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Health Law Webinar: Grab Bag: Hot Health Law Topics Presented in a "Beach Read" Format


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You probably don’t want to spend your summer vacation catching up on the breaking health law news, so we will do it for you! Over the hour we will provide short summaries of many important topics, including:

•Medicare Advantage Fraud Waste and Abuse Training: Do I need to do it?
•CMS’ proposal for bundled payments for cardiac care
•Why you need to ensure you have accessible websites
•What the recent Escobar Supreme Court Decision means for False Claims cases
•Changes to FCA penalties
•New HIPAA audits
•HIPAA guidance about access to records
•HIPAA and ransomware
•340B update
•Provider based changes and investigations
•2017 OPPS payment proposal
•Proposed revisions to the Medicare appeals process

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