughing. “It looks like we’re going to have to head home,” said Mr. Nuggin as he looked at Wesley. The dinosaurs were disappointed. “But we haven’t made it to the top yet!” “I don’t think Wesley can make it any further. We can try this hike again another time,” replied Mr. Nuggin. 突然,賓賓發現了衛斯理!他不斷地在發抖和咳 嗽。 「看來,我們必須回家了,」丁老師看著衛斯理 說。 小恐龍們有些失望。「可是我們還沒有登到山頂 呢!」 「我想,衛斯理無法再繼續走了。我們下次再來 吧。」丁老師回答說。
  7. 7. Wesley was sick in bed. “Just a few more days of rest and you should be all better,” said his mother. “I think Crispin, Suds, and Dixie are mad at me,” Wesley told his mother. “I ruined the hike! I was so excited that I stayed up all night!” “That explains why you got so tired and sick!” said his mother. “I’m so sorry. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have gone to bed when I was supposed to.” “I’m sure you would have,” replied his mother, “but sometimes you need to obey even though you don’t understand all the reasons.” 衛斯理生病在床上休息。 「再休息幾天,你就會好許多 了,」媽媽說。 「我想,賓賓、莎莎和蒂絲會 生我的氣,」衛斯理對媽媽 說,「我破壞了整個遠足活 動!我那天太興奮了,一整夜 都沒睡!」 「就是這樣,你才累倒了!」 媽媽說。 「我很抱歉。早知道會這樣, 我就早早地去睡覺了。」 「我了解,」媽媽回答說,「但 是,有時候,即使你不明白原 因,也要聽話。」
  8. 8. When Wesley returned to school, he told his class, “I’m very sorry that everyone had to stop our hike early because of me. I should have gone to bed when my parents and friends told me to.” “Thank you for explaining your lesson to the class, Wesley,” said Mr. Nuggin. “We forgive you. Don’t we, class?” “We sure do!” agreed the dinosaurs. Several weeks later, Mr. Nuggin announced that there would be another field trip. Everyone was so excited, especially Wesley. “Mom, we’re going on a hike tomorrow! Can I go to bed early and get some extra sleep?” asked Wesley. The next day Wesley was full of energy. The group made it to the very top of the mountain. “If I was going on a hike, I’d be sure to sleep super well the night before,” said Tristan. “I’m glad to hear that,” said Grandpa Jake, “but it’s important to get good rest every night.” “Why?” wondered Tristan. “Your body is strengthened when you sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you’re more likely to get sick,” explained Grandpa Jake. “I don’t like being sick,” Tristan said. “I’d better go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Goodnight, Grandpa!” 衛斯理回到了學校,對同學們說:「我很抱歉,大家因為 我,不得不提前結束遠足。我應該聽爸爸、媽媽和朋友 的話,晚上一定要乖乖睡覺。」 「謝謝你,衛斯理,把你學到的教訓告訴同學們,」丁老 師說,「我們都會原諒你,對不對,同學們?」 「當然!」小恐龍們一致同意。 幾週後,丁老師宣布再舉行一次遠足。 大家都很興奮,特別是衛斯理。 「媽媽,我們明天要去遠足!我要早點上床睡覺才有充 分的睡眠,可以嗎?」衛斯理問。 第二天,衛斯理精神飽滿。所有的人都登到了山頂。 「我要是去遠足的話,前一天晚上一定會 好好地睡,」阿丹說。 「我很高興聽你這麼說,」爺爺說,「但 是,每天晚上都要乖乖地睡覺。」 「為什麼呢?」阿丹不明白。 「好的睡眠,身體才會強壯。要是睡眠不 足,很容易生病的。」爺爺解釋說。 「我不喜歡生病,」阿丹說,「我最好馬上 去睡覺。爺爺,晚安!」
  9. 9. MORAL: Your body needs proper rest in order to stay healthy. If you sleep well and eat well, you will be less likely to get sick. 寓意: 你的身體需要足夠的休息,才能保持健康。 睡得飽,吃得好,你就不會生病。 莎莎,肥皂與貝殼 suds, soap, and shells
  10. 10. “This pop-up tent is so nice, Grandpa Jake! It’s going to be so much fun camping with my friends!” exclaimed Tristan. “It sure is!” added Chantal, as she joined Tristan and Troy. “I have my sleeping bag and camping gear too!” A little later something in Chantal’s backpack caught Troy’s eye. Wow! Chantal’s flashlight! It’s so much cooler than mine. I bet the light is very bright! 「爺爺,這個自動撐開式帳篷太棒了!跟我的朋 友一起露營一定很好玩!」阿丹大聲說。 「真的好棒!」珊珊跟著說,她也要和阿丹及小 洛伊一起露營。「我還帶了睡袋和露營用具!」 過了一會兒,珊珊背包裏的一樣東西引起了小 洛伊的注意。 哇!珊珊的手電筒!比我的酷多了,一定很亮!
  11. 11. Chantal was angry when she saw Troy playing with her flashlight. “Who said you could use my flashlight? Give it back!” “What’s the matter?” asked Grandpa Jake. “Troy took my new flashlight and was turning it on and off. Now the batteries are dead!” explained Chantal. “So I went to take his batteries, but he took them and ran away. I’m mad at him!” “There are better ways to solve problems than trying to get back at the other person for what he or she did to you,” said Grandpa Jake. “Why don’t I tell you the story about Suds and Dixie, and what happened when they got into a similar situation.” 珊珊看到小洛伊在玩她的手電筒,非常生氣。 「誰允許你玩我的手電筒?還給我!」 「發生了什麼事?」爺爺問。 「小洛伊拿了我的新手電筒,不停地開開關關 的。現在電池都沒電了!」珊珊解釋說。「我要拿 他的電池,可是他把電池拿走了。我很生氣!」 「有更好的方法來解決問題,要比報復好 得多了,」爺爺說,「給你們講一個有關莎 莎和蒂絲的故事,看看他們在類似的情況 下,是怎樣解決問題的。」
  12. 12. Dixie loved to paint bright, colorful pictures of flowers and butterflies. She painted on paper, on big leaves, and even on tree bark. Mr. Nuggin had asked his students to bring to class something they had made. Dixie brought some of her favorite paintings, and Suds brought carved soap bars shaped like animals. When it was time to go home, Dixie looked over and saw one of Suds’ soaps in the shape of a duck. I have an idea! I could paint it for my mother. It would be so pretty! And so, Dixie took the soap bar. Later that day, while Dixie was painting the bar of soap, someone came up behind her. 蒂絲很喜歡畫些色彩鮮亮的花兒和蝴蝶。她在紙上畫, 在大樹葉上畫,甚至在樹皮上畫。 丁老師要學生們把自己做的一些藝術品帶到學校來。蒂 絲帶了一些她心愛的畫,莎莎帶了一些動物造型肥皂。 放學回家時,蒂絲看到了莎莎留下的一個鴨子造型肥 皂。 我有個主意!我把它塗上顏色,送給媽媽。一定漂亮極 了!於是,莎莎就把肥皂帶回家。 當天稍後,當蒂絲在給肥皂塗色的時候,有人來到她的 身後。
  13. 13. “Hey! That’s my soap bar! You’re messing it all up!” exclaimed Suds. “I’m not messing it up. I’m decorating it,” said Dixie as she took the soap and ran away. Suds was very upset. “She took my bar of soap, so I’m going to take her shells!” 「嗨!那是我的肥皂!你把它弄髒了!」莎莎 大聲喊道。 「我沒有弄髒。我在塗色,」說著, 蒂絲拿起肥皂,跑走了。 莎莎非常生氣。「她拿我的肥皂,我就拿她 的貝殼!」
  14. 14. When Suds got home, her first thought was, I’d better hide these shells! She put the shells on her bed. Just then she heard her mother calling, so she sat on the shells to hide them. Crunch! “Oh no!” cried Suds as she jumped up. “I crushed the shells when I sat on them! Dixie will be so angry at me!” When Mother came in the room and saw the broken shells and the tears in Suds’ eyes, she knew something was wrong. Suds told her mother about what had happened. “Dixie will probably be sad, but it’s better that you tell her the truth,” said Dixie’s mother. “You were upset that Dixie took your soap, but you shouldn’t have taken her shells. When you do something unkind to others, even if you think you have a good reason, it hurts them, and it hurts you too.” “You’re right, Mom. I’ll tell Dixie about her shells and apologize.” 莎莎回到家的時候,她的第一個想法就是,把這些貝殼 藏起來!她把貝殼放在床上。就在那時,她聽到了媽媽 叫她,於是,就一屁股坐在貝殼上,把它遮住。喀嚓嚓! 「啊,糟糕!」莎莎跳起來喊著。「我把貝殼壓碎了!蒂絲 一定會生我的氣!」 媽媽走了進來,看到碎了的貝殼和莎莎眼裏的淚水,她 知道有事發生了。莎莎就把全部的事告訴了媽媽。 「這或許會傷蒂絲的心,但是,你最好還是把真相告訴 她,」媽媽說,「你不高興蒂絲拿走你的肥皂,但即使是 那樣,你也不應該拿走她的貝殼。如果你對別人做一些 不好的事,即使你認為你有一個很好的理由 ,仍會傷 害他們,也會傷害到你自己。」 「你說得對,媽媽。我會把貝殼的事告訴蒂絲,並向她 道歉。」
  15. 15. The next day at Dixie’s house, Suds said, “I took your shells because I was angry at you for taking my soap. I accidentally broke some of them. I’m so sorry!” Dixie was sad, but then she said, “Actually, I’m the one who should be saying sorry. I should have asked before taking your soap.” “I forgive you!” Suds replied. ”You can keep the soap.” “I have an idea for something we can do with these broken shells,” Dixie said. “We can glue them to the outside of a box to decorate it. It can be our friendship box.” 第二天,在蒂絲家裏,莎莎說:「因為我很氣你拿走了我 的肥皂,我就拿了你的貝殼,又不小心把一些貝殼壓碎 了。很對不起!」 蒂絲很傷心,可是她接著說:「其實,道歉的應該是我。 我不應該沒問你,就拿走你的肥皂。」 「我原諒你!」莎莎回答說。「那塊肥皂給你。」 「我有個主意,可以再利用這些碎了的貝殼,」蒂絲說, 「我們可以把碎片黏在一個盒子上,用作裝飾。那個盒 子可以作為我們的友誼寶盒。」
  16. 16. “I’m sorry for wasting your batteries, Chantal. You can use my batteries if you like,” said Troy. “I forgive you. And I’m sorry for getting mad at you,” said Chantal. “That’s much better,” said Grandpa Jake. “And you know, I might have a new set of batteries that you can have, Chantal.” “Thank you for helping us work this out, Grandpa Jake! And thank you for the story!” 「珊珊,我很抱歉,浪費你的電池。你想用我的電 池,就拿去吧,」小洛伊說。 「我原諒你。我很抱歉生你的氣,」珊珊說。 「這樣就好多了,」爺爺說。「你知道嗎,珊珊,我 或許有一組新電池,可以給你用。」 「紀爺爺,謝謝你幫我們解決了問題!也謝謝你 給我們講的故事!」
  17. 17. MORAL: The things we do affect others. If we treat our friends the way we would like to be treated ourselves, we will make them very happy. And in the end, we will be very happy too! 寓意: 我們所做的事情對他人會有所影響。設身 處地、待人如己。如此一來,會帶給我們無 比的歡樂!