Piracy Protection and Online Identity Security with Digital Duplicate Detection


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Digital Data is trivial to duplicate. A bit is a bit. This is an overview of a cryptographic strategy for detecting duplicates online. It is applicable to games, movies, music, ebooks, license enforcement, piracy detecting, and digital fingerprints.

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You can be secure. Your information can be protected. You have the right to expect excellent protection from the companies, organizations, and governments you do business with.

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  • Piracy Protection and Online Identity Security with Digital Duplicate Detection

    1. 1. Security eBooks Cryptographic Duplicate Detection For Access Management, Piracy Protection, and More Steven Davis steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    2. 2. Security eBooks Protocols not Players or Computers That’s all you see online steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    3. 3. Security eBooks Traditional Identification & Authentication Methods are very weak for verifying actual identities • Name/Password can be shared & compromised • ID/Key can be shared or compromised • “Digital Fingerprints” can be duplicated steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    4. 4. Security eBooks• Powerful white list of good platforms• Improve association of players with platforms• Identifying problem platforms• Can be a very powerful technique Detecting to fight server piracy / ghost servers Duplicate• Support legitimate Identities sharing and backups steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    5. 5. Security eBooks Core Idea Why not change identities AND keys at every session (or more frequently)? steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    6. 6. Security eBooks Active Identity System - General Flow tic sta • Initialization be to – Done in a variety of ways ve ha – Identity can even be verified retroactively ot • Verify Current Identity/Key Pair sn doe • Update Identity/Key Pair e • Verify Update alu tit yV • Continue Operations en Id • OPTION - use “rolling update” to operate smoothly during identity changes • add an “A” or “B” Flag to messages • Send “rollover” command message steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    7. 7. Security eBooks Server-Push Identity Player posts ID to server ID(x) Server returns Challenge Phrase Challenge(IDx)) Player posts encrypted Challenge Phrase ID(x),E(Key(x),Challenge(IDx)) Server validates Response Server creates updated ID & Key Server sends updated ID & Key encrypted in old key E(Key(x+1),ID(x+1),SessionID) Player decrypts new ID & Key Player sends validation message to Server SessionID,E(Key(x+1),SessionID) • Client gets new ID/Key pair from server • Server knows underlying identity of client • If duplicate made of client info, server can create an “Identity Fork” or take other action • You know a duplicate has been made, not which copy is a duplicate • Can be done with symmetric keys or public (asymmetric) key systems steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    8. 8. Security eBooks Collaborative Identity Generation 1 Player creates new ID(cx+1), Transform of new ID, and Challenge1 Player creates new DH random z and computes b z mod p Player posts Challenge Phrase to server ID(x),E(Key(x),T(ID(cx+1)), b z mod p,Challenge1) Server decrypts Challenge Phrase Server creates new ID(sx+1), Transform of new ID, and Challenge2 Server creates new DH random y and computes b y mod p * Server creates new DH key Key(x+1) = (b z ) y mod p Server posts Challenge Phrase to Client ID(x),E(Key(x),T(ID(sx+1)), b y mod p,Challenge1, Challenge2, H(Key(x+1)) Client decrypts Challenge Phrase and validates Challenge1 • Sample using Diffie-Hellman style key generation • Could easily be adapted to other public key algorithms steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    9. 9. Security eBooks Collaborative Identity Generation 2 (from previous page) Client decrypts Challenge Phrase and validates Challenge1 * Client creates new DH key Key(x+1) = (b z ) y mod p Client validates new DH key with received hash Client sends new ID(cx+1) to Server with hash of new Key and Challenge2 ID(x),E(Key(x),ID(cx+1),H(Key(x+1)),Challenge2) Server validates new ID against previously received Transform and validates Key(x+1) hash * Server computes new ID ID(x+1) = ID(cx+1)+ ID(sx+1) Server sends new ID contribution to Client ID(x),E(Key(x),ID(sx+1) * Client computes new ID ID(x+1) = ID(cx+1)+ ID(sx+1) Client and sever use new ID(x+1), Key(x+1) pair • Active Identity System is really a temporary pairwise identity with a remote entity • Does not need to be client-server, could be peer-to-peer steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    10. 10. Security eBooks Active Identity is Part of an Overall Identity & Access Management Solution To Str en an gth d O en nli Pla ne tfo Se rm • Digital Fingerprints cu i d rity en • User Name/Passwords tity • Security Tokens • IP Address • Platform IDs • Active ID steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    11. 11. Security eBooks Fighting Server Piracy • Client can detect server duplicates as server won’t have current identity/key pair – Can prevent connection to pirate server • Even if real server identity/key database gets compromised, clients will rapidly rekey to new identity/key pairs • Can also be used for traditional computer piracy detection system steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    12. 12. Security eBooks What next? • Don’t give up! • More security presentations at: http://free2secure.com/ • Check out my book “Protecting Games” – Additional information at http://playnoevil.com/ • You can “win” the security game steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416
    13. 13. Security eBooks About Me • Steven Davis – 25+ Years of Security Expertise • Worked on everything from online games and satellite TV to Nuclear Command and Control and military communications • http://www.linkedin.com/in/playnoevil – Author, “Protecting Games” • Why Free2Secure? – Security is too expensive and isn’t working. There has to be a better way. I’m exploring these issues for IT security, ebooks, games, and whatever else strikes my fancy at http://free2secure.com/ . – Join me there, ask questions, challenge assumptions, let’s make things better. steve@free2secure.comGames, iGaming, and Gambling +1.650.278.7416