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一葉扁舟 - A Little Ship


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免費的雙語書籍,故事和演示文稿為兒童 -

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一葉扁舟 - A Little Ship

  1. 1. A Little Ship 一葉扁舟 A little ship under Jesus' care With the emblem of the cross flying there. It rescues all in need, 一葉扁舟有主護 十字旌旗迎風飄。 救助一切難中人,
  2. 2. Even though the sea stands tall and high And the storms do threaten nigh. We have God’s Son on board, And safety in His ward. 縱使海浪險又高 縱使風暴在威嚎。 因有神子同舟濟, 便有平安祂照顧。 Text courtesy of Activated magazine. Art (pg 1) adapted from designed created by Freepik. Art on page 2 © TFI. Featured on