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Silent Night - 平安夜


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Published in: Spiritual
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Silent Night - 平安夜

  1. 1. Silent Night 平安夜 Silent Night, Holy night 平安夜,聖善夜
  2. 2. All is calm; all is bright 萬暗中,光華射
  3. 3. ‘Round yon virgin, mother and child 照著聖母也照著嬰孩
  4. 4. Holy infant, so tender and mild, 多少慈祥也多少天真
  5. 5. Sleep in heavenly peace, 靜享天賜安眠
  6. 6. Sleep in heavenly peace. 靜享天賜安眠
  7. 7. Silent Night, Holy night 平安夜,聖善夜
  8. 8. Shepherds quake at the sight, 牧羊人,在曠野
  9. 9. Glory streams from heaven above, 忽然看見了天上光華
  10. 10. Heavenly hosts sing “Alleluia” 聽見天軍唱哈利路亞
  11. 11. Christ the Savior is born, 救主今夜降生
  12. 12. Christ the Savior is born. 救主今夜降生
  13. 13. Image Credits: Image on page 2 by Garrett W. via Flickr. Image on page 13 by John Dillon via Flickr. Images on pages 3,10, and 12 are in public domain. All other images copyright LUMO project (Big Book Media)