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選擇正義 - Choose the Right Way


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選擇正義 - Choose the Right Way

  1. 1. Choose the Right Way 選擇正義 There's a right way to live and be happy; It is choosing the right every day. 有個方法讓我生活快樂, 就是每天都選擇正義。
  2. 2. I am learning the teachings of Jesus; They will help me and show me the way. 我要學習主耶穌的教訓, 祂會幫助我找到正路。
  3. 3. Choose the right way and be happy. I must always choose the right. 選擇正義,追求幸福, 我要選擇正義路。
  4. 4. Through the gospel I learn to be prayerful, To have faith and to obey, And I know if I live by his teachings, I will truly be happy each day. 福音教我們要保持虔敬, 要有信心、服從。 如果我遵守天父的誡命, 就能天天都平安快樂。 Words and song by Clara W. McMaster. Art © Aurora Productions, used by permission.