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屠龍!- Slay the Dragon


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兒童雙語故事,演示文稿,書籍,視頻和著色頁 -

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屠龍!- Slay the Dragon

  1. 1. CharacterValuesfor Children
  2. 2. If we have a dream, waiting will not help us achieve it. Telling ourselves that tomorrow is better for X reason is usually just an excuse. We’re afraid, and instead of admitting it and taking the chance of a step toward that dream, we talk ourselves out of it and then justify our lack of action. We have to take the first step. Often, the longer we wait, the more nervous we get. We get used to things the way they are, and change becomes harder and scarier and more uncomfortable. 如果我們有一個夢想,等待不會幫助我們達成它。 用無數個理由告訴自己明天再做比較好,通常只 是個藉口。我們在懼怕,但我們不願承認,並繼 續冒險朝夢想邁出一步,我們反而說服自己放棄 它,且找藉口解釋我們缺乏行動是合理的作法。 我們必須踏出第一步。通常,我們等得越久,我 們就會變得愈緊張。我們已經習慣自己素來做事 的方式,要改變結果變得更困難、更令人害怕, 而且更不自在。
  3. 3. An important aspect of getting out of your comfort zone has to do with starting before you feel ready. If you wait until you feel like you’re “ready”… well, we know what that leads to—procrastination, distraction, perfectionism, and sadly, often total inaction. But if you can muster up the courage to just start, you’ll be miles ahead. The sooner we take the plunge, the sooner we’ll get past that scary stage and start to have a lot more success. 脫離你的舒適圈的一個重點就是,在你覺得準 備好以前開始行動。如果你要等到你覺得「準 備好」的話……那麼,我們都知道接下來會怎 麼樣--拖延、分心、完美主義,而可悲的是, 通常到最後什麼都沒做。然而你若能鼓起勇氣 開始的話,就算你不覺得準備好了,你將會遙 遙領先。 我們愈快鼓起勇氣、踏出那些可怕而不舒適的 第一步,我們就愈快能通過那可怕的過程,而 開始獲得更多的成功。
  4. 4. Also, if you’re embarking on a new project or challenge that makes you feel uneasy and scared, it helps if you give yourself permission to be awkward and to stumble and to not be perfect. Realize and accept that you’re not going to be good in the beginning. In fact, you might fail at first, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being awkward while you’re getting the hang of something new, so go ahead with whatever the challenge is and just say to yourself, It’s perfectly fine that I’m not very good at this yet. I’ll get better. I’m going through the steps to greatness. 同時,如果你在著手開始一個新的方案或挑戰, 讓你感到不安且害怕的話,允許自己感到尷尬或 做錯事,並不會是完美的,這麼做對你有助。你 理解並接受,在你剛開始時也許不會做得很好。 事實上,在剛開始時你甚至可能會失敗,但這沒 有關係。 當你開始從事或學習某件新的事情時,不知所措 並沒有什麼不對,繼續努力下去、面對你的挑戰, 並告訴自己:「雖然我仍不很擅長此事,但這一 點也沒關係!我會慢慢進步,做得更好,這只是 邁向卓越的過程而已!」
  5. 5. The next biggest test comes in persisting. When you’re not good at something, you encounter a lot of seeming “failure.” But if you keep doing it over and over, and learning from the reactions you get, pretty soon you’ll be good and then great. A new challenge can be very awkward, even scary at first. But if we deliberately put ourselves out there and do the very thing that we’re afraid of, it becomes easier and we get better at it. Eventually we will no longer be afraid. That is conquering our fears! Text courtesy of Activated magazine. Cover art designed by Freepik, all other art © TFI. Featured on 接下來最大的考驗就是堅持不懈。當你不擅 長一些事時,你會遇到許多表面上的「失 敗」。但如果你繼續一遍又一遍地反覆做下 去,從你得到的反應中學習,很快你就會上 手、熟練、擅長,之後變得卓越。 一個新的挑戰在開始時可能會讓人非常尷尬 而不知所措,甚至心驚膽顫。但我們若故意 將自己處在那種情況下,去做我們懼怕去做 的事情,事情會變得較容易,我們也會變得 更擅長於從事它。到最後我們將不再感到害 怕,而戰勝了我們的恐懼!