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Published in: Spiritual
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  1. 1. Book of Acts: Flashcards for Little Children 使徒行傳:小孩子的抽認卡
  2. 2. The disciples are filled with the Holy Spirit 聖靈降臨
  3. 3. Peter Heals a Lame Man 彼得醫好瘸腿的人
  4. 4. The disciples are arrested, but an angel frees them from prison 使徒們曾被捕坐監,但天使夜間都將他們拯救出來
  5. 5. Paul Becomes a Follower of Jesus 使徒保羅成為基督徒
  6. 6. Paul Begins his Missionary Journeys 使徒保羅完成一系列的傳教行程
  7. 7. Paul Preaches to the Governor of Cyprus 塞浦路斯總督聽保羅講道
  8. 8. Paul tells a Jailor about Jesus 保羅講道給獄卒聽
  9. 9. Paul Raises Eutychus from the Dead 保羅使猶推古從死裡復活
  10. 10. Paul is Arrested 保羅被捕
  11. 11. Paul Defends Himself Before Governor Felix 保羅在亞基帕王面前申辯
  12. 12. Paul Sails for Rome 保羅前往羅馬
  13. 13. Paul Writes the Epistles 使徒保羅寫給教會
  14. 14. Art by Didier Martin,